Divulgation 79


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01. THE BEASTS ARE FREE - By Rochester

02. THE BEAST´S PLAN – By Mahatma Gandhi







09. THE DAILY WORK- By Clerio


11. I DRANK HUMAN BLOOD – By Father Albert




15. REVOLT, FEAR AND SHAME DOMINATE ME – By Jacques (vampire)

16. I WILL BE EXILED – By Henriete (Vampire)


18. SUFFERING IMPELS PROGRESS! – By Extraterrestrial Zinon



Dear brothers,

May the Planetary Christ´s Peace inhabit in our hearts and in the entire beautiful blue Planet Earth!

Soon springtime comes renewing hope of better days. God Father granted us infinite chances to remove the dirt from our wedding garments so that we could take part of the dinner. We have already missed various opportunities in participating of it, for fear, ignorance, vanity and pride.

Why we are so reluctant in abandoning our own comfort and look for a new one?

Why do we yet remain in the intermediate stages of evolution?

Why do we yet enjoy pain and suffering?

Though this set of divulgations, some brothers show the dark human side. Spiritually speaking, the human beings went downwards the most they could, to the point that no longer loved and respected themselves. They suffer because of their own feelings.

However, the recipe for evolution has been compiled and transmitted by the Master of the Masters in this Planet Earth since its creation. He synthesizes wonderfully the Christian ethics: “Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself", and Do unto the neighbor that which ye would have them do unto you."

Today, we bring to the world, these brother´s suffering telling you that God Father never abandons his children.

After long winter, springtime comes to renew hope in each heart.

Let´s have hope and struggle for better days!

Be you on Christ's Peace!







Blessed is the Light of Lord Jesus guiding us at this time of pain and atonement!

By means of several messages, we carefully filter the theme vampirism to become it as simple as possible.

We do it so that the reader, while getting in contact with the subject, he solves his doubts and have the enlightenment necessary, which the earthly science cannot do. Moreover, the spiritual ignorance increases at this "end of time" hindering the minds of incarnated beings that often do not find answers for spiritual questions in the literary script, since the theme - vampirism – is out of the conventional Spiritist Doctrine.

Vampires act by various and far-reaching ways; but do not doubt, they all are harmful and destructive of peace, health, and human moral.

We could tell you much more on sexual vampirism, alcoholism, narcotics, and so many others moral declination already mentioned by the Spiritist Books and so on. However, the field mentioned through the testimonial messages, they comprise the blood consumption from which the vampire extracts the sap that illusorily maintains its strength and feeds his addicted soul.

We mention the blood theme referred to these brothers due to their uncontrolled search that has been provoking most of deaths ever seen on Earth. Vampires are provocative beings, since ordinary deaths - whether through revenge or passionate reasons until collective deaths by drugs, accidents, wars and others. There are so many reasons, in one way or another, that obscure the various forms of vampirism, although these are no less painful or not involving  the spiritual workers acting in the rescue and in alerting the embodied human beings.

We cannot run the risk in calling ourselves as irresponsible or negligent beings, to omit certain bloody events in these sick brothers’ lives. We show them to make clear the "Beasts are free" an easily acting in the earthly field, able to distort behaviors, encouraging bad habits, or creating situations so that a least difference of opinion became a battle between the best or the strongest being; almost always with abundant bloodshed.

Brothers, the Light is no longer under the bushel; it is visible to everyone. Even those who do not have eyes to see, they realize that anymore can hide their masks or actions. For this reason, it is no longer acceptable to plead ignorance on facts. Apart from any inconvenience, better is to face the "enemy" visible, and know how he acts. Thence, united and strong, you keep yourselves on alert and protected.

We guide and help you. It is enough you ask for us, so that your thought crosses through the frontier of the matter and reason. 

Be you on Peace!

Rochester, 02/28/2014



Clairvoyance: I can see a paved road where many cars, mostly trucks, circulate.

On the roadside, many bats appear landing and becoming vampires.

They choose a victim, often a sleepy truck driver. They provoke collision between the truck and other vehicle.

 At once, the excited vampires screaming and in insubordination, they attack the wounded beings still alive.

I think the drivers of each car before dying had seen the vampires devouring them the astral bodies.

How awful scene!

On the physical plane, the car accident destroys the drivers' bodies.

The messages from two to six show scenes of violence, hunger and fear in the concentration camps at that time of the World War II.





Clairvoyance: With my astral body, I visited a place, which I could not identify where it was and I have seen a creature lowered, close to a body lying on the ground.

For a moment, that lowered creature turned his back-as if sensing our presence, but I think it was not true. I could clearly see his face with big inert eyes; big teeth aggressively projected out of the bloody mouth, as if he were eating raw meat.

The hands helped by sharp claws held something like an organ, maybe from that human body laid on the floor in front of him, devoured it. It was a dreadful and painful scene, which put that creature in a condition between human being and animal.

I did not understand at once, why they showed me that awful scene. Soon the message came.

The whole bloodshed in the Nazi Concentration Camps was intentional, as part of the Beast´s sinister plan seeking to put together the largest possible number of creatures for exchange among Forces of Evil.

