Divulgation 75


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Christmas Bulletin: December / 2017


- Introduction

- Messages

1. MY LIFE WITH JESUS: Mary of Nazareth


3. IT IS THE HARVEST TIME! Mary of Nazareth





8. BLESSED PAIN:  Paul Tarsi








16. THE MASTER´S GENTLE YOKE: Mary of Nazareth






               Dear brothers and sisters from various parts of the Planet Earth,

               We hope you all are welcome in the heart of our Great Father, where we satiate our hunger and thirst with love and peace.

               Another year is over, more accelerated at this "End of Time", in which we live.

               Once again, in our humanity, we come to the point in which moral evolution finds no balance with intellectual and technological evolution. The modern man penetrates into space as easily as he explores the bottom of the oceans, but is unable to know his neighbor better. Men discover that the light suffers deviations into space surprises human beings, but cannot discover or correct their deviations of character yet. Today, selfishness, pride and vanity today are qualities. Debauchery and violence are results of this side of our character. To be good, helpful, fair and honest seems to be silly. Today, more than ever, to take advantage of everything is the law.

               Times runs fast to all creatures that change little.

               Brothers, the moment for us to change is passing by! Let us convert the remaining time we still have into learning, practicing charity and forgiveness. Our daily life is full in opportunities given us by the Father, by little facts, which we do not see or ignore.

               A fraternal embrace, a word of support and affection, a prayer for those who need can be decisive for people change their life path.

               A material world was not built so that we only knew the pleasures of life. A material world is not just money. Inserted in the matter, men must know themselves and their neighbors. Learn values ​​such as compassion, unity, tolerance, patience. Understand the pain brings renewal. How could I understand the pain of others if I have never felt it? How would I know the value of food, if I have never been hungry?

               Moreover, bear in mind that Great Father, who is pure love and kindness, he never abandons his children. He never abandoned us. So that we could believe in his immense love, he sent us one being of pure light and pure love to follow up our footsteps along of the dark and inhospitable places.

               In December, we celebrate the passage of Lord Jesus through the Planet in his mission of love, charity and fraternity. In his few words, he left many lessons. In his few actions, he gave many examples. We shall return to the path pointed out by the Master. Each year the Master is reborn in our hearts to show how is possible to be good, charitable, just, honest and fraternal.

               We still have time to do this!

               May the following messages bring Light and comfort to you all!

               We wish Merry Christmas and happy Epiphany to you, brothers of the entire Planet!

               Good reading!


December of 2017




               Brothers and Sisters,

               God´s Love made of my womb a Portal of Light that sheltered the friendly spirit of Jesus. It happened until he could transpose the pure environment of the high spheres of Light in which He dwelt, to come to us in the mire of the "School Hospital" on Earth.

               He penetrated the material world and my arms rocked his preparatory sleep for the coming confrontations related to the task he brought.

               From his first smiles to his first steps, made learning in the material body, He who no longer needed such coarse clothing, because a long ago, he was already free from the reincarnation cycles.

               He humbly listened to maternal lessons, though His Spirit was far above my wisdom. From his father, Joseph, he listened to the advice patiently, even though he knew he received the highest advices directly from the Great Father, because, despite to be into matter, he had not lost direct communication with the Sovereign Will.

               Among studies, work, and fraternal fellowship, He grew, radiating peace and goodness, as gifts of His Soul for us, which surrounded him with natural care in his youth.

               The time has come to fulfill the great plan and, in view of the imperative to serve, the beloved son through himself on the path of preaching, teaching, healing and practicing disobssession, until the fatality had interrupted him to serve his neighbor.

               The confused people distorted his message, taking him as a common revolutionary. The imbalance existed in that time did not allow them to attain the unusual nature of that Spirit of Love and Peace.

               He accepted, as he had promised to his Father, and allowed himself to be immolated, bearing the cross, which did not belong to him, in favor of the greatest of all lessons, because to love is to go beyond himself; to annul in favor of others.

               I myself had seen when he was born and accompanied the pain of His departure, even wrapped with a halo of sapphire light, with a high vibratory tone, the indissoluble ties of God's Law bound him to matter that agonizes by suffering the injunctions of pain, vengeful lash.

               In the "Darkness," demons exulted and mocked every drop of His Bloodshed. They thought Jesus would succumb, declining from the greater purpose "love and forgiveness"; he was exemplifying.

               They furiously incited the creatures for violence, souls whose hands stained the flesh of mine flesh. Under torture of physical suffering, he died.

               Free from the matter, restored in strength, shining the brightness of the victory over evil, he raised above us, returning like a ray to the Mansions of Light and Love, his true home.

               In my heart remained the lesson of bearing confident, the Will of the Creator, who, following greater plans, he makes us instruments, granting us the opportunity to serve him.

