Divulgation 77


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May the Peace of Jesus be with you, dear brothers of the entire Planet!

Again, we are together by the enlightening words of our Superior Brothers.

We could not fail in presenting this valuable material, which, unfortunately, brings the weight of maladies able to turn a man into an unhappy being and dependent on energies of others to survive.

These series of Divulgations speak of the vertiginous fall of brothers that became vampires.

By the way, in a relaxed way, the reading begins with a fantastic text, written by Mrs. Margarida. It should be the presentation of the book on Vampirism, now published into chapters and two beautiful messages close this publication, making you breathe better at the end.

Enjoy and remember of our dear "old lady”...

May Lord Jesus bless you!  Enjoy reading!



                                                "Here I bring a task to help you

                                                     Understand and accept 'these' that represent

                                                    Deviations of the Divine Creation! "

Count Rochester, 12/08/2000


The message above tells so much to those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear".

Another set of messages received through psychography and psychophony, bringing us old information that too little we know about the subject.

I always wished to know about these so-called Vampires. Not out of simple curiosity, but to know how far the human imagination goes and the reality of facts began.

Nevertheless, it is said that “who seeks finds”, once, I was at a bus station, and while waiting for the bus, I wasted no time.  I took the opportunity to visit a newsstand, where, in front of me, was a book on Vampirism.

Could you imagine my joy! The book seemed to be waiting for me. I still had in pocket some coins and I did not think twice, I bought the book!

It is necessary to say, at that time, I did not buy a new dress, a purse or a shoe, so that I could buy books. Reading was always attractive to me. It was true fascination! "To each his own!"

In the years, 60s and 70s, in Vitoria, capital of Espírito Santo, where I lived, had only one bookstore. I myself who enjoyed reading so much,  I used the Postal Reimbursement Service for bookshops in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. I received the book and a catalog listing the latest book releases. This way, I always was up date with the literary news.

From childhood up to now, at ninety years old, I always hear "stories" about souls of the other world, mules-without-head, werewolves, mermaids, and other famous characters from the illusory or folkloric world.

I would like to know if it were fruit of imagination from inhabitants of suburbs, in poor neighborhoods, telling stories on full moon nights! In those neighborhoods, in my childhood, there was no electric light yet.

I remembered now plays of poor children: skipping rope, wheel playing, “picula” (which in some places is known as "pick up" or "pike"), hide and seek playing cards, and others. It was also in the childhood, when I heard for the first time, the expression “stories of the old arch” (¹). I was born in 1923, when there was already this popular saying. Do not ask me about its meaning. I never knew anything about his origin, even though, it was very funny.

(¹) in Portuguese, “estorias do arco da velha” is an expression to qualify something absurd or improbable.

Let us return to our little book.

Sometimes, vampirism comes to the public, through the movies, books, magazines or newspapers, as well as in discussions if "are there or not vampires?"

I thank Jesus, as well he Astral Plane Brothers, spirits who knew about our goal and provided us with proper information, which became into a humble little book. Without their precious help, including former vampires, we would not have this simple little book.

This presentation would end here if, while making a clean copy of it, I had not remembered something happened to me long time ago.

On that day, for twice or three times, I was reading the book "Naema the Witch," writing by Rochester, in that part where the witch was in the center of the bonfire still off. However, when they went to light it, its spirit, already as a bat, abandoned that body, which would be destroyed by fire, and flew into space, as its master sorcerer had promised.

It is necessary to say that over my bed had an inclining window, opened because of the heat. Well! At that right moment, when the witch left its body as a bat, it desperately penetrated the window. Nevertheless, I myself was unconscious observing the clock on the bedside and to my surprise, it was exactly midnight.

Coincidence or not, I threw the unexpected bat outside, I close the window, turned off the light, to finally I could sleep.

I close this Presentation, saying:

It was a so much excitement for this old woman Margarida that night!

I am staying here.

Margaret Pinho Carpes




"There are more mysteries between Heaven and Earth than are dreamt in your philosophy." (Hamlet by William Shakespeare)

My still imperfect soul reminds of the stories I have lived in thousands of previous existences, relating them into books. There are also stories told by other brothers who live in eternity now. Given they already attained the awakening to the Light; they lent me reports so that I could divulge them all over the world.

Vampires are not a legend created by overexcited minds. They lived among men and, even today, martyred in the astral plane, they torment the embodied beings.

Modern beliefs dare to call them as heroes, when indeed; they are souls in total imbalance with the Universal Laws.

