Divulgation 80


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07.  LOVE EACH OTHER BROTHER! - Jesus Sananda

08.  PROPHECIES COME TRUE! -  Chico Xavier












Dear brothers, old friends of distant plagues, once again, we join minds and hearts, through the petals of knowledge granted us by our Great Brothers!

It is a great joy to meet you again!

We are companions and learners of the Christ's lessons even before we had reincarnated on earth. We have made many mistakes and no longer have we wanted to continue suffering from karmic reprimands, when pain is constant and joy is ephemeral. We are tired of contradicting the lessons taught by Master Jesus and Messengers of Christ.

Let us stop the unnecessary suffering, sorrows, bitterness, and so on.

The Master is about to be reborn again, when is incomparable the joy to see life itself renewed. Rebirth bears witness to God´s Presence and his infinite mercy, giving us the opportunity to do better each life. Moreover, each year, Christmas is the revival of our commitment to spiritual evolution with the Master.

At Christmas, we can strengthen ties of love, peace, joy, friendship, charity and goodwill with God and to the neighbor. The Rabbi of Galilee came to Planet Earth only bringing lessons of peace, love, and harmony. Simple lessons, but difficult to put them into practice.

The messages, which we highlight in this simple Divulgation, they are nothing else that echo of His Lessons, transmitted over the ages, when we were not here yet. It is already too late to learn and to put them into practice.

Let us go arm in arm on the road already paved by the Master. Let us be ready for a new world, with no karma to win, just edges to trim. Let us work for a world of regeneration with us truly happy!

Have you hugged a friend today?

Have you longed for peace, love, health and happiness for those around you, whether at home, in your neighborhood, at your school or at work?

Have you talked intimately with God today?

Christmas begins for us, within us. It is our rebirth.

By the way, while speaking of happiness, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year plenty of good feelings.

Have a good reading!






Blessed is Jesus!

Blessed is the Master leading us!

After so many millennia of multiple incarnations experienced, man arrives at the beginning of a new cycle without discovering his purpose of life. He is lost amidst of in small, backward thoughts, diminishing his importance in the universe. He thinks the purpose of life is to accumulate wealth, reproduce and worship the body.

Since the creation of the simple and enlightened monad, its path is always towards the Creator. It leaves from the Father's arms toward the spiritual freedom. It travels throughout the worlds, builds, destroys, penetrates the abyss and returns to the incarnations; crosses deserts, walks through the bush, sinks into the mud, rises and so continues.

It is a long period of learning, and  when  reaches the Humanity´s current level  , with all the knowledge brought by Messengers of Light, and by Master Jesus, we can see that so little, man has learned amidst many troubles and in view of what humanity has gone on this Planet. Fewer have managed to overcome the limited matter.

Man still experiences intensely wild instincts that, at the end of a planetary cycle, those instincts should have been already sublimated. Men live the instinct of hunger, sex and survival at all costs, attached to perishable matter and neglecting the eternal Spirit.

Again, a large number of men and women, incarnate or discarnate may go through another cycle of atonement and trials, repeating experiences that should have already been overcame. They are going to meet new troubles, disappointments, small victories, large defeats, until tiredly; we hope they understand the true meaning of life. Again, they need of a Great Master, in their future abodes of the Father's House, to teach them love, forgiveness, tolerance, patience, detachment, and goodwill.

How many times, brothers will you have to repeat the same lessons so little absorbed along of the walk.

Few ones have advanced and learned about the Lessons left by Master Jesus. Here on earth, the great have not yet understood His Words and Parables, being still attached to the infantile form of words, without absorbing the essence of His teachings.

Here we are again telling you about the arduous path leading to Father´s House, the narrow door and the hard trials, however, if you are tired of suffering, there is only one way forward: He, who is truth and life, and on His name to attain liberation.

You can see, until the end of this cycle, so many suffering, pain, and separations, among others, resulted from ignorant people who cultivate with their actions what they really did not wish for themselves. They go on cultivating and rejecting pain and hatred. It is contradictory, but it is what shows their attitudes.

Every year brings new opportunities. Brothers, enjoy them, while you are in the matter, enjoy spirituality, the messages are for you all and the narrow door opens for those able to give up the earthy facilities and to follow the same path than the Master.

May the Light be among you!

Aristotle, 12/08/2018




Hail the Stars!

Hail the Universe!

Blessed is the Great Creation!

We, as extraterrestrial friends, by the Father´s permission, join and share the strong energy of Christmas poured on Earth by Great Spirits leading this Humanity, so that we look for the abandoned and abused children.

We offered to the children´s spirits a ride on our spaceships, so that they look at the universe, stars and thus become lighter the bale on his fragile shoulders.

During the ride, the undergo treatments, motivation, extra energy load, because of the harsh trials the little spirits face, even being cruel to the  human eyes, it is the Father´s Mercy liberating the Spirit from where generated the Calvary experienced now.

