Divulgation 76


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Christmas Bulletin: December / 2018



1. Faith and Work

2. Change you into the Light of Christ Gospel!

3. Blessed is the past forgetfulness.

4. Pain, catalyzer for the spirit progress.

5. The Planet Earth slowly leaves from third dimension.

6. We go ahead with the planetary cleaning.

7. From the spiritual plane, we remain attentive.

8. The Planetary Transition is also the Mankind's Transition

9. Religion does not save anyone.

10. The greatest Brazil's treasure is its people.

11. I am only a humble servant!

12. The Law of Progress dictates the current events.

13. Love others as I Love you.

14. Renew yourself!



Dear Brothers, May the Peace of the Lord Jesus inhabit your hearts.

Again, we are about to end one more year in our lives, sure that our God Father is always taking care, guiding and letting us to choose among the different options of life offered us, without, however, abandoning us in our evolutionary progress.

On December 23, 2018, our Spirits’ House celebrates its 48 years in the Material Plane, not including long years in the Spiritual Plane. In that time, in the beginning, we had hundreds of spiritual mediums, doctrinaires and collaborators in the construction and improvement of the work, which encouraged us to go ahead. We sincerely thanks all those that dedicated themselves much more than time and money to this spiritual work.

We are also grateful to all brothers that changed GESJ into a plural and receptive house that always welcome, without distinction, brothers seeking own renewal, whether in the material or in the spiritual plane. Brothers from all over the world, from all religions and all ethnic groups.

Our dear Sister Margarida created this Spirit’s House. She disembodied in 2014 but up today, she guides us from the spiritual plane. She is always the cement joining each grain of sand composing the physical and ethereal framework of GESJ, tenaciously holding its structure, preventing it from disintegrating or distorting. Nowadays, thanks to Internet, GESJ became the House of many brothers throughout the planet identified with the loving messages sent us by our older brothers: masters, mentors, extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers.

Thence, we must send them our New Year greetings:

Hail brother’s workers!

Hail Sister Margarida!

Hail dear Masters and Mentors!

Hail Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Brothers!

In name of the Peace and Love of Christ, thank you all for Patience, Love and Charity with us; for comforting our hearts at times of pain and anguish, fear and doubt, so that we revived our Faith in the Creator and learned that everything is ephemeral; for supporting us in pride, vanity, and selfishness, as older Brothers able to understand the little ones thinking them as Center of the Universe. Thank you for always repeating us, lessons of humility, charity and fraternity, which we insist on not practicing!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

May the Lord Jesus always inhabit our hearts and His lessons continue guiding our lives!

Peace forever!


Before you read the following pearls, messages, remember they refer to Brazilian facts and situations, however can be understood and translated wherever similar facts or feelings also happen. Our brothers usually only want our understanding about changes taking place in the planet, people, and especially our internal renewal preparing us for a world of peace after the storms.

God bless you all! Enjoy the reading!

The following message was initially dedicated to GESJ by Sister Margarida given the necessity of carrying out trainings for the difficult days expected. However, it can also guide other groups and people following us throughout the Planet Earth.


1. Faith and Work


Blessed is Jesus!

Sisters, we well know of the difficulties you had to be in this special place, once it is a hard test to go through this long journey, full of traps in both planes of life (¹).  However, the meetings where the atmosphere is cleaner allow better the manifestation of Light among you.

This humanity of "end of times" more and more fights are going to face. Without moral control in restricting the thoughts and manifestation from people in misadjust with Divine Harmony, we can see the human society incited to adhere to the distortions of the unbalanced mass. In this way, they no longer need masks of hypocrisy hiding the insane human thoughts or moral imbalances.

In this scenario, to remain as "Rightist of Christ" in defending the Sublime Truths of Jesus’ elevated moral is the hardest task for whom wish ascend to worlds of high categories. However, if you have chosen this path, tread it with courage and faith, sure of the friendly protection of all elevated Beings conquered with our humble work carried out in our Spirits’ House.

Do not be afraid in defending the Truths already solidified in your hearts through the Teachings of Jesus and Masters guiding us; Messengers of Jesus sending us Lessons to guide our thoughts and actions. Have patience and love the still faithless ones, once your examples of work and dedication to the tasks are necessary to keep balanced your companions.