They said, "The holocaust will be the dinner with which the dark groups may recognize and celebrate my power on earth. Through it, we may gather the servants of darkness; to discuss strategies of domination, and distribute among the Black Commands, those beings able to serve us blindly. The dark troops anymore will be the same after the fantastic meal I will provide them. "

This passage shows to humankind, how the beings of darkness plan their own actions. They are organized, disciplined and intelligent beings. Besides the instinct governing them, there is also an evolved, cruel and perverse mind, which intelligence dishonors them as God´s children serving practices of domination, destructing and distorting the paths of progress, provoking tears, pain and gnashing of teeth.

The meal was great. Draconian, Reptilians, Vampires, and other less expressive categories of ignorant, wild, and rude creatures had gathered over the years enjoying and inciting men to, again, enjoy the deleterious fluids, miasmas, and other bad energies exhaled by victims in that occasion.

The great karma of the Planet Earth was drained through the episodes experienced, but generating a new collective karma, which, in turn, must one day, be equally drained.

It is not by chance that millions of human beings were imprisoned, robbed, raped, tortured, burned and had their families and notions of common human life destroyed by savagery of the heinous plan.

The High Spirituality did everything possible to avoid the human hecatomb, sure that with the "Nazi holocaust", the human dignity would gradually die.

Defeated by the Free Will Law, the "Spirits of Light" struggled to minimize here and there, ills, traumas, open wounds, despair and, the physical and moral pain of the involved beings.

They often tried useless, to stop their bad intentions, separating them from their invisible companions, because even more serious would be the crimes.

After the burning of karma cycle, not only granted the Beast´s empowerment, as well the organization of groups and dark armies that remain all over the world.

They sought to dominate the territories divided into bloody negotiations in that time. Do not act by chance those that today, attack the Armies of Christ and the defenseless human beings. They act under promises of conquest, domination, slaughter and usurpation by the "Prince of Darkness."

Right now, vampires sneakily invade the young people´s minds, seeking to dominate them, while maintaining the natural enthusiasm among them. To these young beings, the vampires promise eternal youth, pleasures, strength and empowerment with demonstration and words, however, from the High, the determination was that human beings should be enlightened and had opportunity of choice. For this, they should know both sides before making this and that choice.

It is the Law to fulfill.

There will be no interception in our work, which was born from God´s Love, and only becomes vampire he, who wished.

May Peace and kindness be among men!

Mahatma Gandhi, 01/31/2014



Clairvoyance: While the brother was transmitting his message, I have seen a concentration camp, where thousands of dark beings walked like pilgrims towards the denominated Nazi-areas, as if some magnetic force attracted them.

Each territory occupied by the German Army sought a new process of joining the dark beings forming a nucleus of evil. First, they introduced the plan of domination for the Planet Earth, and then, the strategies of strengthening, occupation and formation of inferior cities, as support that should spread the evil over the incarnate humanity.

This was the scenario in the inferior astral plane in the Second World War.

At the end of this clairvoyance, I again saw the Beast devouring a fallen body, when I realized the first scene was part of this macabre episode in the humankind history.





Astral Trip 1: I was taken to some place where I have seen several wooden coffins lined up. My Instructor made a gesture with his hands and opened the coffins. In each coffin covered with satin in crimson color had one vampire slept. I got scared!


Astral Trip 2: with astral body, I visited in the physical plane, a Nazi concentration camp, out of use. The local astral plane preserved the images of scenes happened in the past, recorded in the extra physical ether. I could see some scenes activated.

Firstly, I saw a tower from which fell ashes of its chimney. It was dark and heavy soot threw upwards and then downwards covering the floor. I walked feeling the feet sinking on the ground, which smell was very unpleasant, and the whole environment was dense and sad.

We walked a little more, when I saw something like blast furnace. At once, the scenario was full with images of people; soldiers pushing women and children toward the building hall, where a crematorium was. Terrified, many of them shouted, others tried to flee, with success. There was so much despair among victims and many violent soldiers.

It seemed I was seeing in real time, the holocaust. I was very sad with compassion with those people. It is unbelievable what human beings can do.

In the astral plane, the reality was even worse; one scene revealed the newly disembodied spirits clustered, clinging to each other, as were glued together through the skin. There was many spirits in agony and "glued." They could not detach themselves from each other, struggling amidst of pain and panic. It was sad and shocking scene!

We entered in the building hall, where, in the past time, women and children died. After going down a long ladder, we crossed the tunnels in a large and clean cave. The underground of the building had real living rooms (wide roles) of stone. In one of them, I saw "coffins" lined up, making me remember of the previous clairvoyance.

Soon, I saw coffins opened; each one had a slept vampire.

The vampires woke up and sat down in front of the “bed”.

We crossed through the hall as far as the other side, where we saw arriving soldiers pushing women and children very frightened.

The soldiers gathered the prisoners in the center of the cave and then left the place. The vampires surrounded them. These seemed hungry and angry and threw themselves mercilessly over the defenseless preys, screaming in despair, died by ferocious creatures.

I only could believe in what I have seen, because of the faith in the work of the House and the spiritual assistance received.

It is time to reveal to the world, the invisible realities, which the more fantastic they seem, they represent the human spiritual misery on this planet.


Astral Trip 3: Out of the body, I visited the Servants of Jesus Hospital, where I received a mask to cover my nostrils. We walked as far as a sort of lodging, where I saw naked bodies lying on stretchers and, from these bodies covered with purulent bubbles; fetid pus flowed on the ground. Then, I understood the reason of the mask, because the smell was awful.

