We are the last minute workers


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May Peace of Our Lord Jesus be with us!

We have been working on spiritual plane fulfilling the God's Plans.

We visited lots of obscure caves full of imprisoned ignorant and backward souls also full of guilt and desire for revenge. Dark souls are slaughtered and sent to restart a long journey of learning in favor of their moral and spiritual progress.

We have taken you to dark, tenebrous regions, in search of helping and freeing captive souls from moral and spiritual backwardness, under the command of evolved minds, Beings of such spiritual level that we are unable to face them, as our smallness prevents us. However, their hearts overflow with love that supports and protects us in dark abysmal regions, where, in the name of God, under the protection of Jesus, we rescue souls.

Your spirits are trained in battles between Light and Darkness, on the invisible plane. And, as the process of Planetary Transition is accelerated, greater conflicts we face. Perverse beings, commanders of the furious Beast, attack the Nuclei of Light with all their strength and we have been slaughtering the beasts and helping the ones who ignore God's Laws.

We are the last-minute workers, grateful to Jesus for the blessed opportunity to serve for the progress of our soul.

We are ready to serve with Jesus.

Our warriors accompany you in your daily tasks.

Our felines protect your homes from the constant attacks of bestialized beings of Darkness.

Your part is to keep your minds and your feelings connected to the Forces of Good, so that the protective shield around you remains firm against the harassment of evil.

Zambi is with you.

Let us follow with Jesus, for He is the Guide, the radiant Sun of love to whom we surrender our soul.

Blessed Jesus.


Zambi, African Warrior

GESH – 12/08/2023 – Vitória, ES – Brazil

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