You are not above anyone, but the work you do puts you in the position of more experienced, and then, you must give them a firm example of Faith. As you know, no one of you escape from "bellicose beings". These wish to destroy the Points of Light bringing awakening to the brothers in humanity.

The enlightening messages of alert and good news, which we have received along years of work, with sincere dedication, faith, sacrifice and renunciation, giving credibility to the mediums in receiving orientation from our Elder Brothers (2) everything is the reality of this time on Earth. Then, if everything is reality confirming the messages of Elder Brothers, surely painful reality comes for this humanity of "end of times": "three days of darkness", "verticalization of the Earth axis," and exodus to the "planetary exile".

Given the current situation, sisters, you must accelerate the training of Work Groups (3). While training, more security you have to act in times of total imbalance in the society. Not necessarily you will be together practicing what you have been trained. So that each servant of Jesus knows what to do, put into practice now, while peace and harmony still permeate your way of living. Training is necessary for integrating the teams, as well as for strengthening the faith and courage of your companions of earth battles.

Start as soon as possible!

We well know, you are thinking about this in recent times, but you must put into practice the thought of activating the work teams, because it is practicing the task, the servant find the skill to act properly, as well as to face a hostile atmosphere, as painful reality approaching more and more of you all.

The work is voluntary and only must be assumed by the one who really looks for internal renewal and believes in the work carried out by GESJ.

We know how difficulty is to put into practice the tasks, which we think necessary for you and dear ones in the future. Then, overcome the difficulties and perform your tasks, so that you are ready to act, when the pain knocks at the door and the time of peace has ceased.

Not always, you can join to give support one another. Then, develop within yourself, faith enough to face pain and the imbalanced ones beside you.

Have faith and trust in our friendly presence, wherever and whenever you are in your life. Masters, Guides, Instructors and Spiritual Friends we have conquered over the years, they unconditionally protect us to victory of the spirit.

The bestial creature, enemy of the Planet and Humanity, puts into practice its disastrous plans seeking war, violence, planetary unbalance and everything else. It furtively controls the embodied and disembodied minds that have not reached yet the least vibrations with the Christ Gospel, and like a herd follow up the bestial screams sounding in their minds and hearts, inciting more their lower instincts.

Daughters, forgive, daughters those that hurt you; go ahead with Jesus in front of you. He, Jesus as faithful Servant of God, leads us in this arduous way toward the spiritual ascension.

Our dear Intraterrestrial Brothers open their Cities of Light to welcome us with Love and Affection.

Our millenary extraterrestrial brothers help us, thus reducing our share of suffering in the works for the rescue souls and reducing the serious consequences of human actions in this planet.

Our older Guides, Guardians and Protectors lovingly take care of us. Consciously, we connect with them all. Let us work for the ones that in a inconsequent way walk on Earth.

Our Master Ramatis, the Greatest Master of our souls, take us by the hands, when bigger is the obstacle in front of us, illuminating the paths that sometimes are difficult and dark. He, our beloved Master never abandons us.

May Jesus bless you all!

Do not be discouraged because of the fights! Go-ahead full of faith and trust in the Greatest Designs!

Hail, Jesus!

Margarida, 09/15/2018


(1) it refers to the difficulty to arrive in Pedra Azul, place of the vigil.

(2) It refers when I still was incarnate leading in GESJ and GESH the whole work of receiving and divulging messages. Those messages already said about the difficult times we would live at this end of the planetary cycle, which already takes place.

(3) Groups created in GESJ to aid in the difficult days after the catastrophic events. The trainings refer to the first aid bound to persons in despair until to save lives, among others.


2. Change you into the Light of Christ Gospel!


Hail, Jesus, our Master and Guide!

Brothers, the choices of this hour are of fundamental importance in defining the destiny for your immortal souls.

The Planet Earth agonies seeking to adjustment its own forces, in order to leave this dimension of sufferings, and accelerated for harmony with High Sphere.

This humanity is also pressed by millions of disembodied spirits, as an invisible humanity that insistent and assiduously acts against you, humans.

The great majority is composed by beings under psychic maladjustment with the Divine Laws; other part with perverse, insane creatures serving the Beast that only seeks the chaos and bloodshed.