The dark Commanders recruit vampires to help them against the Forces of Good, distributing them as platoons of their awful armies spread over the planet spreading chaos, violence, and pain.

They differ from Divine Creation; once they are far from the Moral Laws of Life.

They act into troops submitting themselves to the High Command enslaving them.

They voraciously attack to feed their insatiable thirst for blood.

Let us have compassion with these brothers, without, however, ignoring their ferocity and dissimulation. They are perverse and inconsequent creatures. They just want to satiate themselves, and to rejoice with the victims ‘blood, and turn them into vampires too.

Before the final hour, this humanity must know that in its bosom, there are still live the addicted ones in the human blood and, these still act provoking countless tragedies to this humanity. Vampires live in the intricate and complex network on Earth.

Count Rochester, 09/20/2013


Sisters, hail the Light of the Master Friend, Jesus.

We have already he information to send to the population of the physical plane, about this category of spirits, vampires. It is enough, you seek more information about this subject to expand your minds, acquiring support for the information we bring here.

Brothers and spiritual friends, experts on the subject above, they joined themselves in order to bring us enlightening messages on this subject so serious and dangerous to the embodied and disembodied brothers.

Unfortunately, the vampires influenced the human beings “glamourizing" their image and character, which of good, they have nothing.

They won the attempt. They built a bridge accessing the minds of young beings, facilitating their approach through the astral plane, making them servants and raw material for their experiences.

On the physical plane, vampires trigger fights with bloodshed and accidents with death. Everything disguised by the natural impetuosity of youth.

We are with you, sisters, and Master leads us.

Rochester, 07/27/2013



Physically, they can deceive themselves by appearance, good manners, and careful education or even by emanating empowerment. However, without the disguise, the truth appears clearly.

They can neither hid nor deceive the true intentions with clothes, wealth or walking safely. Moreover, at this moment, the pairs meet and go to court where, they do not judge truths, but fulfilling orders that the verdict is always guilty.

Many beings yesterday wrapped with power and arrogance, today are in such situation.

The law of affinity brought them to these places.

May all incarnated beings seek their own regeneration!

Be in Peace!

Tarcilio, 02/29/2009

Note: This message came soon after see a certain engineer (famous for building structures that collapsed and killed people) dragged from a Hotel room. There were, over him, several beings willing to suck their energy. Then, a group of tall men, wearing togs and with the faces covered, they threw away the vampires and led him to a prison, where should be judged.



Pardon is the word able to translate one of the strongest feelings that every candidate to the evolution must discover and understand.

Only those who learn how to forgive, they get rid of pain.

The Perfect Law of God touches us in the souls, when we see the human being unveiling his past of mistakes; he must find the path of self-forgiveness and then go through it. The bad creature redeems itself through forgiveness, and then, feels an unspeakable peace.

He, who allows himself be invaded with compassion, he forgives himself, by forgiving d his brothers. He understands that life and everything else is ephemeral.

May the feeling of peace connect our past and present time, and right path leading us to the future!

By revealing to the world the first notions on vampirism, you will be remembering a portion of your past lifetime.

In the same way that you helped to clean up the Earth´s inferior astral, you will clean the unknown terrain of Remembrance of the past renewed into the present opportunities.

Certainly, as brave workers, you will do what is necessary to understand the subject so complex, sending to your earthly brothers, the knowledge they need to avoid and firmly repel all harassment by the "Army of Vampires” associated with unhappy hosts to satisfy their negative thirst.

                                                     Rochester, 09/20/2013



Clairvoyance: During our weekly Fraternal Assistance to Ilha Grande - RJ (¹), I incorporated a woman spirit. A Spiritual Instructor who was just behind me, he applied bioenergy, and from his hands, a strong light involved the female spirit.

Incorporated do my body, it could not avoid the "cleaning through the bioenergy" and the shock therapy, which even I felt, with less intensely.

Gradually, to my surprise, the woman was transforming herself in the astral body, acquiring the vampire appearance of vampire.

Immediately, I saw Ilha Grande and many beings resembling the female vampire. There were men, women, old men, and children, but all were vampires.

I heard someone say, "It's Vampire Island!"

A GESJ´s worker explains that, there are many vampires in that island, like a breeding place, and then they would attack the embodied passers-by in other places.  I saw disembodied beings changed into vampires. I saw the “breeding place" linked to some region in Europe from where leave the commands to take place in Brazil.


(¹) Weekly, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, GESJ send at distance, bioenergy to those places where there are suffering spirits, such as hospitals and prisons. Among these places is Ilha Grande, on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), where had fan important prison, closed in 1994.



