A gift from Mary


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Clairvoyance:  Before receiving the message, I saw two enlightened Beings going to the home of each GESH´s member, leaving a white rose on the table of the Gospel at Home. I understood that, during the Gospel at Home, this rose emits a soft perfume, sanitizing the house, increasing environmental protection.

I also saw this perfume involving people at home and acting on the astral bodies of family members, as a treatment, acting where there was more necessary.

Then, our Mother Mary sent the message:

Beloved daughters, in your houses, I leave a white rose, in recognition of My affection and My love for each one of you.

In times of anguish and pain, remember the white rose, so that it may bring comfort to your hearts, when outrage and accusations knock on your doors.

I also suffered from accusations, but I trusted in the Father, not to remove the pain from my path, but to strengthen me on my journey, because, as the Angel's Mother, I was exposed to many accusations and indignations, but I trusted in God and in the Angel Who told me he would never abandon me.

Those who stand on the Master's path may also be subject to all kinds of accusations and indignations, but, trusting in Him, will have the support to go through the tests.

May the loving Master be in at home, minds and hearts of all of you.

May the Light of the Master sustain this group, because the urgent tests are already knocking on the doors.

Mary, among you.


 Mary of Nazareth

GESH – 12/15/2023 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil

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