               Now Jesus returns and, as messenger of the Father, who is God, invites us to serve, dedicating to humanity the remaining time we still have.

               Meditate on His words and, using the Free Will, dedicate yourselves in serving Him, if you answer positively to his calling.

               Jesus lives and is among you!

               I am Mary telling you that Jesus is with you. I was her earthly mother and faithful disciple who, astonished with His presence, follows Him in an attempt be close to Him.

               His presence among us is now the Portal of Light opening before us and his open hand is the invitation for us to cross through it.

               May Peace be with us!

               Have Faith, courage and determination in the good! We are many brothers with you!




               Hail the Peace!

               Hail the Light!

               Hail Jesus!

               Earthly brothers,

               Analyze through the Evangelical Summary about the Major Laws that govern lives in planets of primitive categories, such as the Planet Earth and see how your behavior is not in accordance with the mentioned in these Laws.

               With the procedures adopted in your daily lives, do you think you have been fulfilling the Decalogue that has been legacy for millennia? Do you think it is up to you to make a decision?

               When you look upon the face of a brother condemned by human laws, can you say he is more transgressive of the Universal Laws than you are? Do you think your deeds are without blemish, or that, along your way, repentance did not hide in your mind?

               How can you judge able to put an end to life, when this always belongs to the Father, who always offers us life, even when we provoke pains and sufferings to our neighbor until awakening?

               One of the measures you must take to evaluate a people's progress is respect for life concerning care and preservation.

               Sometimes, we make ourselves understood with harder words, once the time runs fast and does not wait for the awakening of idlers. Come to us daily, cries and gnash of teeth of those who, fleeing from daily battles with their imperfections, and begging for help for having not supported spiritual reality, and, out of ignorance, have chosen to cease their lives, interrupting the natural course of karmic cleaning.

               Moreover, we, who are present at the end of this humanity, we feel ourselves inaccessible to the troubled minds. Sometimes, we can do nothing but saddened, we observe the fall of a debtor who immersed in the troubled astral world, does not understand how his pain and martyrdom do not cease; on the contrary, it exacerbates itself to the point of madness taking its spirit.

               Therefore, we say to you, brothers that everything you face in the physical plane, if you consider superlative your proofs, if the drainage is painful, all this is infinitely smaller than the road of return to the astral plane, where persecutions and solitude will be your faithful companions.

               Over there, in the valleys of pain, you will not find the comfort and understanding you seek. You will not find the peace you seek. You will not meet the dear ones you expect to see. You will not feel the sunrays warming your body, nor your wonderful radiance. Therefore, if "the ends of times" is the chaos you live, it does not happen by Divine imposition, but precisely by the non-fulfillment of the Universal Laws.

               The Beloved Master said we would not ascend until we paid the last debt of our actions. If we accumulate debts with bloodshed and tears, we must pay them so that we may enjoy peace with a clear conscience.

               Bear in mind, it does not occur just ending abruptly an incarnation. You may suffer patiently the result of your mistaken decisions and still have your body completely clean again.

               Brothers, you must live with dignity of the soul, respecting the Creation, regenerating your past, curing your evils in the necessary cleansing of your imprudence. Then, life after life, you will have examples to follow. You will become missionaries of the Light and, finally, return to the places where the hatred finds no house and vicious emotions do not penetrate.

               Finally, you will realize to be worthy of such a gift, it is necessary to be born, to die and be born again. Thus is the Law of Love and Progress.

Atanagildo, Disciple of Ramatis



               Hail Jesus!

               Jesus is our Shepherd and to us shall lack nothing!

               Free will is an indispensable tool for evolution of spirits starting the path of progress.

               There are many Planets of Atonement and Tests in the Father´s infinite Universe. Those who inhabit them; they are submitted to Universal Laws, which grants the evolution of all the sparkles. Each sparkle, in due time, will awaken and see the Light involving it completely.

               We cannot interfere in choices of human beings, incarnate or not, because we also travelled through the lower worlds. We also made choices that brought us pain and suffering until we gained freedom.

               You also cannot directly interfere in choices of human brothers. Do not try to understand the human incoherence. Do what is your duty. Help as many as come to you in pain and suffering that gradually increase in the world in which you live.

               Watch your thoughts through the insights coming to you, as materialization of thoughts of Protectors and Instructors who guide you.

               This humanity, our sister, walks on embers, unnoticed of the negativity that sows, and wickedness that destroys it. It continues sowing pains, attracting to itself the planetary exile.

               We are those who, in the name of Christ, we pray for the humanity.

               We hope to see progress in all hearts, but with deep compassion, we see that hearts blackened by hatred, fear and ignorance will pause for another evolutionary cycle, because of moral and spiritual delays.

               Jesus, all Love, sows goodness, compassion and mercy, but the arid ground of the humanity does not let the seeds germinate.