Clairvoyance: I saw the region of Ilha Grande-RJ. From a castle built there by commanders of vampires, leave black threads from that place, like Headquarters, to other points in Brazil, where they created other nuclei.

Through the Brazil´s map, I could see black wires linking the city of Rio de Janeiro with slums and prisons. The wires extended until São Paulo City, where Carandiru Prison was, and other prisons too. These connections also reached Espírito Santo State, settling in the slums of Vitoria (traffickers' refuges) and in prisons of Viana, Serra, Vila Velha and prisons in the State of Mato Grosso.

I saw these connections supplied the drug trade and unlawful beings, in turn, fed on the slaughtering carried out there. I also have seen the local Commands connected with chiefs of vampires in Ilha Grande.

We could see us with other groups of Light on Earth struggling for the astral plane to destabilize and remove the chiefs of vampires and followers. I saw, among these warriors of Light, various former vampires, who used the old appearance for the first confrontation, even before the Warriors of Light to array the army for battle.




Clairvoyance: Soon after reciting the mantra, I could see various castles in Europe, especially in France, Italy, Spain and England. I could see leaving from the dungeons, many vampires running to the surface.

After the defeated battle in Ilha Grande, the vampires became desperate without the negative energy to feed them. Amidst the chaos, I looked up at the sky and saw that several extraterrestrial spaceships launched Light beams paralyzing the vampires, so that the Warriors of Christ could capture them.

There were also many winged dragons in front of the Light of spaceships, to facilitate the escape of vampires. At once, the dragons were pulverized. I concluded they were thought-forms.




Who do you think you are?

We are prepared to face and attack each you who dare to invade our strongholds, points of support, which provide us the food we need.

If we have our group attacked, will you blame yourselves for the suffering of your little brothers (he said it in an ironic way), when we approach attracting them to our side?

Do you want to be saviors of the world?

As simple women, do you think able to free the Planet from us, just by making public who we are? (Laughs and laughs).

If you do not want to fight, we understand you that are simply Servants of Jesus and the Master who commands you. For this reason, you must obey.

We are free; we neither obey nor serve no one, but ourselves. There is no Master who tells us what to do. We simple decide and attack.

I am warning you today; tomorrow, we attack!

Be aware of it.

A vampire, 07/27/2013

Clairvoyance:  At the end of the message, I saw several scenes of accidents involving children and young people dying bleeding even before the arrival of the rescue. I also saw several suicide beings cutting their own wrists and stuffing knives into the heart and neck, followed by attacks of vampire attacks.

While communicating, the vampire was too nervous.  By the gestures and words transmitted, I thought the Forces of Light had stopped him, who said to be a leader.

During the communication, I saw that group closer the busiest highways, causing accidents, usually involving bloodshed and deaths. They incited speed dispute between cars, often driven by drunk drivers.



Explanation:  Through this message, Count Rochester tells us about one being that incorporated in our mediums as a vampire on September 9, 2012 giving his testimony to the Group of Studies Shama Hare – GESH.

Josef Carl von Hasten was a member of the French Society of the thirteenth century. Expert in arms, made fortune and acquired titles by its bravery and fidelity to those to whom served.

When adult, he constituted family, and dreamed of having heirs who prolonged his lineage as a serious, just, and hardworking man.

He treated everyone with cordiality and respect. He was involved only with businesses of clear nobility. Once he had a poor childhood and sacrificed youth, he never again had to undergo humiliating work to survive.

The birth of his first boy, among the joys he experienced, it was the most sublime. His wife, fragile and ill, died soon after the birth of the child.

The father devoted in care to his child, surrounding him with the best attention, supplying all the necessities the child needed.

Thus were the first seven years of the child's life.

Allan Von Hasten, the child, grew up in a kind of “Golden crib”, in a way that does not educate and still get bad accustomed the invigilating and weak spirits.

After this period of voluntary celibacy, in which Josef exercised the role of dedicated father, the female absence at home began to touch him immensely. Now, the more experienced Baron returned to the social circles, where young women wished to marry him. Thus, the little Allan found his stepmother and new monitor.

The years passed fast, and in the palace, the child grew up surrounded by the previous same attention. Other children came, and the couple formed a large family, however, the father always devoted this true fatherhood for Allan.

The hard work in the childhood and poor youth had consumed much of Josef's health and so he wanted to save his son from the sacrifice of working.

Thanks to his fortune, he gave his son the benefits he had dreamed of and had not been able to perform. He knew that little time still had to live and, as a zealous father, he took the precautions so that nothing would lack for his children and wife.

