Be you true workers of the Light


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Beloved children of the Father,

Turn on the flame of the divine life dwelling in you.

You are not alone in the world of troubles and chaos in which you live. Many charitable hands take you away from the wrong roads toward the path of light.

However, we can see that, out of pride, vanity or material blindness, you do not identify those beings who warn you of the pitfalls along of the path, allowing the wolves to approach you. It is because you, dear brothers have distanced yourself from the living source of the soul regeneration - the Gospel - the last source of Light granted to humanity, as part of the Divine love for His Creation.

The road that leads to happy dwellings is the heavenly plan, which everyone has the right to travel; however, you will not arrive before going through trials or atonements.

Dear brothers, every walk has the objective of polishing your soul, improving your knowledge and refining your skills, so that you are able to become true workers of the Light who, when summoned, you shall present yourself to the tasks, without question and ready to serve.

The time is of yours! Make it your tool of progress and of Light.

Be you in Master's Peace!



*He was one of Jesus' twelve apostles, however, only the gospel according to John mentions him by that name. The other three ones present him as Bartolommeo.

GESH - 08/08/2020 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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