               It is time of the painful harvest. Hatred, violence and evil multiply, without we cannot interfere.

               Here we come to beg you, as work on behalf of the neighbor, to love each other indiscriminately, sow goodness, kindness and charity among men, our brothers and sisters. Wherever you go, spread the liberating Truth, Love of Jesus and His loving Presence leading His flock.

               Swirls of negativity touch the soil of the Earth spreading suffering.

               Those who awaken must sow good, fraternity and love among the beings of Creation.

               Jesus is our Shepherd and to us shall lack nothing!

               Mary, (Mother of Jesus), your Sister!

               I greet you in the name of God!

Mary of Nazareth, Vigil GESJ - 09/02/2017



               Hail Jesus!

               Hail the Strength!

               Hail the Light!

               When it was announced in the astral plane that Sananda would descend to the Earth, all the Evolutionary Forces that support the plans of this planet, they joined so that such an enterprise, the largest ever on Earth could be developed and settled down. Several Angelic Potentates came from their original orbs in order to fulfill the Divine Plan.

               We arrived in advance, so that we could manipulate elements of this beautiful planet, thus preparing the environment for the coming of the Divine Being, the liberator of human souls.

               We continue with this ritual, every year. Now, it is not for receiving a new Master. The Earth does not need a new liberator. We join in prayer and good thoughts, so that Jesus may be closer to you, humans, and the Light of the manger spreads all over the world, among all people of good will.

               It was established that every year, near the date of celebrating His birth, we should again bring all the magic of Light into the homes, just as we did, at the time of the Master's birth in the manger. It means   leading to the homes that open its doors, the incense, able to remove beings from the shadows; benzoin and myrrh, which perfumes harmonize the environment; and gold, the potent material to isolate the house from the less worthy thoughts within and around it. We leave these elements in the place where the Cult at Home occurs, so that in each moment of prayer the elements vibrate in the energy of the heart's prayer. Then, when the year is over, and exhausted the forces of the elements, again at Christmas, we renew them, when allowed and necessary, according to each house.

               Christmas is time of union and fraternity, when on Earth, for a moment, remembering the Master´s birth; people embrace each other with the true feeling of brothers. Consequently, the Light shines brighter at this time, remembering the coming of this Angel. They spread goodwill and joy, tell good memories facilitating the arrival of the Families ‘Spiritual Friends, from the Planetary Houses to participate in the Good News in a fraternal meeting. Thus, Lord Jesus smiles happily, knowing that His sacrifice was not useless. In this way, once the fraternization is over, we return to our homes, remembering the happy reunion on Earth.

               Brothers, you are part of the Master Jesus' heart. Your love is within each of you, vibrating in your sparkles. When you remember Him, your spirits radiate Light and, from afar, the Hosts of Light come hasty to help you in your prayers.

               May the Christmas Light shine the sparkle in every creature, in each brother!

               Hail Jesus!

Balthazar (One of the three wise men), GESH 11/25/2017



               Beloved children of My Father,

               I take care of you waiting for your awakening!

               The bloodshed on the earth attracts vampires thirsting for your sublime energies granted by the Creator.

               Love each other! Only the love will you free!

               You live in the transient world, which demands deep changes for not to be annihilated by your destructive action.

               The Planetary House seeks to evolve. The vibratory change reaches its end, and those who do not follow this change, they go from Earth to another world, not as generous like this one.

               I await you renewed in the Kingdom of Light!

               I am with you, today and always.

               Yours Brother,

Jesus, GESH - 06/24/2017



"Love God above all things and the neighbor as yourself."

               When I was alone, these words echoed deeply in my soul, and deep meditations allowed my spirit to reach sublime places, where a Superior Strength led me, projecting into my mind the pictures materialized in front of my astonished eyes.

               Visions and voice that echoed in my head referred to future things, disastrous events the humanity would face when there would be great planetary changes and renewal of the humanity.

               The symbols and elaborate language of mysteries were necessary, once my mind did not completely decipher the message to make it clearer; however, there was no doubt about the Last Judgment.

               Manny people deciphered them, the majority contested them, but children of the present time; you cannot deny the truth of the Apocalypse!

               "You must love God above all things and the neighbor as yourself." Following sincerely this Greatest Commandment, you will be victorious in facing the pains and trials of the Apocalypse.

               Waters flood the lands, soaking them.

               Lands swallowed up by the increased volume of ocean waters.

               Fire, wind, famine, disease and war will decimate thousands of lives.

               The sun will hide behind dense clouds for a long time and poisonous gases will reap hundreds of thousands of lives.

               Collective deaths will intensify at the end of planetary changes.

               Pain, fear and gnashing of teeth will sweep the whole earth.

               Be you ready, human brothers to face the Great Selection!

               May Jesus bless you!