We look at them with compassion, love and fraternal feelings. For moments, when they can see through the windows of our spaceships, how beautiful the universe is, they forget of their sufferings and pains, returning invigorated to their bodies for then to face the hard battle of life.

We maintain this "ride" while the Humanity is celebrating Christmas.

Those children who disincarnate under suffering by human misunderstanding, they begin a new journey in our spaceships.

This is the great demonstration, the Father never forgets His children, whether in joy or sorrow, in wealth or poverty, in shelter or abandonment.

May the Masters, Great Sananda and Planetary Christ, be among us involving this planet with peace and love.

May Master Sananda visit the houses of all creatures at Christmas!

Blessed is the Planetary Christ!

Extraterrestrial friend Ami,






We work in the Abyss, in the name of Jesus.

The Planetary Christ appointed me for the necessary cleaning in this Orb.

Although we can see a large number of Spirits emerging on surface, the earthly Humanity still ignores the majority reaching the terrestrial surface. There are millennia and millennia of Spirits inhabiting in caves and in awful castles built and maintained by Masters of Shadows in the Abyss.

We work in these places in the name of the Light, without using of our elevated moral for humiliation and subjugation of those poor Spirits. We have compassion with them. All Spirits of Light in the Abyss have in their hearts and minds, responsibility for the existence of such places, since we all have already participated in the formation of brotherhoods, if not on this planet, in others. We have great responsibility for these brothers imprisoned there by order, authority and power, misused by ourselves.

We control the flow of Spirits that rise on surface. The incarnate brothers have not seen yet the worst. It means the big bosses with their most evolved minds to do evil; they have not yet clearly touched this humanity. They arrive subtly sending their disciples, slaves and others followers to meet you. Great leaders can only be released by means of the last great battle; because their energies spread among humankind would bring deaths, destroying cities and nations.

Even though the bosses of shadows think they dominate the Earth and incarnates, The Emissaries of Master Jesus follow them up in thinking and in acting. Thus, everything flows according to the Humanity´s karmas - individual, collective and planetary. Otherwise, the Earth would have already been pulverized by so much hate stored in such abysmal regions.

At each battle, part of this negative energy goes away. There are countless battles; even so, those bosses are still powerful. No Hitler, Genghis Khan, or Tamerlane had similar negativity. They were just commanded men. Only the Great Battle of Armageddon with its Heavenly Potentates and Emissaries can fight with them, face to face. Among them are Archangel Michael, Commander Yury and Commander Sethum Shenar. Only these Great Spirits can stare those dark creatures.

Nevertheless, we invite you all to participate in smaller battles and, under the Father´s permission; again, we invite this humanity to struggle for the Planet´s Welfare.

Even acting as Angel of Abyss, it does not put me in the category of Heavenly Potentate. I am a humble servant of the Father who, out of mercy, invited me to work where the Light does not shine, helping the most suffering ones. If the Light appeared with its fullness, we would not seek the balance, which the Father desires for this humanity. We respect them, but we enforce the Master Jesus elevated moral.

For us, they are still children stumbling over the wrong decisions they took.

The Light guides us; however, it is hidden in the Abyss, without humiliating or subduing others.

Blessed is Jesus!

Atafon, the Angel of the Abyss





Blessed is Jesus!

Blessed is the Master of Light!

The Planet Earth starts its higher vibration coming with the Advent of Christmas. At this time, a large number of humans loosen the ties of hatred, contempt, and revenge, due to the intense work done by Guides, Teachers, and Masters allowing the Light of the Savior Master Jesus touches the human hearts.

At an early age, I did not know that in my womb was the Great Teacher of goodwill, wisdom, and forgiveness.

I worked harder and did not realize the Great Being coming from its crib to my arms. He brought to humanity through His teachings, the portal of redemption for afflicted and weary souls.

His heart is the gateway to a new life. Hence, His words:

“No one comes to the Father except through me!”

When one enters in His heart, enveloped with His higher energy, he glimpses new hopes and opportunities.

Every day, after my return to the Spiritual World, while penetrating the stops of light, the manger image comes to my mind, and in my arms, I receive all the disinherited and tired spirits begging for help.

No spirit, whether incarnate or discarnate, is far from the Father's house and love. You are our children that we have pledged to drive through the darkness; however, you have chosen the hell in which you live. Even so, the Father offers heaven to you brothers, every day.

Every day, we guide and help you to undo the castles of horrors you erected along of incarnations.

This is what we bring to you, brothers, light and hope, which the Master Jesus offers to His people for His humanity.

The more tired you are, the more troubled your daily life is or the more horrible you may live, bear in mind that there is always a helping hand and an advice to you. After going through this phase, a new life awaits you.

Do not be overwhelmed by the chaos of Planetary Transition, because if you succumb to it, inevitably you need a new transition for the same reasons: material and loving attachments, attachment to life in matter, which is ephemeral.

