Don't fear of nothing


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You are living moments of much violence and planetary unbalance.

The people don´t respect one another and awful crimes reach all the society. Too little or nothing can be done to avoid that situation.

The terrestrial Science can´t control the Nature anymore.

How can you evaluate those events, ignoring "the end of the time?"

The spiritual plan is worn out due harmful power and incites more and more, the moral and environmental unbalances.

Those people aware of heard moments in which live, have to think deeply and discover in which side they are; as rightists or leftists of Christ.

The negative forces involving the Planet and inhabitants unavoidably become the creatures sucked by darkness. Even those people vibrating with the least energy that protects them against the "darkness", stay as rightists of Christ.

Never mind, you can´t avoid it. Face this reality sure that higher forces drive you.

It is the moment for practicing Jesus´ Evangel as only resource to save your souls. The physical body is perishable and eventually disappears.

The darkness approach and you have to avoid it: How to do that? Helping the neighbor.

The effort is individual and untransferable; nobody can supply the vibration to other one. You answer for your own progress or misfortune.

I greet you in name of Jesus!

Setum Shenar, GESH - 05/09/06 - Public Meeting - Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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