This done, a few years later, Josef died, leaving in the material goods and fortune to his children, especially his firstborn.

Allan was only 16 or 17 years old, when his father died. He suffered, cried, however life is implacable. Even during and after his father's funerals, the young man gave up his painful memories, seeking other places where he could study; meet new people and pleasures that every young man looks for.

Thus, disengaged from his family, not worrying with the destinies of those he had promised in the spirit world to be a guide, Allan Von Hasten followed his path of traps, which made him exiled as an insatiable vampire.

Rochester, 09/20/2013



This message results from a dialogue between Mrs. Margarida and a former vampire, John Francis, through a medium.

Margarida: You can talk, my brother. We want to record your story, and then made it public. If you came to tell us what happened, it is because Jesus allowed you it.

John Francis: But I do not know if I can.

M: Make an effort.

JF: They brought me back to Earth. As I approached, the past memories came to my mind. Many feelings of missing, fear, anger, all together. When I arrived in this place so clear, I was afraid and I wanted to run away returning to where I came from.

M: Look, my son, if they brought you here to your old Planet, it is because you must tell us your story, the reason of the exile and return. It is important the earthly inhabitants to know it. It is sure that many people do not believe in this work, but it does not matter; if two or three people believe, starting here with us, it will have been worth the sacrifice you made.

JF: They told me no one would force me to speak. However, they made clear that I was wrong and this opportunity would minimize some of mine mistakes and sufferings. I thought it would be easier to live here than where I was. It would be good to go back. However, when I got here I ran out of courage. I do not know if I can.

M: Brother, let me tell you that have no saint here. Everyone who is living on Earth at this time has "debts to pay." Everyone did many wrong things, some more, some less. Some go to inferior planets than this; others, to planets more developed than this. Many others go to planets similar this one. Then, do not worry! There is no "Saint" here. We are all sinners; we all made many mistakes over the years in this planet and others, as well.

Open your heart and say everything you need. We believe, because we are also declined beings. We have made too many mistakes in our planet and it is the reason we are still suffering here.

Then, in the name of Jesus, for your own spiritual renewal and improvement tell us. You are among brothers. You can talk, dear brother.

JF: If it helps me, I will tell you, my story.

M: Yes, we are sure of it.

JF: I ask you to help me.

I was a "playboy" only interested on pleasures of life. I had no responsibilities, no commitments. Son of a wealthy family, I saw life as only of pleasures and privileges. I used the people as I needed them and then despised them. Thus, I lost so much of my youth, until I knew a young woman so beautiful for whom I felt something as never before.  Thence, I began to fall into the trap, which led me into exile. I would do everything to win her. Do you understand me?

I wished her to love me, but we were so different and she did not want me. Once, I used to have everything I wanted, I sought a witch, who taught me some tricks and gave me some potions. Gradually, I was approaching of the beautiful woman.

It was difficult, because of her father who was a true guardian, attentive to everything. He became a trouble to me, and eliminated him. It had been my first bloodshed offered to the witch that, in return, asked me for a payment, in the form of viscera or blood.

I thought it was good because I did not spend money. To my thinking, many people should die, like women and beggars who lived on the streets; nobody would miss them. This way, I began my life of crimes to get what I wanted, hidden in the shadows of the night.

When finally, I had the young woman I wished, I was already an addicted men without return.

I remember the nights I left my beloved woman at home, going outside to satiate my thirst with women whom I murdered and I felt satisfaction in doing it.

Gradually the wrong life became useless, like going out to drink in the nights with friends; all these things became smaller pleasures to me.

Challenges, risks, and that life, which I knew through the witch, seduced me, until I was already depending on those practices to satisfy myself and survive. They call me Vampire (the spirit hears voices screaming, calling him a vampire).

M: It is the name given to those people addicted to drink human blood, eating raw human flesh and rejoicing with the violence practiced.

JF: I did not say,  but I devoured those women that I killed and to see their bodies in front of me, made me stronger.

M: I already read about it.

JF: I devoured just some parts of the body. The action was complete if I did this way.

M: We judge neither you nor anyone else.

Probably, we all living now here on Earth, with rare exceptions, have already made many wrong things, many crimes, and so on.

JF: I do not know the reason, but remembering it made me feel better.

M: You feel better.

JF: I can already see how I was crazy, as I was not me and, at the same time, I was. In my mind, a whirlwind with that terrible being devouring humans, like a wolf, a vampire. I see my beloved woman looking at me terrified, when she discovered my addiction and those voices that shouted: Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!

