Each one will go through pain in necessary intensity


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May the Peace of the Master be among you!

No matter how great the pains one goes through to reach the Light, they are no greater than those felt by our beloved Master, when he was judged, condemned and led to His holocaust.

Nothing that you have gone through and will still go through until the end of these times should come as a surprise to you, because the roadmap for Earth's transformation was exposed to humanity, when the Master sent the book with all the guidelines for the changes to occur on Earth until the end of this time of pain and atonement has come.

The greatest transformation that must occur is that of your inner self, as this is renewed, the land around you is renewed, causing the transformation of your neighbors, raising the vibration of the soul and bringing the Light, the Sun into your lives.

Each one goes through pain in the intensity necessary for what must be transformed, but everyone around you will feel how painful it is to leave from world of pain and atonement for the much-desired regeneration.

The Nuclei of Light that neither pray nor watch will suffer the temptation of abandoning the path with Christ.

Those who do not remain firm and resolute in their purpose of following the Light, despite all the pain, injuries and hurts, will unfortunately be transported to new trials with new pains, to prove themselves – not to Greater Father, not to Christ, not to Master Jesus – who have the necessary faith to change the course of their lives.

The time is near when professing love for Christ will be considered dangerous. The so-called men of power, those who wish to dominate the Earth and want to remove the Light of Master Jesus from the Government of the Planet. However, they will not achieve this objective. But those who place themselves as “innocent” servants in the midst of the battle will succumb, as it is not easy to remain firm in the trenches of the physical and spiritual war in which the Earth is involved and which will increasingly increase.

Trust in the beloved and dear Mother, Our Lady, who watches over Her children, because before the cross, in the sacrifice of Her son, she promised to involve in Her love the children of humanity, donated by the Father to this Lady who is so fair, loving and sincere in His love for humanity.

The beasts will interfere in your most secret thoughts, they will act on the most poignant pains of your souls and try to act on the affections of your hearts. But you must always remember that the greatest love is that of Master Jesus and that your phase on this planet is brief, transitory and transformative.

 Even those who are already being driven into exile also carry victories within themselves, and not just defeats. Those who will be taken to sterile planets to eliminate the harmful and negative energies accumulated in the karma acquired through incarnations, will also be led by loving hands, having with them kind hearts that, yes, are sad, but confident in the Father that will emerge victorious. towards angelhood, traveling through the worlds of pain and expiation.

No one is outside the shelter of the Light, from the smallest to the highest being, everyone is enveloped in the loving heart of Master Jesus and the Greatest Father.

Addressing this small group, I have the duty to inform you that the tougher the tests will be and greater the attempts to divide, separate and antagonize you. Master Jesus was also tempted when he was alone in the desert and left there with the phrase: “I resisted the temptations of the world, and you also have all the conditions to resist the call of the world”.

The time will come, and it is getting closer, when you will no longer be able to be together. But where there is love of thoughts and feelings, only distance will keep you apart, as there are no barriers to love, to the union of purposes and work. Union is the keyword; work, love and the cause will keep the flame of this group alive.

You are always gathered on the astral plane to divide the tasks that fall to each of you. In intimate and collective battles, remain firm, knowing that victory is only achieved through renunciations and struggles, since in other incarnations you succumbed to pain, vanity and pride. With this information, in this present incarnation you will have all the conditions to emerge victorious.

We are with you at all times.

Love Master Jesus and help will always come.


John the Evangelist

At service of Master Jesus

GESH – 12/15/2023 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil

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