John the Evangelist, GESH - 06/24/2017



               Battles increase in both planes of life. Thus, it also happens in the Earth´s Divine Plan of Evolution and of its humanity.

               Free will assembles the pictures you live. Your choices lead you to treacherous paths, to pilgrimage in the mire of ignominy. Nevertheless, we affirm you children that all created divine sparkles will rise to renewal and progress in different times according to your choices, rebellion or faith in the fulfillment of the Major Laws, dictated by the liberating Gospel.

               What happens to you in this moment of Planetary Transition is not restricted to your world.

Thousands and endless worlds travel through the same path of progress and all creatures make their choices, elevating their vibratory pattern or keeping it at lower levels.

               It is time for renewal, beloved children! It is time to give up hatred.

               Love each other, as I love you!

               Free you from the darkness, once the bitter medicine is poured into your life-cups, try it without fear! If your faith has "the size of a grain of mustard seed," you get liberation and soon will inhabit a New World. This world we have prepared, also for renewed souls that could clean their garments through the immense suffering, renunciation, pardon of offenses, and love to the neighbor.

               Come to me and I will elevate you to the New World that awaits you!

               I bless you, men, and I am sustaining you in these hours of pain.

               May hope not abandon you! At the end of the journey, I will be waiting for you with open arms.

               I am with you forever!

               Yours Brother,

Jesus, Vigil GESJ - 04/30/2016



               Hail Jesus!

               When will you earthly humanity, learn that pain is the best counselor, teacher, educator who indicates the right path to the redemption?

               Pain weakens pride, reduces vanity, break down the arrogant, throw down kings and proud ones. By my own life, I learned how pain changes men, before proud and blind to power.

               I will be eternally grateful to pain that forced me to look inside myself and seek the Master who exemplified the pain in the crown of thorns. Even when I was in the blindness of sight, I was completely wrapped with Light!

               What more is necessary to men learn, if pain is not transforming them?

               Some people complain to God they suffer too much, while comparing themselves to others who, in their thinking, suffer little or nothing. These have probably learned nothing from what life has offered them to transform their souls and suffer even more because of all the elements that accompany pain: grief, dissatisfaction, revolt.

               For each one, pain comes in the right measure as teaching. However, most people do not see it in this way. They do not see the pain interrupting a harmful movement to body and soul. Pain interrupts the evil.

               Would it be necessary for another Angel of Light bring examples to humanity through pain?

               Master Jesus, who was here, suffered much more than all you together.

               You who still have stains in your souls since your past, as well as collectors with you, take the occasion brothers to learn, renounce, modify, discipline you, because if in the physical world the pain is great, while in the astral, it is superlative.

               Although you receive protection in both physical and astral plane, with empty hearts, you cannot see the exit of the dark tunnel in which you are.

               Every day, large groups of disincarnates come to us in deep pain. Nevertheless, according to their past lives, they suffer less that their victims. Thence, we say, blessed pain that throw down empires, kings, queens, proud and vain people.

               Take advantage of the lessons the Master sends every day, as narrow roads to correct your steps. The new dawn draws near to the Earth, and few take advantage of the lessons left by Hosts of Light by increment of mercy for humankind.

               All Masters together tirelessly, seek to awaken their disciples still blind and deaf to their callings.

               Even thus, the Renewed Earth will not be an empty land. It will belong to those that overcome their imperfections in the evolutionary level in which they are. It will be for strong men and women, determined to fulfill another stage in their journey.

               Be you ready to inhabit the new land, where love, forgiveness and charity will born.

               Save Jesus, save the Light!

Paul of Tarsus, GESH 11/25/2017



               May Peace be on the Earth and Goodness in men´s hearts!

               You did not learned how to love and for this reason, you will face the chaos that overflows from your hearts, flooding the environment in which you inhabit, transforming the planetary coexistence into corrosive acid of human relations.

               For a long time you have been immersed in your own iniquity, forgotten of the Light guiding life on Earth. To see it, you must open the spiritual eyes and illuminate your hearts with lights of forgiveness. Moreover, pride and selfishness hinder you from taking a step toward your own renewal.

               You had infinite opportunities so that you could rescue, by multiple incarnations, the peaceful coexistence among brothers. Once again, you denied love, remaining in hatred.

               However, children, the Divine Law of God acting in accordance with the universal mechanisms of progress, it accelerates the Earth´ regeneration, while the intense pain will be the resource for your awakening, since, through love, you could not overcome inferiority achieving peace.

               Do not judge pain is above your strength for each one to face responsibility before life, before the neighbor and before the Cosmic Consciousness guiding us. Each one will receive the unwanted visit, according to their needs, to open the sparkles of progress.

               Jesus is with you and His Love sustains all who are in tune with His Sublime Vibrations, as well those who, still immersed in the darkness, suffer in the puddles of inferiority. No creature will be far from His sublime and friendly Light; and who wishes it, shall obtain victory.