I need to stop now. Where is that sorcerer now?

M: Do not worry about it! Think in you starting new work, forget this unhappy past and calm down your suffering mind.

JF: I blame her. She exploited me. She knew what would come of that payment she was asking for. She knew of everything.

M: She could not correct herself who was already addicted, my brother. Of course, everyone will restore themselves, after thousands of years in suffering and practice of the good. She is also worthy of pity.

Forgive, my brother! Forgive!

If you had not looked for her, you would not be in this situation.

JF: Sometimes I think I was too irresponsible. If I had worked, as my father wanted, things would be different.

If I had a serious life as he wanted, I would not be this way! These past memories come to me.

M: All the wrong things we do, every moment, come back to our minds.

The witch is a poor fellow, much more than you; she did that job to make money, besides being an addict. She lived on exploiting others and probably suffered much more. She may suffer for many centuries, until get rid of a bad habit of eating human flesh and drinking blood.

Forgive, my brother! It is pardoning that we are pardoned.

JF: Your words calm me down. How to correct so many errors?

M: Stay with us here.  Jesus brought you to this House of Charity, love and forgiveness so that you start new life. It does not mean you will become a saint and everything will disappear from your mind at once. Gradually, you learn how to take the right way and correct the mistakes you have done, like a child at school, where learns how to read and write, gradually going through all the years of study until the university.  Thus, it happens with the soul that makes mistakes and feels badly in a situation like yours.

JF: Is it possible to correct a lifetime of mistakes?

M: For God, nothing is impossible, and you are a child of God as we are.

JF: Who will love an awful being like me?

M: You will not be ugly forever. You are going to change, my son.

JF: My hands, when I look at my hands, they spill the blood I shed.

M: Ask God to forgive you that you hurt, and forgive that woman in the name of Jesus.

JF: At times, I am thirsty. I see the water, I it in my hands and I drink it. When again I see the water, I see the blood of my victims.

M: It is an illusion! You see blood, but it is water.

JF: I cannot look at it again and I remain thirsty.

M: Close the eyes and drink the water. Drink it praying, asking Jesus so that the water remains water.

JF: You talk about Jesus who will never forgive me for everything I did; I dishonored his name and denied him.

M: My son, Jesus preached forgiveness and love, no matter how much we suffered when he was on Earth.  We must forgive, because, in the past, we have also hurt others.

My son, when you forgive that woman, gradually you forget the wrong things you did, and then life will different. Water becomes water again; coffee or milk will also be the same, without taste of blood.

What is your name? Do you remember?

JF: They call me Vampire.

M:  Vampire is a nickname.  I want to know the name gave you by your  parents.

JF: I do not remember.

M: A name came to my mind: John Francis we will call you.

JF: So you can call me this way. I do not mind.

M: John Francis is a beautiful name, which remembers of Francis of Assisi and John the Baptist.

Let us say a prayer for you. You stay with us to treat you. Do not be afraid of anything or anyone. Nothing will hurt you here; no one neither mocks you nor cheats you by giving you blood instead of water, coffee, milk or tea.

JF: This conversation made me feel well.  I will believe in what they said and contribute by telling my story. I ask you to have patience with me, because it is very difficult.

M: We have patience. I ask you to obey those who brought you here; they are your friends, guides, and your dear ones. They love you very much and brought you to this House of Charity, where surely the could welcome you warmly, without judgment, without charges, and without prejudice.

Once Jesus said, while he was preaching, “He that is without sin let him is the first to cast a stone." This happened when they wanted to offend the adulterous woman in accordance with the Law in that country.

Who has no sin? Who has never been wrong in this world?

We all act in a wrong way; otherwise, we would not be here, in this World of Atonement and Trials.

Let us pray in the name of Jesus and thank Him for His fraternal Presence.

You stay with us in GESJ for some time. You will be again a "child" as John Francis, a human being like us. Gradually the "animal shape" disappears.

John Francis (A former vampire), 09/20/2013



A world of pain I knew when I was a vampire, an awful creature, addicted in human blood. I was unable to get rid of that "dead alive" situation that survived from human misery for centuries and centuries.

I did not know any strength that could remove me from such a deep imperfection of soul. I looked at myself and, horrified, I did not identify myself as human, but as an awful animal.

Whom should I ask help, if I always had denied the sacred things, despising them with disbelief? I thought I would be crazy even more, at the possibility of being a vampire, not wanting to be it, and not glimpsing a way back.