There is also pressure over the embodied and disembodied beings, by the Intruder Star, which is already present in the Solar System.

The choice you make now, it puts you in tune with the Sublime Forces of Light sprout from the Heart of Jesus, Divine Governor of the Earth, placing you as Rightist of Christ, or under your instincts, as Leftists Christ and, definitively, exiled from the Planet Earth!



Work for your own progress, adhering unconditionally the Postulates of Christ Jesus, given waves of violence and pain increasing more and more, knocking at your doors, with smaller and smaller intervals.

Disciples, change you into the Light of the Gospel of Christ with sincere practice, once you cannot frustrate the Laws of Creation, and only he who deserves will attain evolution.

May Jesus of Love, bless you! Peace in Jesus!

Peace and Love forever!

Master Ramatis, 09/29/2018


3. Blessed is the past forgetfulness.


Hail, Jesus!

The order today is to love one another, as Jesus loves us; love the neighbor, judging him in the same way, we judge ourselves.

The reincarnation experiences to help the spirit to abbreviate its suffering, and by mercy, be free from the Worlds of Atonement and Trials. However, experiences in the matter also serve to reduce guilt and remorse of souls that need many physical experiences to attain liberation.

Beloved children! Blessed is to forget the past, which puts a thick veil over our painful memories, covering everything we have done against the Divine Laws and now reverted into dense stains in our souls. Moreover, until we purge such density, enlightening us, we thank to God for the incarnations we lived.

In the awakening to light, we find the necessary resources to strengthen us for definitive intimate change; but the soul, even awakened; it still vacillates in the ascension journey. As the "end of the cycle" approaches, he, who did not reach the least score of moral and spiritual progress, surely will remain in the backward planets. Only those able to support the worldly aggressions, courageous, full of faith, discipline and love can reach the "lights of the new age."

Eternity provides us infinite opportunities for enlightenment and intimate renewal.

With Jesus, everything is possible, everything is Love! With Him at our side, we can reach the elevated planes of the Creation.

Have charity with those who hurt you. At this moment, the world is filled with failed souls, in an attempt to adjust with the Light.

Wickedness reigns and, apparently, it is in advance. However, we know the Evil is transitory and good is eternal!

Those that choose the lower bands, they still have to tread a long path of pains and battles, because all beings of the Creation may attain renewal.

Sister Dulce is with you, my children.

May Jesus bless us, today and always!

Hail, Jesus, our life of Light!

Peace forever!

Sister Dulce (1), 09/29/2018

(1) She was born on May 26, 1914, in Salvador, Bahia, and disincarnated on March 13, 1992, also in Salvador, Bahia. She was a Brazilian Catholic nun who assisted those who needed most, receiving the epithet "good angel of Bahia".


4. Pain, catalyzer for the spirit progress.


Hail, Jesus!

The earthly humanity, over the existences, sought its way toward the Creator, in this and in other planets.

If from Him, left the sparkle in a long journey to create the man of the future, today this man seeks to retake the way toward God Father. As it is said, "all roads lead to Rome," we can say over the existences, man goes constructing the path to lead him back to the Father.

In the beginning, the way is tortuous with many obstacles. However, as consciousness expands, the knowledge permeates the spirit renewing it. Then, at every step, the tile gets more and more symmetrical on the floor. While walking, although it is not easily, it reveals a new future, as a world full of peace and harmony.

Today, the earthly humanity lives at a crossroad of choices, because among all existences, the key incarnation is the most difficult, which puts the creature face to face with own conscience, deeds and defects. When the creature cannot postpone the decision, definitely asks which way to take?

Surely, it is not the first key incarnation lived. All left marks. The bad choices that brought them to worlds of pain and atonement. Since periods lived in the Abyss until painful separations strongly marked the spirit in evolution and impregnated him the mind, while the happiest moments so fleeting did not leave in those spirits, the impression of having lived them.

Suffering strongly marks in the creature, moments of pain, revolt, injustice, becoming stronger than happy moments, such as fraternal encounters, memories of a happy day with dear ones. Inevitably, when the karmic readjustment comes, all these little episodes escape from the mind to become moments of pain and then lead the spirit to the progress so that no longer live them.

