We recommend you be prepared


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May the Light be in this initiatory environment!

We see, with concern, the approach of the “three days of darkness”!

Those that are already aware of this great change that is approaching, do nothing to be prepared to spend in balance those days of horror.

Material preparation is what draws the most attention when the person becomes aware of the “three days of darkness”, but we see few brothers concerned with spiritual preparation, strengthening the mind for something that will shake the mental structures of those who do not seek own transformation.

Are you prepared to remain without communication for three days, hearing cries, gnashing of teeth or calls for help and being unable to do anything?

Are you prepared to hear the laments and terrifying roars of the Beast and his minions who will, with permission from Above, have complete freedom to travel on the surface, amidst the maddened mob?

Are you prepared not to open your doors, even to relatives and friends who ignored the warnings that, perhaps, you yourself have transmitted?

What will it be like, if such an occurrence arrives like a thief, who invades at night and preys on your goods, as Beloved Master said?

We see these issues with concern, sure that that mental and mental balance is neglected and few ones have it. The vast majority, perhaps, will leave their houses in such a state of alienation and madness that those who prepared to it will have to forget themselves and make the biggest donation to others they have ever made in their lives.

Having what you need to maintain the material is the easiest part. But who is studying, taking the Gospel as a guide and today is already strengthening their faith, regardless of which religion they belong to?

Therefore, we recommend you be prepared, as you are closer to experiencing this change. So, day by day, work on your faith in building the idea that, if such an event is inevitable, it is urgent and necessary that you are already strengthening your spirits, to endure the three-day confinement, believing that the Father will never abandon you in the midst of the storms.

Light and Peace to all!

May the Love of the Master be in you!



Instructor at the Spiritual City Servants of Jesus

GESH – 09/16/2023 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil

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