There were no buckets collecting the dirt flowing from the entire bodies. Only when the floor was flooded, a cleaning crew would come to remove the dirt, which in that moment was already hardened, like candle wax.

On each stretcher had a lamp with strong yellow-orange light, which seemed to warm, intensifying the drainage of that putrid substance. The spirits were completely inert, maybe in deep sleep. Then, our instructor said we were in a treatment ward of the Servants of Jesus Hospital and continued as follows:

Medium: Are vampires, these patients that I see lying on the beds with bedsores?

Instructor: Yes, it is ward to treatment of beings devoted to the vampirism practice.

Medium: They seem burned.

Instructor: It is because they had the deaths as part of a ritual of burning their bodies. By superior authorization, after rescued in the spiritual plane, they undergo a deep sleep.

The light, which penetrates through the skin wounds caused by fire, it intensifies the burning of toxins attached to their bodies. By this way, the wave frequency of light brings toxins to the surface, which become into this purulent and fetid liquid drained by the bubbles.

Medium: It seems very painful.

Instructor: It is so painful that they could not support it in an awakening state. Thence they must sleep.

 Going ahead with the clairvoyance, I felt in that place, the bad smell flooding the entire atmosphere. A large number of stretchers surprised us. We went as far as a cooler and airy place, where the blue shone.

We could see more stretchers with bodies without sick appearance or open wounds. They were cleaner and healed. The blue lamps with wave frequency seemed fresh water washing the bodies. It is very difficult to explain some realities of the spiritual world, because there are no words able to explain what we see.

It seemed the water flowing from the lamp, in the form of Light, but with the same properties of the water.

This cleaning process contributed in the composition of new layer of cells in the damaged subtle body, thus contributing to restore the subtle skin.  Again, the instructor explained as follows:

Instructor: It is a difficult phase of reconstructing the morphology of the burned astral body.

Our patients remain under sleep therapy, but this state of induction is less deep than the previous one.

While restoring the body, we gradually restore the mind to a state of consciousness.

Continuing in the astral trip, we crossed through another chamber with a very pleasant atmosphere. We could see men and women already recovered were on the stretchers, dressed simply and at different times, each one awoke.

Some did not know where/ who they were. Some had a nurse with them; that in fact, were their dear ones, however, some ignored this loving link.

Some of them should sleep a little more. After had looked at the patients’ medical records, the doctor sent few ones to other ward bound to ordinary patients. It did mean they were healed, but only completed the first stage.






Clairvoyance: In the astral plane, I visited regions of the Nazi concentration camps, where groups of spirits surrounded the ruins. They were relatives of spirits still trapped in the ruins, which thoughts attached to the matter, after death. Below, I let you know of episodes, which I have heard and seen.

My brother is under power of theirs!

Rescue my brother, please; I beg you to rescue my brother!


Help! Help! They are with my children!

This woman screamed and ran desperately, from side to side, seeking help to her children.)

"They keep prisoners many members of my family such as uncles, grandparents, brothers, brothers-in-law, and others. I neither can help them, nor leave them here.

- They died burned. Now, I see them frozen in that terror. Look at their faces stamping pain! How is it possible? Who will rescue them? I also have friends among them.

Question: Are they, your relatives?

Confused, she answers:

My relatives are already safe; but who will look for those unhappy ones? I cannot get out of here, I want to do something, but I cannot. I am making traps make life difficult for many Nazis.


"I cannot leave now; I do not want to go! They killed my boyfriend. I hate them! I want to kill them!

(The spirit of this young Jewish woman alternated moments of lucidity and madness. She ran and screamed, hallucinating under crisis).

Read the message of Nostradamus about the described above.

Brothers, it is very sad the scenario around the hidden chambers. Outside the strings of isolation, friends and relatives mentally disturbed insist on remaining crying and distilling their hatred against the tormentors of their dear ones.

Inside, demented, enraged with fear and pain, the victims continue purging their karma. Among them wickedness reigns, and tenacious spirits in evil perpetuate the lower ideas in favor of the darkness.

Those scenes break our hearts, but above the pain spread, they must have faith in the Creator, whose compassion and mercy insist moving forces to overcome the original evil promoting the current agony.

We cannot judge about the time of suffering of our brothers. Divine Mercy does not fail.

It is up to us to act, when and how we can, as Servants of Jesus.

May Peace and joy remain with you serving others!

Nostradamus, 02/14/2014





The insulation strings were not enough to contain us.

They created us forced to a systematic intake of blood as only food. They kept us in inhuman prison, far from our families and homes, and stolen our freedom.

We incited in ourselves the hatred, revolt, and revenge.

The Nazis did not think their plan to manufacture an army of vampires would work so well, much less that this army would turn against its creators.

As soon as I was aware of the new condition in which they subjected us, men, women and children, I built a strategy in the silence of my hatred heart, and gradually, I looked for companions as revolted as me before the miseries of the war.

When we were already in a large number, we looked for abundant food that fed us; we followed the standard of experiences that tested our skills, strength and health so that, once finished the activities, we should advance in droves against our executioners.

The experiment worked well with the army composed by thirsty vampires. They just did not expect this army to turn against themselves, and their fences of protection were so small.

It was our first bloodshed. Then, we went to other Nazi groups where we rejoiced ourselves giving flow to the hatred burned in our spirits.