For the first time I cried, in hundreds of centuries. Martyrized, I wandered among men, disturbed with my state of imperfection. I do not know how long I remained oblivious to the human contact, escaping from creatures like me, until I stopped in a simple, humble house, where a light sapphire shone.

A child seemed to see me without being frightened; his/her eyes penetrated my disgusting, deformed soul. I knelt down and murmured between astonishment and tears, "I am free!"

I fainted. I woke up in a wide place, without walls, ceiling and without floor. I can explain neither what happened nor where I was. I heard the words "Only in another planet, far from the Earth, you attain balance and peace."

They sent me to a sterile planet. Only far from the source of addition, I would retake the human form as the Creator of all things created me.

I am far from balance and peace; but the addiction no longer torments me.

How much I suffered!

Eternity awaits me to repay the neighbor what I took from it.

They told me that my stage in the sterile planet is finishing. Then, they will transfer me to another planet, where again I can live among human beings.

I am afraid of failing again. After all, I was a complete vampire and the deep marks in my soul only disappear when I forgive to be forgiven, as they told me.

Do not judge me. Have mercy with me!

Flavio (a former vampire), 09/20/2013



After discovering myself as vampire and wandering terrified, aware of the awful creature I became, by mercy of God, they sent me to inhabit a sterile planet, where thankful to the one who offered to help me drain all the deformities of my soul.

Beings desperately tried to survive in that planet without human, animal or vegetable life, only inhabited by vampires.

In my mind, very sensitive to the echoes of the past, I heard terrified, my victims crying; clear scenes of the practice of evil and the dizzying fall of my soul from the human form until became a vampire.

Therein, I struggled, dried, I was crazy.

There is no water to satiate thirst; there is no life to satiate addicts, there is any vegetation to minimize the caustic heat of the environment. There was only the dried, dark, fetid soil.

I drained from my soul something sticky and black, which emptied me from deformities and insatiable addict.

Intense and immeasurable transformation I have already reached.

I do not want to think about the future, just live the present, taking every opportunity to evolve and change my life.

They already said that I am about to leave from the sterile planet to another with inhabitants.

I wish to rehabilitate myself before the Creator, whom I still dare not address, for I feel ashamed. I knew, the Creator of all things sustains me and drives me to change.

Give me strength, Lord, for I do not fail again.

Help me to be human again.

Flavio (ex-vampire), 09/21/2013



God is love! God is forgiveness!

His Love comforts my heart!

Sisters, to tell part of my life, Sister Joanna de Angelis helped so much. Without that psychological support, surely, I would succumb in pain, remorse, and despair.

My story as vampire begins long before this incarnation on Planet Earth. I come from successive incarnations as a vampire, and in each world I have lived, addiction dominated my soul and I succumbed to the insatiable search for blood, no matter how.

At certain point in my life, totally animalized and dominated by addiction, I remember being caged and place in spaceship. I did not know those beings who imprisoned me, but I resisted, fighting desperately. They had a strength I had never seen and I did not understand the reason I could not face them. Finally, they sent me to an arid place extremely hot, without plants, water and animals.

Afraid, I took shelter in a cave; and other bestial creatures, like me did the same. We were all crazy and fought among ourselves to drink the blood and eat the flesh of one another, because the thirst and hunger devoured us.

I had no idea of time. I stayed in that place (sterile planet) for a long time, until some Being of Light and rare beauty helped me. He took me by the hands and pulled me out of that place. When I saw what I had become, I did not believe.

From that time, I was born and reborn on other planets until I lost the animal form acquired. After a long time, I had permission to be born in Russia.

I was born beautiful, in a wealthy and noble family. Nothing I did was questioned or censored. I did not eliminate all the wickedness I brought with me, and, unfortunately, the instinct again incited me to the practice of Black Magic. As I said before, I was under the tutelage of a powerful sorcerer who had been my mentor in other worlds.

My conversion from a normal, healthy man into vampire, the recurrence-was slow but systematic.

Every day, I took a potion with herbs, ate raw meat, and gradually I began to drink blood. Initially, it was bad, however, obstinately, I continued, sure that was for my transformation.

The Black Magician explained to me that, along of the time, my cells, my metabolism, and finally my senses would change such as vision, hearing, and palate. The body temperature would drop drastically finishing the change.

My first victims were the animals, then children, and finally young women.

One day, the families of the victims discovered me. Members of the family, servants, and my own family together arrested me. They asked the priest to exorcise me, and after that, with no result, they gave up on me.

One night, they took me out of jail. It was full moon. They dragged me along the sacred ground of the cemetery. Completely tied, with only open arms on the ground, they prayed religious songs. Then they took off my clothes and poured holy water on me.

