This House must be a clearing in the darkness


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Blessed divine Light of Master Jesus!

The storms and torments intensify, as the Beast's minions, feeling the urgency of the moment, instigate their correspondents on the physical plane to act, to gather together the greatest number of unwary and ignorant people of the prophetic hour experienced.

Knowing that they are from exile, the High Command of Darkness seeks to take with it the largest number of spirits so that, in their next homes, they can create legions of slaves, submissive beings and try to establish another command on the planet where they are sent.

The painful moment experienced by the Earth is a blessed opportunity for those who know how to go through it and reach their evolutionary stage rescuing painful past to begin a new journey.

Not everything is darkness in the “end times”. There are clearings of Light placed in front of the incarnated and disembodied, as an opportunity to move away from actions that led them to planets of atonements and trials.

Lots of tormented spirits are incarnating at this moment, as a great opportunity in these last hours experienced by the planet.  Spirits that have been here for longer are also having the opportunity to turn to the gentle yoke of Master Jesus and then to change their trajectory. 

As it is said on the physical plane that wars bring great progress in technology and medicine, the “end times” also bring great advances for souls to free themselves through the supreme pain that are wars, dissensions and collective karma being painfully charged.

There is no way to alleviate the suffering on planet Earth at the moment, but there is a way for everyone, individually, contribute to dissipate the energy in the environment in which they live.

This Spiritist House seeks to create Clearings of Light, opportunities for rescue, alleviating the suffering of millions of spirits gravitating around Pane Earth, in the lower astral, in the abyss, and in purgatorial zones alleviating the suffering of these spirits and their incarnated families, because, once rescued, it is one less point of pain for these families, thus creating, somehow, calm within the hurricane.

The End of Times event is, for Earth - with exile of the tormented humanity - like death approaching for the terminally ill, increasing pain and suffering, but which, in the end, will be relief for the spirit who no longer carries the painful burden that caused the disease.

The Earth is sick; which relief comes after the verticalization of its axis.

Earthly humanity, take advantage of the opportunity, because the evolutionary jump is within everyone's reach, to heal the pains that you have been complaining about, from generation to generation, from incarnation to incarnation.

Planet Earth is going to a new, resplendent phase and your spirits, like this sister Earth, will also be able to go through the same process and shine in a new incarnation.

The beloved Master desires it for His brothers and always creates an opportunity for transformation in your lives. You just need to keep your eyes open to take advantage of the opportunities.

Many people in contact with our messages sent through this House see the opportunity for transformation. Now seek your renewal, because those who do not take advantage of the opportunity will realize, at some point in their lives, that they had it and discarded it.

Blessed Presence of Master Jesus at this time!


Extraterrestrial Lucius

GESH – 10/14/2022 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil

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