I was leading a real "vampire army." The war was over, empty battlefields, but I did not give up. I persecuted one by one the violent geniuses of evil and I sucked from them the sap of life in the name of everyone they had killed, until I went crazy.

Hate when "governs the mind," it sickens the spirit until succumbs it.

The war was over, but now I was in an endless war with myself.

Only love can combat hatred. It was by mother´s hands and her renewing love that I regained consciousness.

Today, I look back and tremble for fear, just remembering what I had done, because now, I know I have to return wiping every drop of bloodshed of those that I still hate.

No war is fair, unless we fight with ourselves to overcome the inferiority dominating us.

My future may be not easy, which plans are to detoxify my spirit from all sucked blood, find my victims and redeem myself from the bloodshed by myself, and to rebuild my body like the Divine Creation to retake the human condition. I shall between one and another action, study and work in search of knowledge and strength to allow me to fulfill the renovating script.

I was a Jew, killed by Nazi violence.

I became a vampire, induced by perverse scientists.

Today, I am a Christian, revived by the Divine Mercy.

Ananias, 02/22/2014





Thanks to God and Leaders of this wonderful place, today, I am able to communicate thankful for the friendly help by hands that rescued me from where I suffered, rescued mistakes and finally disincarnated.

I was a Jew by birth, of an austere family and strongly opposed to the supremacy movements of human race.

I was fifteen years old, when they took me to a concentration camp. I saw my father, mother and brothers sacrificed in the gas chambers, ovens, and forced labor, but they saved me and I feared to know the reason.

When I was seventeen years old, they took me to a laboratory where began the hell of my life. Then, I understood why they wanted a Jewess of purely German race. They said they would build an indestructible army for which, my blood would be key to the successful experience.

They injected me substances, carried out works that today, I understand them as black magic. They forced me to drink blood, and at last, they said the word "vampire." They said exactly like this, "We need an army of vampires, because cold winter, guns, hunger or diseases will not banish them of the Earth."

I have seen terrible things! When the experiments did not work well, they threw the prisoners in ovens, in gas chambers; or right there, they ripped out their hearts and heads, and then burning their bodies.

I suffered so much groaning and agonizing in hatred for a long time in the laboratory, until a group, which at first, I confused with the Nazis, told me the war was over and the aid arrived.

I am not a vampire, but many who came in, they go out as such creature.

Thanks God, I am now healthy and aware of my duty to aid these sick souls.

Thank you all!

Olga*, 02/22/2014

(*) (She was prisoner in a concentration camp in Germany).





Clairvoyance: During the first part of the meeting, there was a vampire staring us. He was neither in a position of attack nor defense. He just watched us with certain indifference. In another concentration, he spoke, and I saw him in a kind of cage.

Dark creatures we are!

The Creator of all things did not create us in this way. We rebelled against the moral impositions of evolution, desiring only to serve the instincts and passions that brutalize the soul, making it insensitive to the elevated feelings.

Look at my inhuman appearance like a great bat! This is because these animals of nocturnal habits hiding in humid and dark places suck blood.

Nevertheless, we do not have the innocent instinct of wild animals! We have an awakened consciousness and individualized soul. We were and are human beings as says the Law, evolution of all beings.

How I know so many things, being a vampire, sucking the human blood and energy of others? Because I studied deeply on Vampirism, and made experiences having I myself as guinea pig.

By means of magnetic means of hypnotism, I attracted vampires for the invisible plane. I sought them by countless psychic experiments, bringing them to my side.

However, I did not have a moral knowledge on strong faith in the Creator; on the contrary, more skeptical than a Christian, I have wandered more and more in experiments, isolating myself in wild places, forests and woods to attract the vampires.

With the soul naked of divine protection, I suddenly saw myself attacked by creatures that I evoked and induced me to commit crimes and feed myself on the victims´ warm blood.

I became Vampire!

I dwell in darkness.

We have neither pity nor compassion.

We forget our origin and our dear ones.

We forget God, living exclusively to satiate the insatiable vice, corrupting creatures, provoking wars, car accidents, murders, tortures, and crimes where there may be plenty of blood and terror.

Look at me! I am in a cage! It is from where they allowed me to tell my story.

A short time ago, I became prisoner, not without fights. I resisted the collapse of endless time in practicing vampirism.

We overcame the human misery, wars and bombs. We still survive, because we are indestructible, when satiated.

I suffer while reporting my collapse; I am not yet fully convinced that to surrender myself is necessary and better to me.

Nowadays, in a modern society, we walk freely among men who see us harmless, opening the doors to our triumphal entry to snatch their precious lives.

They subjugate our strength and power, believing those poor beings, as I once thought in my foolish ignorance, able to control us.

We have neither friends nor compassion.

This cage seems fragile; however, I do not have strength to get rid of it.

When an incarnate human being acts wrong, he opens his soul to beings like us, who take advantage to suck the energy of others.

How many murders for "banal reasons" do you hear daily? We are those that incite the stronger force over the uncontrolled desires and instincts of human beings.

We are part of the invisible beings not seen by the embodied beings, we wish this humanity´s moral decay and survive to the final holocaust.

I am tired. I do not want memories that come against my will.

I see scenes of trains derailing, the crew´s screams of horror, the crushed human mass, and we, in troops, attacking the still fresh cadavers, in the eagerness to suck them the vital energy.