Pain is the catalyst so that the spirit evolves. The earthly humanity is paving its way, at this end of cycle. The Spirit chooses where and when wants to blow. As instructors and friends, we just indicate them the best way. However, It only the creature decide to take or not the right and necessary way.

We are at all times, indicating the best way, but it is up to man to make his own choice. If we do it for him, when fail before the pattern of high behavior, we will be seen as tormentors or unjust for having offered him the Paradise and, afterwards, withdraw it.

As instructors, we must follow Laws, and the Divine Law does not hid human faults.

We follow up this humanity until the end. Then, we wish to those that have already found the internal balance and have already take the direction, to stand firm, because as the time advances, larger are the obstacles to be faced and much more required of the rightist category. Those that today consider themselves Rightists, do not think have already conquered Heaven, because from ascension to fall is fast.

May the Light of Lord Jesus be among all creatures, so that minds do not stray! Stand firm seeking the spiritual freedom.

May true faith guide you!

Hail, Jesus!

Shaim Rama - 08/18/2018


5. The Earth slowly leaves from third dimension


Hail Jesus!

Hail the Light!

Hail the Force sustaining the planetary transition!

Archimedes is among you, sisters!

The Planet Earth slowly leaves from third dimension to a new category of planets, with vibrations and humanity superior connected with the Renewed Earth.

Along of the history, the Planet Earth has crossed through several social movements, being these familiar, religious, financial, economic and political of every kind. However, the current phase is the hardest to overcome. With moral values falling, the family no longer transmits superior values to the descendants, thus spreading barbarities and antagonisms among brothers, and indifference to the suffering neighbor. No longer is possible to avoid the collapse of the "societies" in this planet.

Wanted the High Spheres the Planet Earth received many enlightened beings of elevated teaching and knowledge, which once followed, would reverse the current scenario on the Earth. Lord Jesus, the wisest, most pure and Enlightened Being in his angelic sacrifice experienced here exemplifying the difference between good and evil, just and unjust, especially between love and hate. However, the careless minds did not cultivate the good seeds within themselves.

Hardly, small groups got to cultivate elevated teachings among them, and groups like yours represent lights amidst the chaos, while distributing the messages of alert, charity and fraternity. Thence it was expected to touch so many hearts, once the energy sprout by the received messages means the safer script, not to eliminate karmas, but to be stronger to face them.

The end of this humanity comes. The prediction of exile is higher than that programmed for the Earth, not because of insipidity or of unprepared teachers, but the path is free, even the path of suffering.

Time urge but not the internal renewal. Spaceships daily collect disembodied beings in the worst spiritual situation you could imagine. In droves, they leave to other planets or work in preparing these spirits to inhabit Hercolubus.

Most of the beings destined to the Renewed Earth come from other planets. After the phase of pain, atonement and tests, they are prepared to continue their spiritual evolutionary journey. Some groups of other planets also come to inhabit Planet Earth.

We wished many inhabitants of this planet could continue their journey here in a Sphere of Ascension and Light, but few return here in a new life, in a new government, in a new society. They are unprepared to inhabit a planet where order, discipline, obedience, respect, and fraternity rein. If today, a little "difference" explodes into chaos, how would they live among peaceful, orderly and evangelized people? It would be like a rotten apple in a basket of healthy fruits.

We are preparing the Earth and, by means of catastrophes, we are already building a new planet in its physical part, because in the spiritual part it follows its course. Wait for more catastrophes and collective deaths, because the New Year will not be easy for this humanity. There will be much crying and gnashing of teeth and, even in the Land of Cross will be a very difficult phase, sisters.

He, who sincerely wishes to serve, be prepared when be called to attest about everything offered to this Group by the Spirituality. Much will be asked of who receives much” and we hope the act of collection is not painful, for it will not be by the sword of Divine Justice, but your excited minds will show the torment in which you live.

May the beloved Master Jesus sustain this humanity lacking in affection and good purpose. That little Light that still resist the attacks from Darkness remain united more and more, because it will be for them the humanity will ask for help.

May the Master remains with us in this Work of Light!

Archimedes, 09/15/2018


6. We go ahead with the planetary cleaning


Clairvoyance: I can see clearly the Light gathering groups of beings in the Abyss, according to the Divine Command for ascending to the earthly surface.