I screamed crazily, I laughed and promised vengeance and mocked of people; until they stuck a silver dagger on my chest buried me (¹).

Sisters, it is distressing to remember and see my mistakes.

I stop here.

By the Grace of God, in another time, I come to tell you my story.

Be you in Peace with Christ!

(¹) Note from the Medium: At that moment, I noticed the brother was crying a lot, when he realized his anguish. Tiredness overwhelmed him, to the point of having difficulty in speaking. Then he closed the message.

Lord Vladimir, 0 9/21/2013



Clairvoyance: During the concentration, I see someone like an eighteen years old woman. She dressed on old, white, long sweater. She had long, black and straight hair. What most called my attention was her too white skin, in contrast to the very black hair. From his mouth, blood dripped. Her nightshirt was soaked with blood.

She stops at the door and enters the room Shelter Servants of Jesus, where we were working. She starts moving among us, and stops staring us. I could read her thoughts saying, "They are sleeping."

He looks at Mrs. Margarida and says, "Do I know this woman?"

She remembers of a past fact and, without knowing the reason, she looks angrily at Mrs. Margarida and recognizes her.

A few minutes later, I see Hercílio Maes (¹) accompanied by two tall, strong workers.

Hercílio Maes helped her to speak and I wrote down:

I am Elizabeth. I am from England.

I remember being trapped in a hut in the woods. I do not know how, but I know you arrested me there. They hung me up and dissected me.

They put me still alive into the Black Magic ritual. They took my blood and removed my internal organs (at that moment, she tried to attack Mrs. Margarida, but was stopped by the ASJ workers).

I know her. Now, this woman is different, but I know her. She had stolen my blood and killed me. She gave my soul to the vampires who served her.

They imprisoned my spirit in the hut, and hatred invaded me. Just thinking about revenge, I was about to be crazy with that idea.

I wanted to recover the blood stolen, because I wanted to live. In this madness, I went to seek other people to feed me on blood, which desperately I drank it.

I wandered for centuries, searching for them, until a man whom I tried to attack; he stopped me and said he could help me. His name is Shama Hare. I do not know who he is, but the strength of his eyes made sure I could believe in him. Disguised, I did not tell of my purpose of making her a vampire like me.

I think I slept and here I am. I do not know how explain it.

I am hungry and I need blood. I cannot look at me in the mirror, but at night, everything is worse, when I become an awful beast, I frighten people and attack them.

I still think on revenge, but I do not know how to do it. That man, Shama Hare, I did not see him anymore and he did not tell me who that woman was.

I am tired, sleepy and hungry.

Elizabeth, 09/21/2013

The medium´s clairvoyance after the message:

I see the workers of ASJ putting the girl on a stretcher.

Hercílio Maes looks at me and explains: now, she cannot communicate. She will undergo a treatment and, when get better can tell her story.

I observed her on the stretcher. Suddenly, she attacks trying to bite the neck one worker. They contain her and she sleeps again.



Clairvoyance 1: I saw a weak, strange-looking man.  He was white as paraffin and walked helped by two nurses.

As he penetrated the earth's psychosphere, he trembled with pain, and in his mind appeared memories of past crimes.

When he approached our group, coming from the Spiritual City, he also suffered painful vibratory shocks and saw through his mental screen the terrified face of his victims. In another scene, his mental screen showed much blood flowing from his mouth and hands. It was a shocking scene, in contrast to his human form.

Clairvoyance 2: I left the body and saw myself for some time floating in the space. I was in an open place, with barren and stony ground. The atmosphere was dense, with caustic “Sun". I understood we were not on Earth.

I saw a Vampire trapped to the ground. He was Allan Von Hasten, the being with whom Mrs. Margarida had talked the day before.

His feet seemed rooted on the ground by a thread of energy leaving from the top of his head crossing through the body and attached to the ground by his feet.

That being could neither walk nor leave the place; paralyzed by force coming from the interior of the Planet. He had open arms, from which hung something like wings of a bat.

Over his head hung a big dark cloud similar to the canopy of tree, maybe made of fluids from the blood of countless victims. While accessing these fluid emanations, I saw faces of the vampire´s victims. They remain attached to him, even after dead, trapped in their auric field, forming a morbid connection.

Clairvoyance 3: The negative emanations of that Being suffer the action by the strong Light in that place. His body is disintegrating, leaving a black gel reaching the feet, and then the stony soil. While he is stepping, the color becomes black.