We provoked accidents on the roads, just by amusement and on flat highways under the clear sky. We guided the careless minds of drivers for succumbing to the fateful violence.

This humanity attracted us strongly with bad desires of violent passions and vices.

We are not Creations of God, but human aberration!

Until when will we survive? Will we become human again?

I do not wish to surrender, but an irresistible force holds me prisoner. My destiny is uncertain.

I do not wish to die, because I love living intensely of corrupted passions. If you want to take me to Heaven, give it up! I want to live in the hell that I built.

When I ask who you are, the answer is always, “Servants of Jesus"!

I do not know who answered it, but my presence and appearance surely do not let you frightened.

It does not matter! Soon, I am free.

Do not you believe?

Is it the end of my Vampire saga?

Do you want to know my name? Call me just Vampire!

Vampire, 02/07/2014





The Negative beings, including vampires captured through the cleaning of the Astral Plane, at the end of the Planetary Transition will have the destination according with their vibrational standard.

Vampires with levels of vibration differentiated from others already looking for changes able to activate certain centers of superior force in all monads; they go to Colonies and Spiritual Cities. In these colonies or cities, the undergo treatment to reduce the morbid burden charge adhered on their decadent and rebellious soul. They go to planetary exile already less dense and able to retake human form, in future incarnations.

God´s Mercy helps the tormentors and fellows so that painfully remove the terrible wounds, in future reincarnations, far from the Planet Earth.

You must reveal the occult, so that humanity awakens from the illusory dream of the matter.

Love and Forgiveness, the only way to free the soul

 Blessed is Jesus!

Rochester, 02/07/2014






Blessed is the Christ guiding us!

Here I am to let you know how to capture the vampires sent to the Spiritual City Servants of Jesus. Some embodied beings could call us "vampire hunters"; however, we are a Rescue Team taking care of them, for millennia, wandering on the Earth.

Our work is uninterrupted and extremely careful, because we deal with intelligent, astute, revenge and tenacious beings in search of a prey. When we receive the superior request, we went to the right place where these beings live.

For centuries, they have acted into troops, when they feel the vibration of the Earth gradually changing, thus increasing the battle between Darkness and Light, while they chose the side of accumulated defeats.

By superior request, we usually visit places of accident, slaughter, wars or even to help only one victim. To our sadness, difficult is to separate a vampire from his victim newly disincarnated that ignoring the spiritual world and forms that inhabit it, they enter a vibratory range of fear, hysteria, and sometimes inertia, for absence of faith, which the incarnates think to have.

When we arrive, victim and vampire ignore our presence. The disincarnate spirit seldom feels us at once. Mentally, we numb the victim and another group begins with magnetic passes paralyzing the vampire. We put the victim on a stretcher so that the “spaceship” makes the rescue as far as the wards of Servants Jesus City  destined for them, under superior authorization.

At once, the victim undergoes a detox process so that the inoculated poison does not spread in the astral body. The work is daily with thousands of rescued victims and vampires.

Happily, we have permission to divulge this subject. Be you sure, if the embodied human beings believe and change the misconception of death and about these beings, they will help us very much in the rescue task.

Keep on Christ's Peace!

Clerius*, 02/07/2014

(*)Member of the Rescue team of vampires and victims





The planetary cleaning occurs in various places. Some careless readers may think the vampire combat has suddenly begun, based on the books and films irresponsibly divulged by humans. However, this struggle lasts for centuries, and long is the coexistence of these beings with humans.

Surely, Love moves us, because where they are today, we were in the past. We fight now, so that the embodied beings do not become future victims.

The fact of hunting and caging, fighting and overcoming them, does not mean lack of love or compassion with our neighbor, because we offer just the bitter remedy able to heal them.

Although their reports contain pride, vanity, and pride, they suffer so much in the deformation of their astral body, because of the fluid they absorb does not satiate them the hunger, and are always alone, even in bands.

Their greatest suffering is when the High allows that preterit memories invade them the minds, as a resource of light so that the changes begin. Once again, the bitter remedy heals.

We are firm, yes, without abandoning the task, because of love moving us.

Peace forever!

*Clerius, 02/8/2014

(*)Member of the rescue of vampires and victims





Thanks to God, they captured me!

I did not support anymore the way they treated me as a disgusting being. Indeed, I am a disgusting vampire who distorted faith and credulity of women that fed me on innocent blood.

My story began long before I was a vampire. I was a priest who wished to become bishop. I was ambitious and curious on human personality. In the monastery where I lived, they considered me a silent man. It was true, because I did not expose what interested me. I enjoyed studying the occult sciences, how they developed and acted in the physical plane. I often was the guinea pig of my experiments, but everything hidden, in that time of the Holy Inquisition, when they would burn me.

Once, I had in the hands, one book on dead living, brought by my obedient gardener for fearing me. That subject involved me, and in a short time, it became an obsession to me. I inquired if could I have eternal life without dying.

I started in pursuing such dream with experiments in the laboratory existent in the underground. I dreamed I could survive and become a Pope.

I discovered the blood as powerful lead me to eternal life. I skipped steps; I did not start with animals as taught by the book. I soon began with human blood. First, I began with children brought for indoctrination by credulous people. After that, I used women who came to the confessional. Finally, I used the sick ones whom I gave extreme unction.