I realize it is a very meticulous work done in a way, the dark Masters cannot see. The Light builds corridors unconsciously crossed by dark beings until the places directed by the High, according with the local karma of the region to where are directed, as well the affinity between the hungry mob and the local population.


Hail Master Jesus that strengthens us to carry on the tasks of helping our most needy brothers!

We come to tell you that in our pilgrimages through the valleys of suffering, we have seen suffering spirits gathered into groups prepared to penetrate the various astral planes as far as the surface. Thus, Masters of the Abyss incite this mob to stay in a certain region of the planet, be it a village, a city, a state or a country.

These unhappy ones reach the surface, but cannot move freely among humans. In fact, everything happens under the strict control of enlightened minds, in a detailed work, difficult to describe in a few words.

Brothers, we only can reveal, this work goes far beyond the planetary cleaning. It is the opportunity given by Divine Plan to these wild beings, hungry for sensation and thirst for revenge of being among incarnates, giving them the opportunity to make their choices, to change Darkness into Light in themselves, and choose to become Rightists or Leftists of Christ.

This coexistence allows the embodied spirits to choose between resisting the harassment of the invisible dark beings or intensifying their defects, until these no longer are contained by force of life in a society, appear to the daylight, when in an irresistible impulse they cannot contain by social mask, the beast that roars in itself, looking for freedom. In this way, in a space of time, the creature clearly shows itself with all nuances. We, daily are introduced to similar situations since beasts appeared in the families and friends until those inciting Nations to make war.

In this case, the Dark Brothers render concrete an important work to the Higher Hierarchies, in separating the wheat from the tares; in removing the incarnated from the spiritual inertia in which they live.

We go ahead with this planetary cleaning, vibrating in good feelings and good resolutions for you all, humans, so that your intimate renewal occur, changing the mental pattern, resisting against the insane mob that comes daily to meet you.

May Peace and Light be with you all!

Tarcílio - 10/05/2018

Instructor in the Servants of Jesus City


7. From the spiritual plane, we remain attentive.


Hail Jesus!

It already echoes in the human minds that something is going to occur in the Earth.

Religions, little by little, receive the signs about the end of this earthly phase; however, they transmit the information with elective language to their followers. It is a strategy adopted by the High to the earthly instructors, so that more people be warned and abandon the wrong way.

Many people are already preparing so that when the Great Hour comes, it only find unprepared, the unbelievers of  love and faith that sustains them. For these, it is not be necessary the "End of Times" comes, once their souls already face the three days of darkness.

May the Light of Lord Jesus touch them the hearts! They still can change their lives, since they have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel.

Nothing happened on earth is hidden from this humanity: parents against children, children against parents, more and more suicides, wars, and so on. Brothers, the signs are clear, intensify more and more. Pay attention and look at the Horizon. The prophecies did not change; they will be fulfilled, one by one.

Remove the bandage over the eyes, He, who prefers an hedonistic world and never sacrificed for yourself or someone else. Pay attention for the signs ever clearer before the human eyes.

In the past, I have been hard to my people that showed their ill natured, and needed a firm mind and a heavy hand. Today, it is not only one people, but also all humanity walking on the dangerous side of life. Without "Stop" from the High, men will be exterminated and here becomes an uninhabited and sad planet. The Law of Destruction must be fulfilled on this planet.

May Lord Jesus with His loving heart involve all those vibrating in His Light.

John the Baptist on 9/15/2018


8. Planetary transition is also the Mankind's transition


Dear brothers!

When Lord Jesus said, "you are gods," it contained a profound teaching sent by our Greater Master confirming that in each one has a Divine power, as part of God.

We are fractions of Him.

So, brothers, move this Divine Energy present in you. Make it expands, blossom and turn into the Light expected by all of us and the Father of the Creation.

Before you to blaspheme, thank God for the difficult moment you live, because it makes you stronger. Before crying, take the step out of the misfortune.

Do not let you down by dense and sticky energy around you. Stay firm and, so that it does not fixate on your astral body and obscure the Light ready to sparkle, as well as prevent you in receiving the best thoughts from the Masters.