I do not know how long it was, but they drained the negativity of the vampire to that planet and I saw the moment he got his feet off the ground; and calmly, he was immediately lying on a stretcher and taken to a treatment chamber.

At certain point of the treatment, I saw visiting him, a beautiful female entity, his former mother, the first wife of Baron Josef.

Clairvoyance 4: I saw an awful scene with the vampire incorporated to me, as if I were experiencing his life. I was lying looking up, watching men that hold me. I felt the sharp pain of something penetrating my heart. My spirit floated above the scene and, in the meantime, my spirit abandoned the vampire, which spirit shaped as bat was placed in a cage. I understood I experienced his disembodiment in another life.

At certain point of that incarnation, a group of men discovered, arrested, and killed him, according to the vampire death rituals.

When the stake pierced his chest, his spirit violently left the body took the form of a bat trapped in a huge golden cage, and taken to a sterile planet.

Clairvoyance 5: We went to a region of the inferior astral world where inhabit spirits of vampires. The floor was black and viscous that seemed dried blood and pasty in some places.

There are spirits, which feet and legs are attached to that hardened mud.

There are also black and hairy caterpillars walking on each other, which on the ground, they seem to be in movement.

I can hear lots of terrifying screams in the region. We walk involved in flames of fire burning miasmas where we walk. It is our protection. Who looks from the outside, we seem a ball of fire. Some conscious spirits acknowledge us and beg for help, reaching out our hands.

Shama Hare informs us that we are therein to help those already authorized to leave. They are offenders in the area of ​​vampirism, but with crimes less heavy than the exiled beings.




Sisters, save the Light!

Through these messages of my life as a vampire, I hope have contributed so that this humanity  understand on this terrible addiction, and alerting them  about the fantasy and folklore derived from imagination, as some people think. In fact, they derive from events occurred in civilizations and times so distant, that its events appear as tales and stories.

Like in the previous message, they buried me after several attempts of exorcisms and conjurations and, finally, dead by the dagger nailed on my chest, but without reaching the heart.

I vowed revenge and called my followers, dark beings, to help me.

I had already studied about “dead alive”, when I was in the tomb of my family, but "alive”, as I wished.

I stayed there for seven full moons, regaining my strength and feeding my hatred. At the end of the tomb seclusion, I noticed the presence of a being that, even hateful, he helped in my attempt.

I followed his recommendations and, by the strength of the full moon, I left the grave and wandered throughout the village and the castle of the family.

I observed habits and sought intensely those who took part of mine misery. When I met them, nothing they could to do stop me; then I began to feed on them; first, the subordinates and relatives of the victims, who watched and arrested me; second, my relatives who did not support me; and finally, the priest who, with his crucifix and holy water, burned and marked my face.

I felt hatred and pleasure in killing; I drank the blood of those who recklessly crossed my path. Finally, everything was done. At times, I let myself be seen by others beings, because I wanted they knew the author and reason of the revenge. However, I did not count on the faith of the Father, who gathered the village and prepared the trap that captured me.

One night, when I was going to satiate my addiction, they arrested and threw me into the fire, which agony was intense. They prayed and begged God for me.

I suffered atonement in the hell, and then, I do not know how, I ended up in a valley of vampires, on a sterile planet, for centuries, until my rescue. After so many centuries, here I am telling my story for helping this humanity.

My memories ended, but the Father sustains me.

Peace forever!  May the Light illuminate your hearts!

Lord Vladimir, 09/27/2013


So that no one says, I never sung of flowers.

Follow the messages and comfort your hearts.



In the sanctuary of your heart let the light of love be born.

In the intimacy of your being, let expand faith.

Let peace and fraternity increase in the altar of your conscience.

Let flood your body with love taught by Jesus: Love- compassion! Love-benevolence! Love-forgiveness!

Let act as instruments of God, spreading among men, hope in the regeneration of souls that will attain renewal by practicing the Gospel.

Jesus is Source of Love spreading His Light to all humanity.

Emmanuel, 07/12/2018



Argued by Peter about the indifference from people to His Lessons, Jesus, very gentle and firm answered him:

"Follow Me!"

Here is the Lesson that determines to each creature the responsibility for own choices, in the way to follow.

To follow the Master is a non-transferable choice, which does not depend on others.

To the indifferent ones: compassion!

To the ignorant ones: explanations!

To the suffering ones: Love!

"Follow Me"! It is the choice of this apocalyptic time!

Only Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Let us follow Him, so that we enter the Kingdom of Peace.

May Jesus bless you in this painful awakening of humanity!

Blessed is  Jesus!

Humberto de Campos, 07/12/2018.



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