               The accelerated chaos indicates the advance of the Planetary Transition!

               Let us go ahead confident, because important groups of Friendly Spirits surround the humanity, in the name of Jesus. It is so that feel His friendly presence sustaining with strength and courage to face the pain and, resignedly, overcome the chaos and reaches the Light of Regeneration.

               May the Forces of Good, which flood the Earth, bless you forever!

               May my brothers be in peace contributing for the Army of Christ! The time has come to you attest your faith.

               Hail Jesus, our Master and Guide!

               Yours brother,

Francis de Assisi, (humble worker of Divine Vineyard), GESH - 10/01/2016



               Beloved children,

               By following the Greatest Dictators of Our Beloved Father, to whom we resign to his will, we place on this planet several declined souls of other orbs, spirits matured in various incarnations and planets. Souls already experienced in the coexistence with similar companions that failed by the obstinate rebellion against the Divine Laws. They were together for new opportunities of evolution, balance and peace on the Earth. Many of those who have come here still sow bellicose and violent actions throughout the Orb, submerging themselves in ever more dense shadows; a few, on the contrary, have emerged from the chaos toward renewal and progress.

               Nevertheless, dear souls, it has come to you the "end of the planetary cycle of Atonement and Tests."

               I have been with you since you arrived here, as souls deformed by incomprehension and denial of God´s Laws. I remained with you full time stimulating your hearts, illuminating your minds with Sublime Lessons and with My Love, so that you could reach a new level of evolution, with the diaphanous notes of the Father´s Sublime Love, seeking a new cycle of ascension. However, beloved children, you remained in mistakes, falls, in vices paralyzing the soul, selfishness, pride, arrogance, and vanity. Moreover, you cultivate in abundance, hatred, feeling that deforms you.

               Few will reach the horizon illuminating the New Age. Nevertheless, do not judge the final proofs already present as punishment of God for your rebellion. It is not! It means the good remedy you need to propel your souls to the beginning, within the Divine Laws.

               Many of you are facing the chaos, pains, and unspeakable suffering, as blessed opportunities to clean your still dense souls.

               Do not rebel against pain!

               Come to me! I am your oldest brother who wishes to help you in leaving from the dark zones to illuminated levels, where peace, love and fraternity are the only vibrations among beings.

               Sublime worlds of peace, of light and colors that you could never imagine, wait for you.

               Why remain attached to the dark zones of suffering and pain, when you have a long enlightened path before you?

               Come to me, brothers! I am Love, and I will lead you to redemption.

               I am Jesus, your Brother here with you, forever.

               May the Planetary Christ bless you! His Presence of Light will sustain you in the painful trials of the Apocalypse already coming.

               I am leaving you, but My Presence will never be far from your path.

Master Jesus, GESH – Vigil in Jacaraipe - 12/10/2016



               Hail Jesus! Save the Forces of Good!

               Brazil is of Brazilians!

               No matter how bad are the events changing the Brazilian scenario into a field of struggle and moral decadence, they are necessary to empty the "negative centers" and to clean the "ducts of Light" at the advent of the Last Judgment.

               You live the moment of definitive choices, when each one must decide as rightist or leftist of Christ. Referred to the planetary sanitation, Brazil must be with high vibration at the right moment, for then fulfill its planetary function of receiving the brothers fleeing from their origin countries. It is because of natural catastrophes that will definitively transform planetary geography getting to reach its safe harbor, because Brazil remains Heart of the World and Homeland of the Gospel.

               The apparent chaos means the cleansing necessary for the advent of the New Age.

               May the hearts of the simple and humble beings continue vibrating for fraternity and love, uniting and vibrating each cell of Light throughout Brazil for the balance and restoration of peace, united with the Forces of Good that work for the planetary cleaning! In this way, we will be able to reach, in a proper time, the necessary superior vibratory levels for fulfilling the tasks programmed for the Homeland of the Gospel.

               Do not be discouraged before the bitter struggles, and inversion of moral values.

               Let us struggle for the implantation of peace in the entire Brazil.

               Each Brazilian must sustain the higher vibrations, ensuring the maintenance of the Sublime Energy of Jesus pouring abundantly over all of us.

               Do not think the current unfortunate events are out of control.

               The Supreme Forces of Goodness follow up closely the destinies of the Earth interfering whenever possible in the events, in order to heal the malignant tumor, which grew disorderly in Earth of the Cruise.

               The bitter medicine is already pouring into every cup of Brazilians, and true faith will be the impetus you need to reach the sublime frontiers of renewal.

               Jesus is with us and His Light leads us toward the liberating portals.

               Brazilian women and men, renew your faith in God, in Jesus and in Sublime Beings leading you!