A Friar, whom I hated at most, he watched me very closely. He said if one wanted to know where I was, it was enough to follow the trail of blood.

So it was. In the Convent of Carmelites, I should pray a mass for the novices, by request of abbesses Teresina. To see many necks in front of me, at my disposal made me crazy.

Food and water no longer satisfied me. I did not asleep, I was a living dead; but even so, I prayed the mass. At dawn, invisible voices encouraged me to suck the blood of those poor innocent women.

The next morning, exhausted and bloody, I remembered nothing. It was when the hated Friar Paul, with guardians, gave me to the Inquisitor Court. Once I was Father, the penalty was a simple hanging. I knew of better deaths for people like me.

I waited until the Easter Night, when I woke up!

It remained seven months hibernated. For my pleasure and revenge, my first victim was Friar Paul. I made his death slow and painful. I tasted every drop of his blood.

However, nothing was so easy. In the underworld of the church, I found many bishops, cardinals, nuns and abbesses living like vampires. Thence, we created a society, in mutual search for prey, for centuries.

I entered in temples and knew when mediums said they could exorcise me. They called me demon, but, mentally, they looked for partners of power and wealth. Everything was relatively easy, until the "witch hunt" began and here I am as an aberration ignoring where the human being is.

I did not become Papa. I am just a vampire often having memories of my mother, when I was an innocent child.

The victims´ tears pursue me. I regret the day when I gave communion with blood-soaked hands, killed innocent novices and made them vampires.

I am crazy!

I implore, ashamed, that Divine Mercy has compassion with me!

I want to be human again. Help me please!

Jesus, save me!

Father Albert (Vampire), 02/8/2014





Clairvoyance: I have seen a very white man who seemed without blood in his veins. I do not know why, his white skin seemed colder than a corpse. He had straight hair and did not look at me. There was a fence or something similar separating him and us (members of GESH).

Then he began speaking:

I know, I cannot reach anyone of you and I do not want to do it right now. This place annuls my will.

I am here for some time. I failed in fighting and defeated likewise others similar to me.

We were sent to an unknown place, where we thought that our enemies who defeated us, they would use us for sordid ends, as it often happened, when some sorcerer or other being of strong psychic power dragged us to cruel adventures in search of material pleasures and power.  However, it did not happen. Anyone disturbed us.

Some of us tried to escape, but they put us in big, clean cages. They put the unconscious beings on a sort of stretcher, and others, like myself,  apparently wounded but aware of the situation, received the first aid in a clear, clean place without aggression or offenses

I looked at everybody, suspiciously, for had never been treated with such respect, on the contrary, always with repulsion and fear.

Times later, my deformed appearance began to bother me. I was prisoner when one told me, "It's for your own good," and I should anymore hurt people. I had never thought that my actions had violated God´s Laws.

Since they rescued me, the environment seemed to influence my thoughts and my body. I feel myself horrible, cruel and distressing pains, without my favorite food, blood. However, something within me has happened, because I wish to free myself from such unhappy vampirism!

I begin to understand how long I was blind.

It is said "the evolution does not jump" and I cannot del my mistakes simply by repentance. I must face the consequences of mine actions. It frightens me, but I will not give up.

I am from Gallic origin. My family was rich and traditionally severe. I became a delinquent playboy who wanted only entertainment. I loved gambling and orgies. I abandoned the rigor of my family coexistence, only serving my instincts.

It was not difficult to practice black magic, for simple curiosity. Suddenly I found myself entangled in passionate crimes, in bloody orgies, where I began to drink the blood of people sacrificed in bacchanals. I hypnotized and sacrificed young virgin women and little children to satiate the beasts within and around me.

Satanism absorbed me the soul.

At this point, the being interrupted the narrative. Maybe the memories triggered changes in his astral body. His human appearance turned into wolf and then into bat.

He struggled and seemed to faint.

An Instructor of Light approached and calmly said, "John, calm down; you are ready to tell your story, but you can stop, if you want.”

The Instructor applied passes on him and his appearance changed until he was almost a man.

The being smiled and asked me to wait him continuing his story, as follows:

It hurts me to remind of the crimes I practiced.

I practiced murders of the worst way; satanic parties with sacrifices; dragging victims to cruel pitfalls to feed me on their blood.

Many crimes and sadness I practiced! How crazy I was!

I cannot support the memories burning me the soul. I must leave now. Who knows I return another day.

I still feel weak, even though Brother Lucius says I am ready. Maybe I do not believe it, so I hesitate.

I undergo treatments offered by Mercy of God, the same God that I denied. I am trying to learn and to evolve.

 I am not yet fully aware of the consequences of my actions to redeem myself. I must fight to stop being a vampire.

Excuse me, but I must leave. I am weak.

Thanks for listening me. Good Bye!

John (ex-vampire), 02/8/2014





Blessed is the Light, Sisters!

Allowed by the Masters, here I am to let you know about the ward in Servants of Jesus Spiritual City bound to vampires.

They keep this ward protected and prohibited to any visitor incarnated, disembodied or resident in the city. Although we are talking about this place now, it exists since was a colony, which we only expanded its space and service.

Despite of an expressive increase in rescue of vampires, the number of workers does not increase in the same proportion. Various factors contribute to it, especially fear. There is also lack of information, lack of spiritual preparation, ignorance on the theme and treatment bound to them.

