Humanity, you are selected in this supreme hour!


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Blessed be Our Lord Jesus, who unites us in his fold of love, propelling our delayed souls towards renewal and Light.

Sisters, the battles on Earth are intensifying, as predicted and announced by our Elder Brothers and prophecies millennia ago.

Even though, aware of the catastrophic predictions announced by prophets and seers in old times, human beings did not seek to change themselves in order to avoid war, violence and evil. Hearts filled with pride, selfishness, arrogance, lust and exacerbated vanity preferred to remain in abundance and opulence, in control of human masses, so as not to lose the illusion of power. Attached to Maya and Caesar's world, they tied their souls to darkness, inevitably condemning themselves to planetary exile.

Fights, storms, gales of madness ravage earthly humanity. From the humblest hut to the most luxurious mansions, human beings fight. Hercolubus enhances vile feelings, which have not been tamed.

From the invisible spheres of matter, fiery forces of darkness enrapture crowds in luxurious bacchanals, in macabre rituals of black magic, where children and young people are sacrificed to fuel Moloch in his bloodthirsty fury. In all planetary quadrants there were screams and wails of pain and gnashing of teeth, but also cries of hatred and revenge.

If you could glimpse what is happening around you, beyond the reach of your physical eyes, you would be terrified by the animalistic figures that accompany you, earthly humanity, attracted by yourselves, and that feast on your moral bankruptcy, dragging embodied and disembodied souls to their dark and nefarious cities, enslaving everyone.

However, brothers, above the moral bankruptcy of humanity hovers the Light of Christ, urging everyone, in a cry of love to renew and to sacrifice themselves in renunciations in favor of the immortal soul, which calls for peace, harmony and desire to evolve.

The Earth groans and accelerates its movements to tear away its torn and mortally wounded cover. In her shaking to renew itself, it hurts the humanity that it harbors within it loving mother. However, obeying the Greater Laws that govern life, Earth follows the course of the evolution of worlds and prepares to abandon the backward dimension.

Humanity, you are selected in this supreme hour!

Wherever you are, each human cell fulfills its karma, because there is no injustice from God, placing creatures where each heart attracted them. Souls come together to transmute hatred into love and individual and collective karma are fulfilled.

Sisters, the Spiritist House represents a safe place for those who voluntarily adhere to the postulates of working with Christ. You came voluntarily, most of you out of balance, facing the bitter problems of life, in search of solutions to your needs.  And, identifying themselves with the work, they joined the Jesus Army platoons.

Here, in this House of Charity and Love – GESJ – you developed your work potential in the Spiritist Vineyard each in your role, and governed by initiatory discipline, you developed your mind and illuminated your heart. And behold, the time has come before you when you must put your learning and the faith cultivated in your heart to the test.

The world is chaotic, as everyone faces their expiatory test and equally the hard-working Servants of Jesus face the karma of the programming of earthly existence.

Children, brothers, you have the special preparation of the initiatory school that places you in a safe position – or at least you should be – with hearts full of faith and trust in the Almighty, understanding that the storms that arrive in your existence are those that have already been filtered by the Supreme Forces of Good that guide us.

And when the drops of acid rain fall on your heads, remember that the storm has already been removed and these drops are just what you need to endure to continue confidently and working in the Vineyard of Jesus, which represents, for all of us, liberation.

No one is obligated to serve, since you voluntarily enlisted in this line of struggle. However, those who are in work with Jesus must remain permanently alert, minds and hearts, to avoid diving into the raging sea of lower thought forms that are enveloping all humanity.

On this side, where we are, we hear the screams of pain and suffering, the incessant whining, but also the screams of hatred and revenge.

Work more and more without rest, always trying to detect in yourselves, in the intimate world, thoughts, emotions, feelings that can become access points for Darkness. Certainly, the protection for those who serve the cause of Christ is intense and strong. The protective coverage of the Superior Brothers is complete, for the hardworking servants of Jesus, for all the Nuclei of Light and all the beings that are in the vibratory bands of working with Jesus.

But what happens in the intimate world is responsibility of the creature itself.

Make it clear to our brothers in humanity that what happens on Earth is temporary, but it is definitive for the soul: the selection between wheat from tares, good and bad. According to your choices between Light or Darkness, you will be sent to the right or left of Christ.

Planetary exile is already a lived reality for many rebellious and creatures.

“You will not leave there until you pay the last penny”, so predicted Jesus. And this is the hour of the painful harvest of earthly humanity.

If Darkness envelops humanity, the Light of Christ remains intact in hearts depending only a lofty thought, a sincere cry for help, for the entire Universe to mobilize to help the repentant soul. But words are not enough, the spirit must seek actions in the practice of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus, modifying its vibratory tone to reach the Regenerated Earth.

Margarida is with you.

There are many activities we carry out in this worlds, but we are also linked to the Servants of Jesus Group and the Shelter Servants of Jesus. And in these activities, which are multiple, you also contribute, when your physical bodies are asleep and your spirits join the Army of Jesus.

United, you will overcome Darkness!

Jesus is with us and no evil force will interrupt the steps of Jesus' servants!

The abundant bloodshed on Earth has enhanced the strength of the great Beast, but as everything is predicted, the Forces of Good have already completely surrounded the stronghold of the Beast. It rises closely accompanied by the Beings of Light and, however much it imagines that its strength is unlimited, it is magnetically contained by the Emissaries of God, and only in the dose that humanity deserves, her poison spills out.

Earthly humanity, in its majority, remained linked to material sensations, refusing to forgive offenses, refusing to transmute pride and selfishness into fraternity and love for others and is now painfully reaping the improvident sowing.

May Jesus bless all humanity in this moment of expiatory trials!

Blessed Jesus.

Stay at your jobs, so that the Spiritist House remains illuminated as long as it is the Father's will.

Blessed Jesus!


Margarida, GESH – 10/14/2023

 Jacaraipe Vigil, Serra, ES – Brazil

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