               Do not cultivate hatred and war. Elevate the thoughts in vibrations of love and peace. This way, you allow the higher energies leading and surrounding you to anchor in Brazil, sustaining in the painful process you all live.

               We are with you! Do not lose faith, because the negative climax has not yet occurred, but we will not allow bloodshed or battlefield on the Land of the Cruise.

               Jesus and His Host of Light lead the destinies of the inhabitants in this beautiful Planet Earth.

               Vibrate in peace, love and fraternity. Thus, you contribute for the renewed Earth and the definitive anchoring of love and peace in Brazil.

               Hail Jesus! Hail the planetary Christ!

               Can we ask questions?

               Ishmael: Yes, daughter.

               Question: I do not know if I can make myself understood, but while you were speaking, I understood that Brazil supports the planet Earth in the planetary transition through the Cruise. So, would Brazil generate Light so that the Superior Forces anchor energy for Planetary Transition? Would Brazil be the last refuge on planet Earth during the Planetary Transition?

               Ismael: Brazil has an important role at the end of the Planetary Transition. It does not mean the last refuge, but the sublime refuge of anchorage for Superior Forces. It is because of the negativity spilling among you Brazilians did not contaminate the Foundation of Light implanted by Jesus, in the formation of the planet.

               The expanded negativity from the rebellious hearts did not contaminate the subterranean cities centers, which anchor the Superior Energy supplying the Earth. It did not contaminate hearts that truly have faith and walk among men full of hope in a future of peace and love.

               Brazil must expand to the world, examples of fraternity, friendship and communion among peoples. The selection takes place all over the world and in the Land of the Cruise too. Each one chooses the battlefield in which to remain, Light or Darkness, tares or wheat.

               Question: If it is possible, let me know if this incarnated team, responsible for the legal morality of the country, it really grants the spiritual representation in the matter nowadays, or if will appear some being or incarnated teams to lead this moralization on the physical plane.

               Ishmael: The facts shown and the creatures stood out in the confrontation between good and evil do not represent saviors, indeed. The greatest battle is in the heart of every earthly inhabitant, and not in those leaders who stand out in the World who are truly responsible for the transformation of a people.

               They are the creatures themselves who, leading their own destiny, look for own renewal based on the Gospel of Jesus.

               The “Brazilian wave of transformation” will lead the moral progress of Brazil.

               In fact, there is a demand of leaders, but they also make their own choices. Many have been failing throughout the history, not resisting to materialistic and power calls, and then unable to tame the own inferiority dwelling in each one. Nevertheless, only the quantum of superior energy from each Brazilian heart can clean up the country's environment, regardless of who the leader is.

               It is not the responsibility of a single man to transform a country or planet. It depends on the group of inhabitants that, renewing their actions in the Gospel of Jesus, will impel the collective renewal.

               Jesus, the Greatest Master, leads us. We humbly serve to His Love.

               Hail Jesus!

Ishmael, Angel Guide of Brazil – Vigil in Jacaraipe - GESH - 12/10/2016



               Brothers, when I did not know Jesus, I persecuted him with self-restraint and rancor.

               One day, at the Doors of Damascus, after committing atrocities in the persecution of Christians, He suddenly appeared to me.

               "Saul, why do you persecute me?"

               At that moment, His Light involved me. I had blind my physical eyes, and enlightened my spiritual vision.

               A single existence was not enough to me redeem my great guilt for having pursued Him. The persecutions that I suffered and misery faced were not enough to consider myself redeemed of the great error of having fought against him.

               Even today, when I remember of my ignorance, I beg pardon to Beloved Master.

               Dear brothers, he who desires to be rescued, he must take his cross and follow the Master Jesus. There is no other way to own redemption. Do not succumb to the weight of expiatory trials, because without the cross there is no resurrection.

               Walk among pains and thorns sure that Jesus follows you!

               Only Jesus is the way!

               Hail Jesus!

Paul of Tarsi



               "Little children come to me, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!"

               After announced the condition for the evolution of beings, the Master guided us by the path of progress, teaching us profound teachings through the simple daily stories of fishermen, farmers and shepherds.

               We follow Him, recognized as Savior, liberator of men. We did not know His empowerment, judging that his physical human body was the representation of God´s Force. Nevertheless, we knew of His infamous death, the physical body is only the vehicle of the eternal soul. Moreover, Transient Worlds are part of creations of the Divine Mind, providing the means for the sparkle in transit to evolve.

               The true renewal of soul occur when the being resigned to the will of God, in the abandonment of savagery, evilness, rebellion, fulfilling His Laws of Love that frees the creature from the backward worlds.

               We join this humanity in awakening of souls through the words of Jesus. "Do unto the neighbor that which ye would have them does unto you." "Love God above all things and your neighbor as if were yourself."

               We greet you in the Name of Jesus and in the Name of God Creator of all things!

