To each one according to its time


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Hail, the Light!

Hail, Governor Jesus!

Hail, the Planetary Christ!

Earthly brethren, strengthen the seed of hope in your future!

Hope is what drives the worker to continue and not give up, because, confident in the Light, it goes on, even if negative hands seek to interrupt its steps towards healthy living with the Hosts of Light. It longs to rise to the moors heavenly, where the stars illuminate the paths.

You can not expect, as long as you live in a world of pain and atonement, that the pleasures which are abundantly offered, satisfy the longings of the captive soul in the fetters of the flesh, because if you understand, it will inevitably be that the material joys that dull the minds and the will to progress, will deplete your desires of spiritual happiness.

Whoever has spiritual emancipation as a conquest for its future life, knows beforehand that will walk through dark valleys, will tread on marshy and dangerous lands, will face monstrous beings who will try to impede its steps and will war with its most terrible enemy: its ego, which exacerbates vanity, pride, laziness, envy and other harmful feelings that persist in cultivating in hearts and minds.

You also know, brethren, that only a few will understand or even accept the decisions you will have to make in the life you have chosen, as it bothers and alters the social and material commitments of those around you who do not understand your actions.

Therefore, to you who decide to seek knowledge and spiritual progress, I understand that you are lonely and often at the expense of the sacrifice of momentary happiness, you will find yourselves in the darkness in which the earthly world is inserted and, finally, you will perceive that many of those who love you and are loved by you will not be with you at the finish line, for each one has its time to awaken.

Because even the Enlightened Master, Jesus, remained alone in His Mission, taking on innumerable sacrifices and pains. Thus was the journey of the Angel on the Earth: often alone, in what he preached to the multitudes, misunderstood in His highest intentions, without fainting at any moment.

Thus we say Terrans, that loneliness, sorrows, disappointments, helplessness and injustice will not accompany you as you overcome the dark side of the material world in which you live, for once you are freed from the earthly masses, Light, love and peace will await you, in the certainty that the seed of hope has germinated and remained steadfast, for the one who knew how to cultivate it in itself went through the tribulations and won.

Peace is Light!




GESH – 19/01/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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