The New Era at the break up of horizon!


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We bring an appeal of the High so that all the beings struggle for banishing the Darkness out of the Planet.

Begin with a simple exercise of self-knowledge and self-renovation of all of the feelings and bad habits linked to the shady areas.

Identify inwardly all and any negative residue able to feed the Darkness where inhabit ignorant creatures of the evil.

Link your minds with Divine Friend's Light and by request of the Superior Spheres; begin practicing the wise Lessons to free you.

The terrible astral conditions involving you, they demand total sanitation on the part of all of the souls, whose consciences already awaken, they look for pathway of enlightenment.

It is very difficult of total sanitation of the atmosphere in which you are dived due so much to pestilential emanations of the abysmal areas through the Portals, where the Beast emerge and the creatures enslaved receive aid necessary.

The sanitation accomplished is not enough to become the atmosphere able to impel the creatures to positive attitudes of transformation and progress.

The tendency is to increase the negativity around of the terrestrial humanity; therefore, it is indispensable your self-renovation for maintain you healthy and in conditions for struggling for the spiritual ascension.

Change your vibratory frequency in order to remain linked to the Superior Spheres, receiving the Sublime Energies addressed to you.

Give up the intrigues, abandon the addictions and always forgive. He, who looks for the Light, he must free himself from darkness supplying all negativity.

If you cannot make sacrifices on behalf of God, then make it for yourself, banishing the darkness and let your inner flame shine.

The radiant Sun shines on the Planet, but the dense and black clouds do not allow reach the inhabitants. Each creature must endeavor to reach the light ray and fly with him for the infinite, beyond the sufferings.

The "three days of blackout" approaches on Earth and represent the materialization of the darkness that inhabits most of earthly inhabitants deprived of the love.

The Intraterrestrials and Extraterrestrials will not be able to illuminate with their light removing the darkness arising from you.

It will depend on you to maintain lit up the interior light guaranteeing the permanence in the superior energies where is perennial the light.

You should banish the darkness around of you with the love and faith of those linked the Infinite Source of Love.

Work, courage and faith are the resources you should use to reach the "new dimension."

I leave you on the Peace.

Question: My sister, are the three days of darkness already close?

Answer: you do no worry! The facts will happen, as well as the present sad realities.

You should concentrate your energies on your spirits, on transformation of the sick cells because of the darkness and changing the negative feelings into peace and love.

Work and practice self-renovation every instant and the external darkness will find you illuminated and lovingly changed.

Dedicate, each one, to execution of the tasks that depend on you for the own progress, practicing the Sublime Lessons of Jesus, and the time will be infinite for your accomplishments. You never allow that neither anything, nor nobody interrupts your steps heading for regeneration.

Remain in courage and faith, work and ascension.

Jesus guides us.

Every day have scathing confrontations between Light and Darkness, in the invisible plan.

The bestial creatures before threatening danger of banishment of this Planet, they throw all their destructive resources against the Forces of the Good. They try to know deeply each servant of the Good, in order to stop them as rightists of Christ. They attack ferociously the Nuclei of Light.

They practice false Love and Charity so that the workers of Christ abandon the redeeming fights. They threaten all those that struggle for peace and of harmony among the creatures. Servants of Jesus, do not ignore the force of the Darkness, but believe in Jesus protecting all of you. As the greatest Servant of God, He guides your steps, and lovingly aiding those hardened hearts, so that, still in this planetary cycle, the wake up and abandon the rebelliousness.

God is the infinite force. The evil is transitory and has its end.

We work together in favor of the peace, love, and of the Infinite Light warming our life. Blessed be Jesus!

Question: My sister, what could you say about too much acceleration of the time?

Answer: Naturally, the time runs faster, because as a new dimension of superior vibration approaches, it influences this dimension denser and slower. The new dimension already extends their limits on Earth that desires breaking its borders.

All of the events of the "End of the Times" contribute to acceleration of the time. You will also notice unusual phenomena in the nature, which the terrestrial scientists cannot explain them.

The New Era emerges in the horizon; accelerate your self-renewal to reach the Earth of Regeneration.

Blessed be the Divine Light of Jesus!

Question: How will our GESH/GESJ survive without Mrs. Margarida?

Answer: Learn all teachings with her on Earth for you face the intense and arduous fights of the future.

You do not want to keep her with you forever. It would be selfishness of your part and lack of charity to her. The time of each one on the Earth is under the command of Superior Forces, a lot besides your desire.

Follow working and loving, because Superior Forces are protecting all of you.

The tasks multiply and you should be ready to accomplish them, because many are the calls, but few accept them.

Blessed is Jesus, the Sun that never fades.

Blessed be the Love and the Peace!

Nefertiti, GESH - 01/30/09 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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