               I am your brother,

Peter, the Apostle - GESH - 08/08/2016



               Hail the Light of the Master Jesus!

               Give best you have to your neighbor!

               Charity is in the Mercy left from the heart to others in needy.

               Charity is part of Mercy left from the heart in favor to the one who needs it.

               Nevertheless, even the pitiful and generous charity must be in doses for not remove from the brother, the opportunity to renew his spirit that needs of painful hours, lessons of abandoning things and proud, and become humble.

               You must give, not besides the necessary for human dignity, for not undermine the initiative of in making progress, because the material goods only feed only matter and do not the spirit.

               Help sharing the bread and knowledge you have acquired is the best thing you can offer. Peace, understanding and hope from friendly dialogue with suffering spiritual brothers will strengthen and encourage those who retake the path of evolution. It means charity, anonymous charity. Food, clothes and shelter, the Father, in the High do not let them lack you during the trials, according to your evolutionary needs. Even to animals, the Father offers the flowery fields.

               In this way, love more than be loved, for it is in giving that we receive the eternal life.

Words, the wind blows away, Food and clothes, time consumes. Only love is forever!

Francis Assisi, GESH - 08/05/2017




               On the horizon emerges the Light of Lord Jesus shinning indicating the path of progress.

               Peoples exhaustively seek to know about the mysteries of life. It is valid them to investigate improving their knowledge and intellect; but they only serve to propel the progress of the sparkle.

               By the other hand, beings seek, in each cerebral synapse, to unveil the great discoveries and, through the moral falls, to access obscure paths, developing means to give them the power of information. However, the respective access that could bring scientific, medical, technological or even legislative progress to this humanity, it has been cut, given the possibility of being used by obscure architects, or people who did not learn yet know how to transform their inferiority into an evolutionary jump.

               Darkness increases easily among people, dominating the stagnant minds, as fertile soils for their deleterious emanations. However, the spiritual evolution of the incarnate people may require from each one, a Herculean effort, in giving up the usual material comfort, as well the spiritual inertia.

               Dear brothers, we invite you to take your progress in your hands, because you live in illusory reality, and only with inner renewal will overcome the inferiority keeping you in expiatory worlds.

               Take advantage of the opportunities you still have on Earth for your progress. Enjoy the sun that still shines in your lives, before the night of darkness arrives, breaking the illusory world to which you used to live.

               May Peace be with you!

Peter - Apostle of Jesus, 08/08/2016



               Save the light of Master Jesus!

               We see the Planet Earth immersed in the mud of iniquity, evil and human ignorance. It struggles to break the thick peel and show its true beauty. Every child of his womb struggling to hold himself as rightist of Chris, he is like one petal of the lotus flower that emerges on the mud of the marsh.

               Firstly, it is necessary to remove the ragged, dirty robe from the various steps taken, from various paths traveled, and various souls to which joined during a walk. God Father did not say he would grant facilities; but those able to cross the portal toward a new life will hear: “welcome those who fought and won, and refused to participate in a fictional reign, where gold and velvet could not satisfy souls thirsting for love.

               Then, beloved children, exert efforts to be worthy of the superhuman sacrifice made by the Angel who came down from His higher stops bringing to incarnate and disincarnate brothers, words of love and pardon that  approach and comfort.

               Brothers, will not be useless the battles, pains and the chaos in which you are immersed. If each one contributed for the present darkness, certainly they have the opportunity to leave from the same valleys of pain and suffering prepared by the minds of those who are present here.

               Therefore, each of you can overcome these reincarnating cycles of pain and suffering, and karmas hurting the soul.

               The Master's yoke is gentle. He does not humiliate the worker. On the contrary, He elevates him to a new life. Let us honor the sacrifice of the Angel who was among us.

               The sun shines for all creatures and the Light radiated by beings in it inhabiting, it keeps warm the tender and loving hearts of the faithful servants of Beloved Jesus.

               May the Light of beloved Master be in our hearts!

               Hail Jesus!

Mary of Nazareth, Vigil in Jacaraipe - GESJ - 12/10/2016



               May the Light descend upon the Earth!

               From Golgotha ​​came the announcement when men rejected the One sent to Earth to proclaim the Good News and help the afflicted ones. However, the Light, in its infinite mercy, does not abandon those who beg to the Lamb of God for justice and love. He came down on the earth and gave himself to holocaust for this humanity, in order to exemplify the purest love and obedience to His Father.

               The Beloved Son´s life ended in the matter, but His love remains among the earthly people, deprived of forgiveness, fraternity, affection, and resignation to the Elevated Designs. Nowadays, we know these people did not awaken yet through His purest words brought two thousand years ago and then are learning through painful lessons. We can see diseases decimating families in the rescue and readjustment of the failed soul. We see mothers, fathers and children, victims and killers of ancient times, together in the same house learning the painful lesson of forgiveness, giving the family environment provides the necessary teaching of love and fraternal respect.