Do not accept in remain as still delayed spirits living on a planet of pain. This transitory period is neither to cross your arms nor remain in the category in which you live. Planetary transition is also the humanity's transition. To live in this earthly moment does not determine that all beings must suffer intensely; the individual suffering is the necessary to absorb the lessons determinant of experiences lived for due progress.

While the Planet Earth goes through this turbulent time, take the opportunity to improve the spiritual learning, not letting you be infected by the ignorant mob that, like a herd, runs at random. However, if you already have the sparkle of profound feeling for human life, in its pure meaning, turn it into attitude in your daily life.

Like animal while differentiating itself from the beast, chooses to advance to the next kingdom, differentiate you from the large ignorant mass in order to penetrate the new world, kingdom of Light and regeneration. Give up the automatic behavior, under the imperative of the matter, where those who do not know what want, reproduce what others do.

Look at the animals. When they change their behavior, closer they are to get a new outfit. If each earthly brother knew this mechanism of evolution, he would also seek to differentiate himself from the ignorant, malicious, slaves of the earthly sensations, and would take the decisive step towards the new category.

So it is, Brothers, what the Earth is doing in a sublime way. Gradually, it differs from planets of trials and atonements, toward a planet of regeneration.

Learn with Nature!

May the Light be among us!

Peter, Apostle of Jesus, 10/27/2018.


9. Religion does not save anyone.


Hail the Planetary Christ!

Hail Jesus, the spiritual ruler of the Planet Earth!

Religion does not save anyone. The internal renewal pushes the being away from the precipice in which is. For this reason, we take advantage of all the moments for to instruct humanity.

Every spiritual grouping, no matter which denomination it belongs to, has a Spiritual Instructor appointed to direct the group of common religious affinities and interests. It means, the instructor directs the whole group, no matter its size, because if they are gathered, surely have an affinity and a past union among them, which must be converted by the instructor into sublime and fraternal actions and thoughts.

Many antagonistic creatures in past lives today congregate at the same table, church, mosque, or temple, gradually breaking away the animosities, prejudice, and difference of opinion that led them keep feelings of hatred and revenge.

Nevertheless, year by year, the presence of Light in these groups has been difficult, mainly by the sectarian religions imposing a greater distance from the neighbor.

It is an arduous task to instruct people that do not want to change, but we follow the Divine instructions, preparing those able to listen to us for a better future in a Renewed Earth or another planet for it destined.

Among a thousand of people to hear us, if only one or two renew themselves through the higher teachings, it is a victory for us, even if the leader is not vibrating in the High Light. I mean, if these one or two persons speak to a multitude, we somehow transmit what is necessary, without his harmful thinking contaminating the good people joined in that grouping.

It is difficult, we well know, but we already have good fruits from those able to renew themselves. Thus, so we invite everyone to exert efforts in this life, because if they complain about the difficulties, pains, and leaders, first they have to renew themselves.

May the Light of Lord Jesus sow the good seed in the human hearts, even in the chaos!

Here is Maytreia with you.

Hail Jesus, our Governor!

Maytreia, Master of GWF, 9/29/2018.


10. Brazil's greatest treasure is its people.


Hail Jesus! Hail Brazil!

The Brazilian People has said so much about loss of historical collections, after the fire occurred in the National Museum.

We tell the Brazilian people: do not mourn what the fire consumed. We do not despise what was lost. It is true there; the museum contained an important part of Brazil´s history.

However, He, who already has spiritual conscience and love for this country, he knows of the material goods lost, but the greatest treasure to be preserved by Brazil is its people.

You should regret for injury, evil, corruption, loss of precious lives, instead the material goods that so many of you value so much. Thus continuing, the akashic record of this country only will contain the sad part of Brazil´s history.

Thus, brothers, instead of lamenting the loss of goods, produce the treasures of the soul: tolerance, patience, meekness, resignation to reduce the sad events of your country, which, unfortunately increase nowadays.

There are many visible and invisible evils.

In the museums, there are many ghosts, sad scenarios of the past. The walls also echo intrigues, stunts seeking to destroy the motherland. Brazilians must bring back to consciousness, solidarity, Love and understanding.

Let us join Brazilians for one clean Homeland; for the flag raised with its beautiful colors beside the white flag of peace, love and brotherhood of the Master Jesus, representing the union among peoples and Brazilians too.

