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Blessed Divine Mercy, which allows us to transmit lessons and messages of comfort, alert and warning to humanity.

The Father, through His immense Love for suffering humanity, empowered several of His children, creatures who were still transgressors of the Universal Laws, with mediumship used as a supreme resource to have an exchange of superior minds with those lacking in the earthly world, becoming a merciful resource for the progress of humanity.

Universal Laws are immutable anywhere in the Universe. What happens, today, on planet Earth, is that men, instead of elevating, adapting and transforming themselves to fulfill the Laws brought in the Decalogue, want, on the contrary, for the Laws to adjust to their needs and way of life.

This is reflected in the moral deviations occurring in all classes of society in all creatures who struggle to recover themselves from a past of mistakes.

One of the points of the Law, which says “do not steal”, cannot be bent to the convenience of beings.

The point that says “honor father and mother” cannot be adjusted by the inferior being to the loving father or the defaulting, intransigent father or the one who takes care of his dear ones.

“Loving God above all things” is not fanaticism, but it is about unconditionally loving the One who made it possible for the spirit to receive the intelligent principle, evolve and transform.

How could we not love a loving Father who does not punish, who does not restrict the life of his Creation? He himself granted free will for the progress of humanity. When He, even renegade, excluded from the lives of many, still offers the Sun, Air, Food, homes and the physical body for the progress of the creature.


The absolute truths coming from Superior Hosts will be the same truths at any time. Truths are not shaken by the Earth's transformation movement. The messages brought by the Divine Master brought us through his sacrifice remain the same, regardless of the time, the current society, justice and politics.

The Planetary Transition continues its course, despite the resources of the powerful ones who seek to save themselves in impregnable places, appropriating food to save their dear ones, when the great mass is going through tribulations, scarcity and destitution.

So, offering the truth, presenting everything that will happen, informing that the transition will encompass the entire Planet Earth and that everyone will suffer the shock, is not making God an insensitive dictator; on the contrary, it is to fulfill the Law in which Planet Earth is inserted, of transformation, regeneration, mutation from evil to good, from dark to light, from left to right. This is what God's Laws intend: to sustain life on Earth.

Wars on the material plane only bring destruction, death, pain and separation, because they are not governed by Superior Universal Laws. By other hand, struggles and battles that occur on the astral plane between Darkness and Light, these do not bring chaos or destruction of order, because they are commanded by Superior Beings, who aim to rescue their criminal brothers and put them back together again on the path of Light.

Darkness will never have the final word, the command or direction of what happens on Earth. Deluded are those who think they are under the control of the evil that occurs, both on the astral and physical planes.

Brothers who live in Darkness will suffer too much with their minds still hardened, when, when disincarnating they find themselves small, helpless and dragged by the magnetic strength of the Intruding Star.

So what for so much power? 

While they are incarnated, they will be deluded, as they are hypnotized by those who serve them while awakening.

It is easy for the Darkness to entice those who do not have strong faith, those who are attached to matter, those who live through the physical senses, proud, vain, as they are unable to impose barriers or restrictions for dark beings bring them to their side. Thence, comes the Master Jesus’ indelible warning “Pray and Watch”.

The truths are there, which do not need anyone on the physical plane to improve or adapt them, as the renowned Kardec told us: “The truth is that which passes through all times without suffering shocks.”

We were allowed to bring this message, because society is getting lost in the midst of conveniences. Children are being diverted from their natural childhood course; Youth is losing itself in looking for fictitious happiness. And the family, which would be the last frontier of unity, of human integrity, is being heavily attacked.

Religions are surrendering to the cult of Mammon, of money, bending the commandments to the convenience of their believers, so as not to lose those who contribute to their maintenance, their status, forgetting that Jesus did not have palaces; He walked among the humble and did not build fortunes.

The moral thresholds are broken, decadence hits the Planet, the movement of denial of truths increases, along with the rejection of God and everything that is pure and elevated. And man, the closer he gets to these harmful vibrations, the greater his pain becomes, because remorse is the worst advisor for those who have strayed from the path.

Brothers, be aware of everything that happens around you, because Rightists live on a fine line. From the beginning of the Planetary Transition up to now, many who claimed to be Rightists today can no longer declare themselves so in truth and in fact, for fear of assuming themselves as true Christians.

There are rules to be a Christian. They are there, in the Universal Laws that the Great Moses brought to Earth, which have not changed or suffered mitigations for incarnated man.

Be careful, “because to whom much has been given, much will be demanded” and this has not changed. In none of His messages did Jesus create conditions, commas for what He said.

May the Laws sent by the Planetary Christ, through Master Jesus, still manage to resonate in human hearts, which fight bravely not to get involved in the dense and sticky atmosphere that covers the Earth.

Blessed the Light of Master Jesus!

Blessed the Planetary Christ!



GESH – 08/26/2022 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil

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