               The pain of "Passion of the Christ” remains with the suffering people that brutalized sublime feeling and will only end when the "End of Time" sweeps from the painful memory, the suffering of the Angel who became a man.

               Then the Earth, which is the house idealized by Beloved Jesus, it will retake its true beauty, illuminated and clean to welcome those who lived His words in sacrifices to every life on Earth and elected themselves to be the next inhabitants of the so-called "blue jewel" that floats serene in the Cosmos.

               Today, with your heart painful by memories, we ask you to remove the Beloved Son from the cross.

               Have you not yet understood that He is not there?

               He is among you, seeking shelter in your hearts.

Mary of Nazareth, GESJ - Public Meeting - 04/11/2017



Clairvoyance: I have seen Mary and many workers of her vineyard helping to empty several valleys in the spiritual plane. Some were in the Abyssal zones and others closer to the earthly atmosphere.

               Many of these places are crowded with spirits in awful situation. There is exile ships full with these spirits and soon, others come daily with victims of various types of deaths, collective or not.

               The situation is not easy. Many of them unhappy with their condition remain magnetized to the earthly people. All this and overcrowds make more difficult the Workers of Mary to act.

               Mary then transmitted the following message:

               Beloved daughters of the Father,

               Brothers in humanity,

               When you chose pains, in the valley of ​​lamentations, in which you live, it is because of your committed spirits did not take care of the jewel given you by Master Jesus, who would open the portals of knowledge and love to his millenarian spirits.

               However, by attracting the brothers of ignorance to yourselves and sharing ideas and behavior with them, you choose the sad future that waits for you.

               You act as if tomorrow would not come, but fear the valleys of sufferings through where we already had been, and we invite all those who are there for not abandon it.

               However, with our broken hearts, we see few ones leaving from form these valleys, while thousands of beings arrive daily, at each dawn, in each collective disincarnate and mentally stagnant, they return to the behavior of nonconformity to the Creator. They revive hatred by linking with those who remained in matter. Consequently, this vicious circle will remain with them on other planets until, tired and alone perceive that only praying to the Divinity once denied; they would immediately receive the balm able to heal the open wounds, bringing them back to the peace toward the reflection.

               Thence comes the irresistible impulse of progress, which all the children of creation have within them.

               Brothers, crowds of spirits fill up Space Ships, Colonies, Cities and Valleys of Suffering. Thence, the support centers are quickly leading the sufferers to the planets prepared for them to make progress.

               The Earth no more can shelter them due to excessive harmful emanations in those places, which can provoke an astral explosion of unpredictable consequences of destruction on the physical plane. So, the condensed negative energy about to explode, it triggers the need of Herculaneum work to empty the valleys as soon as possible. Hence, we invite the incarnate brothers that are making efforts to keep themselves in the soft shelter of Jesus, to join us, imbued with love, in the cleansing of the earth.

               May the Light of the Father be with you all!

Mary of Nazareth

               Medium: Sister, it is a great joy to meet you. I felt denser and closer your words. What is the reason?

               Mary: Dear daughter, it is because, we all, workers of the Vineyard of Jesus are reducing our vibrations so that more quickly we participate of this collective work for cleaning the astral. This way, we are closer to the embodied ones.

               May the Light of the Master Jesus be with you!

 Mary of Nazareth, GESH - 11/14/2015 - Vitoria / ES



               Hail Master Jesus!

               Hail the Light!

               The Earth agonizes making difficult the pure, clear and sublime Light of our Beloved Jesus in penetrating the places where pain, suffering and revolt prevail, because of human ignorance on Sublime Love reigning over the land.

               The Planet is at war, Darkness against Light, and men forgot that our Beloved Master has never abandoned his people. He is always with us until the last lost sheep returns to the Father.

               We sing hosanna to Christmas Advent, and the Beings of Light courageously open illuminated corridors so that the Divine Light reaches the Earth, since part of humanity, the Christian and non- non-Christian worlds know about the importance of that time. The human hearts, amid the pains and selfishness commanding their relationships, for a lapse of time, open space to think about the sublime Master´s message.

               We, Apostles who have been closer to the Greater Friend, we shall share energy so that the world may be appeased a little, in the memory of our Beloved Angel Jesus.

               Let us pray for the suffering beings. No one is far from the Father's eyes. Therefore, we remain attentive at this time when Christmas is celebrated. While many people is praying, the Light of the Master Jesus get to penetrate the darkness, renewing hope in each one and shining again in every heart, the sparkle of charity and love. Moreover, wherever you elevate the thought to Lord Jesus, in this place and in that moment, He will be present.

               May the Light of the Divine Jesus be with us and among the needy!

Peter - Apostle of Jesus, GESH – 12/11/2016



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