Although, we are introducing preparatory courses, the number of workers is minimal. To embodied beings, authorization is not possible for obvious reasons, mainly because of danger and emanations leaving from these beings that could be absorbed by the perispirit of the embodied spirit. Even in the rescues, the participation of embodied beings is very restricted.

The extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers provide the drugs prepared in our laboratories. These drugs have active principle from their original planets, also taken from cells of own patients. It is complex the extraction and preparation of  the active principle.

Before arriving in the treatment ward, the patients take a bath of light and then sent to sleep therapy, in cabins with healing energies that accelerate the absorption of the drug for the drainage and first preparation in the "exile-spaceships".

We notice a variety of feeling in these brothers; mainly fear, guilt, moments of fury and, finally, acceptance.

The team of Joana de Angelis has been providing invaluable psychological support in the treatment; thence some are able to tell their stories, which give them a sense of balm and expectation of healing.

There is no contact among them to avoid agreements, memories and, even revenge or subjugation of the weakest by the strongest ones.

To embodied ones, we recommend prudence, because the contact with them is highly harmful, which unfortunately we already can see in the world now.

We continue working in the name of the Light and Peace.

Dr. Samuel, 02/14/2014

Doctor responsible for the Vampire Ward





The legacy of vampirism continues gaining strength and power at this "End of Times." To ignore this fact is like trying to cover the sun with a sieve.

The empty minds and hearts filled with wild passions of souls inhabiting this Planet Earth attract the vampire forces to the human conviviality.

The physical bodies attached to the vampire’s souls remain as if they were dead, whose spirits partially materialized practice the crimes reaching their goals.

The vampires in troops attack this humanity.

In some places, which practice of black magic left them magnetized with deleterious energy, they act as portal for vampires accessing the matter.

On certain places like highways, vampires almost materialized provoke car accidents and practice crimes against humans where careless drivers are. When discovered, they seek other places; because near to the portal, there is always, a Spirit of Light praying to God banishes them.

Vampires do not support the Beings of Light burning them with strong vibrations. The Power of Light brought by Evolved Beings also neutralizes the places negatively magnetized moving away the vampires.

Nevertheless, the saturation of negative energy in the terrestrial environment facilitates the access of vampires close to the incarnate humans.

A vampire's physical body buried continues pulsating as if it were alive, nourished by the soul partially materialized fed on blood, attacking the embodied beings, keeping the vital sap thus maintaining alive and intact the physical body.

Although the body remains alive, it cannot move inside the tomb; but it gives extraordinary strength to the spirit.

Q: Brother, does it mean the vampire still attached to the physical body has stronger power of action?

Rochester: Yes, because it acts more properly in both planes of action and still circulates through the "double astral ducts" the vital energy enabling the spirit to manifest and act in the physical and astral planes.

There is no mystery. There are logic and physical laws operating in the physical body and astral body.

Vampires avoid cemeteries when are hunting. They use the "Holy Field" for resting during the day, because at night they act feverishly.

Right now, there is an army of vampires working and provoking abundant human bloodshed to feed and keep alive their infernal cities.

It is a time of cleaning the Planet Earth with deep sanitation, because there will not remain any distorted spark of the Father´s House to inhabit the New Earth.

Go ahead brothers! Jesus is with us.

Let us struggle for cleaning the Planet Earth!

May Peace of Jesus be with you!

Rochester, 02/14/2014





Do not fear me! I will not bite you!

I am not going to attack you for your precious blood; on the contrary, I desperately would like be human again, anymore having my hands dirty with blood and this grotesque appearance that I cannot get rid of myself.

Peace comes to me only when the staff of this hospital takes me to sleep.

Memories come in a gradual way, shame; fear and revolt dominate me hindering me to be normal again.

I vaguely remember that I was born in France. I see it as if it were a movie. I was the youngest of a large family. However, when I see my brother, hatred invades me and truly, I become the horrendous being I am now.

We often compete our mother´s affection, our father´s pride, the girls’ achievements, and so on, until one night, when I was competing a beautiful girl, I killed my own brother, with great satisfaction and no guilty. However, in another night, he returned with his deformed body, huge teeth and blood dripping from his mouth and hands.

He said he came back for justice, and at once, he bit me on the neck and chest, where my heart pulsated. I lost my senses and woke up buried in the family cemetery thirsty and hatred impelled me to go out in search of my enemy, my own brother.

Just observing the people, I knew the best prey, learned with my friends of darkness. They took me to a city, which they dominated and there I learned how to hunt, seek and keep faithful the victim or bring her to our city.

Since I never had difficult to feed myself, I would remain vampire up to now, if I had not met my brother. Now he appeared as Samaritan to help me.

I did not want his help; I tried to attack him, ignoring his strength, and gradually comparing him to me, I lost my courage and arrogance. One night, he captured me and brought me to a hospital where I received help.

I suffer too much, however suffering is the remedy that heals me.

I am still addicted, but one day, I return healed, as worker of Light.

To all those who hate us, I say, it is not necessary; we already hate ourselves enough.

I understand why I suffer and I am thankful for it. I hope my brother remains on the road helping the sick ones like me.

May Jesus help me!

Jacques, Vampire, 02/21/2014





May God help me! Memories hurt my soul; as well, remorse provoked by my bad actions does not leave me free!

