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Since a long time, we should have pass along the information to web readers, regarding our work-team as has been asked us. Here it is:

On December 23, 1970 was born GESJ = Spiritist group of servants of Jesus, having two main objectives:

First: Study and make public the main and beautiful doctrine codified by Allan Kardec. Since I was 13 years old I got in touch with this knowledge.

Second: Research and work on disobsession of spirits.

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We have gone through the phase of still wasting time arguing whether or not there is intelligent life outside our planet,
Even because, to conclude affirmatively is a matter of common sense.

We believe that any individual who has an idea of ​​what the Earth represents in the context of the Universe, and in full
Use of his reason, he must admit the logic of such reasoning.

Not to mention the countless reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects and their crew members, observed by people who are reputable and capable of expressing their opinion, such as aircraft pilots, government officials, astronauts, etc.
This material can be easily found in the specialized literature.

We can not waste time on useless discussions, nor do we claim to be masters of the truth,
Even because it reaches us as we open the doors.

But we know very closely a great reality: the presence of the extraterrestrials between us. We acquired this
Certainty over many years of study and research, when we were repeatedly honored with his psychic messages
Presented in the following disclosures.

Moreover, we have a commitment made with these brothers before the cosmic laws, reason
By which we are repeatedly remembered through these manifestations.

Therefore, malicious insinuations or baseless criticism will not inhibit our willingness to
To serve as an instrument for the planetary humanity to take notice of its messages of Love and Peace.

Espírito Santo - Vitória

Grupo Espírita Servos de Jesus

Rua Hermes Curry Carneiro, 555 - Ilha de Monte Belo/Ilha de Santa Maria - Vitória (ES) - CEP 29051-210.

Reuniões públicas: Terças-feiras às 14:00 e Quintas-feiras às 19:30


Espírito Santo - Jacaraípe - Serra

Grupo Espírita Servos de Jesus

Rua São Paulo, 711 - Jacaraípe, Serra (ES) - CEP: 29173-429.


Reuniões públicas: Quintas-feiras às 19:30


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