That Brazil, a sovereign Homeland is also sovereign in the Astral Plan.

May the Light of Lord Jesus and Angel Ishmael, fighting for peace in our country, be stronger among honest people.


Dom Pedro II (1), 09/09/2018.

(1) He was nicknamed as Magnanimous. He was the second and last Emperor of the Brazilian Empire for 58 years, from 1831 until his deposition in 1889.


11. I am only a humble servant!


May Lord Jesus Christ bless you!

Brothers, do not lament for your sufferings and pains!

Do not lament about difficulties and problems, thus increasing more the obstacles and the earthly trials!

Spend your precious time for the ones crying, alone, thirsting for a word, a smile or attention from those that everything have.

I myself, having nothing of mine, I gave back everything the Divine Mercy gave me, not only in the mediumistic work, but I made my best to dedicate a little of my life to the suffering ones.

We have to approach to the suffering ones with humility and affection, always remembering our Lord Jesus, as our major example of goodness and charity.

The books I wrote through the mediumship, materializing into words, everything the spirits transmitted us, I did it in the early hours, when still slept other brothers of the Nation, because at that moment reduced the mental agitation, and allowed me much more insights and connection with the friendly Spirituality.

I am no Saint, which tittle, I am far from reaching it! I am only a humble servant, full of shadows, but I decided to serve Jesus.

The Planet Earth is going through the transformation predicted by Jesus of separating the wheat from the tares. It does not matter, the unbelievers do not accept, materialists refute, dogmatists ignore, it is reality, like the sunlight warming the souls, keeping life on Earth.

Exert efforts, Brothers, to be fat from the lamentation, materialism, selfishness. Elevate the eyes to the horizon of Light. Renew yourselves indeed; putting into practice the Lessons brought us by Divine Master, in His supreme sacrifice.

It is not easy to remove the ephemeral crumpled garment we wear today, once to adhere to the transforming Gospel of Light is the most arduous task. However, Brothers, this is only the way of true transformation toward the Sublime Spheres of Light and Peace.

Forgive the enemies beside you; forgive you for own mistakes. Have compassion, vibrate in harmony and peace, watch and control your thoughts. Do not let you be carried away by the gigantic wave of imbalances and inversions of moral values present ​​in the Land of the Apocalypse!

The scandal is necessary, Jesus told us, but poor is the one who provokes it!

It is not difficult, brothers, to reach the range of spiritual renewal, since you change yourself, abandoning the hatred, rage, slander, lust, vices, and others.

When the creature decides to change the course in the way of Jesus, he/she faces lots of troubles, every scourge (1) of Brothers. Then, he/she fights with weapons of love to achieve the victory of the spirit over animalist.

From the High, the Emissaries of God, in the name of Jesus, our Savior, send to you warnings and explanation about the mistakes of the journey, bringing you hope in a future of Light for those who strive for own renewal. Do not expect the renewal come of another brother to begin yours, because we ourselves are directly responsible for our future!

Jesus is present on Earth!

Do not ignore His Love and Kindness with all of us. Link your minds to this Power of Light to overcome the current inferiority in this failed society and to reach the dimension of peace, harmony, love and brotherhood.

I am the brother who poorly dressed a tunic on Earth, seeking to deserve Love and Jesus.


Brother Chico!

I embrace you with fraternal Love, as one who share with Jesus, Love in favor of the humanity.

Blessed is Love that joins all beings of the Creation!

Hail our Lord Jesus!

Chico Xavier (2), 10/26/2018

(1) Whip with several ropes attached to the same cable.

(2) He was born on April 2, 1910 in Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais and disembodied on June 30, 2002, Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Francisco Cândido Xavier, better known as Chico Xavier, was a medium, philanthropist and one of the most important exponents of Brazilian Spiritism.


12. The Law of Progress dictates the current events.


Brazilian brothers, appease and pacify your hearts!

Instincts and materialism govern human actions nowadays. The, what expect from those ordered to govern such instinctive creatures? It means like will to like, or Law of Cause and Effect acting in the fulfillment of the greatest apocalyptic determination.

There are so much cries of justice for your lives; justice for the resolution of your worldly problems. However, each of you should do your best of every opportunity coming to you.