I try to forget the way my victims looked at me, the sweet taste of blood, the warm of their bodies, and finally, the feeling of fullness and power that invaded me when I silently approached a victim and knew it as source of my eternal youth and beauty.

Some people say, I can be normal again, by telling my story to help others.

I do not know how this terrible life of vampire like me would help others.

I start my story when I was a young girl admired by men and hated by women. Since then, I discovered how powerful beauty was and the fascination that my body exercised in men.

However, times later, I got a disease, when my hair, skin and body began aging rapidly. I looked for  a well-known “healer” in a village, sure that she would help me with her drugs.

The “healer” looked at some stones, threw blood on them and said, she could give me back the lost youth, and would make me eternally young and beautiful.

I agreed to help in everything she needed.

I laughed when she told me to bring her the newborn son of the village administrator. I did it. She did conjurations and incision in the child's neck. Afterwards, he told me to drink the blood. I did it.

We spent some time acting like this with many children dead. She said the children´s youth would be of mine. Then, the ritual was the same with the most beautiful sons of the villagers' families.

Over time, I modified myself. I noticed people avoided looking at me. I asked the witch the reason and she told me to be envious and hate of my beauty.

Once at night, the magistrate caught me in the act of biting his daughter. He judged a heretic daughter of the devil.

Prisoner, they put me in a cell, where, gradually I lost my own energies, and then I died. In fact, it meant freedom for the bestial creature I was. After that, I sought not only beautiful girls and children; any blood was welcome.

Who put an end to my vampire life was the sorcerer, when she saw me, and burned me with her black magic.

I do not know what happened later, I only remember of suffering and chains.

Centuries later, they rescued me, and today, I am almost a normal person; however, I know, I will be exiled.

Henriete (vampire), 02/22/2014





There are sparks of Light in the space earthwards!

Sublime beings, with hearts full of love and compassion, come to you, by request of the afflicted ones to help you in the trials approaching.

You, who have already reached the light of compassion and charity, understanding and work, renewed by the Light of Jesus, be ready for the clashes of planetary imbalances.

The stormy sea may invade the coast; the garbage may cover the channels flooding the cities; and people, like mice in traps, desperate, crazed, without faith and without light, will seek premature death, finding even larger chaos for their unbalanced spirits, immersed into darkness.

We send to you, Avatars, who through sacrifice, try to awaken you that denied following Jesus, Sublime Light, who in the holocaust became human to free you.

Wake up sons and daughters, children of the Creation!

God is our Father whose Love unites all His Creation.

Free you from the ties of transitory planets! Come to the Light and see beyond the horizon, where the brightness of love is eternal, beauty unimaginable build planets inhabited by Beings of Light.

Free your conscience for loving!

Come on, my children! The Father Creator invites you to evolve, because His Universal Laws of Progress and Love anymore stop your course.

Come on my children, because the Planet no longer bears to suffer, and in short time, it will be free.

See the opportunities coming to you, granted by the Creator.

I leave you on our Father´s Peace to expand the Light within you, His children.

Planetary Christ, 12/14/2018





Terrestrial brothers, do not neglect the opportunity to live your future lives in places, which you imagine today to be possible only for the most evolved beings that had lived on Earth.

From own experience, we tell you that a new, safer, fraternal, healthy and ethical way of life among people of a planet is not mere hope.

During our time of expiation and ignorance, we thought wrongly that suffering was eternal and only the most evolved spirits would incarnate in evolved worlds, and only these deserved high spiritual blessings. In that time, we judged ourselves far from acceptable in moral and behavior to become rightists.

However, suffering impels progress, and the Masters with their teachings appeared closer and clearer to our eyes. At some point of planetary transition, anymore would be possible to deny that something so serious was approaching in our planet. We felt an insistent malaise in our mind.

It happened with us what happens on your planet today: sexual abuse, perversion, disorder, corruption, inversion of values ​​seen as normality and progress of a people. Everything was seen as if it were normal.

There were, as now, corrupted children, broken families, boiling nature, wrong as if it were right, reversed values, destruction and so on. Everything increased vertiginously throughout the planet, until it reached the apex of a tragic and destructive way. Moreover, what was ridicule became a sad reality.

The Earth agonizes, which pain reaches the terrestrial surface and the stage so propelled by the Spiritual Teachers and Messengers is in front of your eyes.

Today, we warn about what is to come. Messages from the High are so real than you imagine.

From our spaceships, we can see you close to the abyss, and we ask, if you do not feel badly before such scenario. Do not you see the environment changing every day, like a destructive shadow that slowly snatches you to your web?

It is a very difficult phase to overcome, but is possible to achieve victory. We warn you, this period remains in your minds by this remarkable experience; the scars remain, but at the end, brothers, freedom and joy of victory involve you by an indescribable lightness. Then you will be grateful to the Father for overcoming the worst of enemies: your own minds.

Let us involve ourselves in the Creator´s Love, for everything that emanates from Him to nourish us, strengthening our deepest fibers.

This way, as reward, here we are encouraging you, giving hope of better days and sure, that in the future, you will be doing a work like ours, helping those who will also need friendly and loving words.

Stand firm, because will be worthwhile for everything you are living, as an experience in the testimonies you will give to those who will help in the future.

May Peace be your hearts and Light in the path of all!

Extraterrestrial Zinom, GESJ – 10/16/18.



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