They are not Angels bound to govern you.

“Give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and to God the things of God!” And do not forget to put into practice the greatest Commandment dictated by Jesus: “Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself” doing to him what you would like him to do for you.

This Humanity experiences the end of the "Last Judgment" and the Planet in transition accelerates its movements to a dimension above this one.

And you, humans, make the choices to determine the course for your immortal spirit. Therefore, each country, each continent and each people experiences the battles necessary for the development and selection of spirits before the advent of the "Last Judgment".

Throughout the planet, people face dangers, injustice, inequalities, prejudice, and violence of all kinds. The collective karma in course predicts the final selection for the earthy souls, while embodied and disembodied beings experience their trajectory of final proofs, defining their souls as Rightists or Leftists of Christ.

Victory comes for those that even facing the earthly battles; they keep in tune with Jesus practicing His Gospel. No matter the choices and paths traveled. The quantum of renewal in your souls, positively or negatively, determines your future.

Have Faith; believe in God and His Purposes in guiding, sustaining, and sensing you full time. Your minds and hearts often are not receptive and connected with the vibrations of Light, thus suffering even more by coping with the unbalanced environment without the resources of faith, transformation, and moral values that should sustain you in facing such trials.

Have faith, Brothers! Without efforts, you cannot reach the victory!

For transforming collectivities is necessary to face the difficulties along of the way, since the learning occurs when the person, facing the troubles of life, develops in itself faith and trust in God's designs, free of corruption or rebelling against the Major Purposes.

Go ahead, earthy brothers struggling for own liberation and continue the evolution of all things.

The Law of Progress dictates the events of that hour.

When pain and injustice become unbearable for you, remember Jesus. He, pure and enlightened soul, suffered resigned and confident in the Father Creator of all things.

Forward, brothers, to the New House, which already appear on the horizon.

Canaan, the New Jerusalem, the Renewed Land!

Hail Jesus!


Brother Kubitschek.

Hail the Light guiding us!


Juscelino Kubitschek (1), 10/27/2018

(1) He was born on September 12, 1902, in Diamantina, Minas Gerais and disembodied on August 22, 1976 in Resende, Rio de Janeiro. Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira was a Brazilian politician who held the Presidency of the Republic between 1956 and 1961.


13. Love one another, as I love you!


Beloved children of my Father!

Being incited by enemies hidden in the invisible world, the incarnate mob walks, exacerbating its instincts, materializing the bestiality in contact with their Brothers of humanity. They forget My Gospel with the resources necessary to remain invisible to the harmful influence.

Beloved children, dear brothers, it is so much suffering around you! Have mercy on your brothers of journey and help one another in the loving brotherhood, in order to thread the reciprocal protection in those hours of pain and gnashing of teeth already manifesting in your lives.

I am at your side! Send to Me your thoughts, and I lovingly lead you back to the Father's House!

Love the neighbor as I love you!

Forgive, as many times as necessary, to free you from the bale in your souls.

I am Jesus, your Brother!

Come to Me and I guide you safe to be free!

Love one another!

Jesus, 08/08/2018


14. Renew yourself!


Beloved children of my Father!

I come to call you to love one another, as our Father loves you!

I well know your intimate, secret thoughts and desires, even of those people that do not believe in Me. Moreover, what we see makes us sad.

Your souls, full of vices, selfishness, pride, arrogance, hatred and revenge, put you in tune with the backward creatures of inferior planes. They are soul’s sisters, but immersed in rebellion and lack of love. You have let you conducted by these vile souls, keeping you distant of My Love!

Renew yourselves! Enlighten you with altruistic actions! Fill your intimate with feelings of love, compassion, and humility.

The transitory material world, now in deep transformation, urges for your changes!

Believe in Me, beloved brothers! The separation between the wheat from the tares; between the Wolf from the sheep already occurs in this humanity! Do not let pride and selfishness cover your eyes for the necessary and urgent transformation of your souls. The day comes when you must leave this beautiful planet for repeating the trials of life.

Do not hesitate in which way to go!

I'm the way, the truth and Life!

No one goes to the Father, but to Me!

I am Jesus, your Brother!

Come to Me and I set you free!

Jesus Sananda, 09/29/2018

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