Give up everything, which the moth eats and deteriorates over time. Cultivate the Soul´s sublime values: Love, forgiveness, brotherhood ​​taught by Master Jesus and help the neighbor, no matter in which social level you are, because Charity does not depend on material goods or social position, it reaches equally all creatures.

May the Light of Master Jesus and His magnanimous heart embrace all humanity - incarnate and discarnate – with the Christmas Light! That you can for a moment, see yourselves as children of God, for it does not matter what your religion, because the fraternal love overcomes the earthly sectarian barriers.

May the Light of Master Jesus involves us, as well as the message of the manger comes every day of the year, not only at Christmas!

Blessed is Jesus!

Mary of Nazareth,






A cloak of light, with a soft touch of love and peace envelops the humanity at Christmas!

Until the festive Christmas renders concrete on the earthly calendar, the Higher Spheres take the occasion to make their vibrations of subtle energy penetrate the minds of incarnate beings, inviting them to more fraternal behaviors and thoughts.

At Christmas is favorable for Guides and Instructors that take the occasion to encourage their pupils to loosen the ties of pride, hatred, selfishness, resentment, and desire for revenge. The Sublime Light of Master Nazarene is the best antidote in combating the largest doses of harmfulness daily poured upon the earth by those spirits violators of Divine Laws acting in the shadows.

At Christmas, Masters of the Universal White Great Fraternity build corridors of Light spreading rays of all shades upon the disciples, in a supreme effort aiming at awakening them to hope, faith and love in the construction of a happy future deserved for all children of Divine Creation. Likewise, these blessings may reach their homes with harmony and joy.

May the redemptive faith sustain the souls in both planes of life strengthening them in the daily trials and may the Christmas Light soften the earthly humanity!

Have Merry Christmas, dear brothers!

We are one Light working in the name of Christ.

Samuel, the Prophet






May the peace of our Lord Jesus be with us!

Brothers of mine, for a long time, our spirits remained attached to the matter, postponing our evolutionary journey for millennia. When we decided to move forward on our own way, we faced large obstacles, and larger may become if we stop trying to remove them with only our individual effort.

We are nothing alone, brothers! The forces that move us do not come only from ourselves.

At times, when obstacles become larger, when barriers seem inaccessible and problems seem to be of complex solutions, we shall elevate the thoughts to the Creator, beg Him to provide us strength, and humbly knelt down, we shall render to His Will.

We must give hands with fellow travelers and together find the solutions for the daily difficulties, as well as develop faith that makes possible the Light from the Higher Planes to access our hearts.

A developed faith reduces the troubles that stand in our way. Faith and Commitment to the spiritual work are the vehicles we have to leads us to progress.

The planetary moment is of transformation, when the Humanity faces the “doomsday selection” and when those who, sincerely following Christ Jesus, stand on His right side; the rebel ones stand on His left side, being exiled from the beautiful Planet Earth to new opportunities in other planets compatible with the vibration of each one.

Dear brothers, do not let the difficulties of the journey undermine your desire to make progress. When reach the dimensions above this that you live now, you can meet  so much peace, so much love  and so much light that, you may intimately ask why had so long postponed to make progress. Why did we not quickly get rid of the heavy ties of prejudice, hatred, pride and vanity?

Beloved brothers, the time has come to each one take his cross and follow the Divine Master Jesus, as He Himself invites us!

The High Spheres of Light and Peace await you!

Here is Brother Chico Xavier saying to you “Never faint for the obstacles, atonements and trials and the earthly struggles never are superior to that of yours, which united to the forces sent by the Father through your faith, will always be superior to those you must face and to make you victorious.

May the peace of Lord Jesus be in your heart, strengthening you at this hour of trials!

Hail the Force of Love, which joins all creatures around the Almighty Father!

Blessed is Jesus!

Chico Xavier





Beloved children of My Father!

The darkness leaving from your hearts may cover the earth like a black cloak, hindering your vision, action and walk.

You shall live mental life and discover how dark your self is.

You have forgotten of loving the neighbor, vibrating only in selfishness and pride.

You have ignited the suffering of others, neglecting the Laws of Life.

You negligent and ignorant have practiced the destruction of the Planetary House.

Everything around you vibrates God's Love for His creatures!

Come, beloved brothers, to meet the Light!

Dive into the deep waters of My Love and I will put you again on the way toward the Father's House.

I am always with you!

Love each other, brothers!

Master Jesus Sananda






May the peace of Lord Jesus be with us!

You should welcome pain and the bitter hours, which you experience bringing purification to your souls; however, do not be you overwhelmed by the sadness, revolt and feelings that populate the earthly environment, lower feelings that imprison the soul in the lower worlds.

It is time to free you to higher worlds of Regeneration.

For millennia, the Spirits struggle in wars, forgotten of the Law of Love that enlightens beings bringing them closer to God.

The prophecies come true and the Humanity faces the "end of the planetary cycle of atonement and trials."

The ignorant brothers that inhabit the lower regions, welcomed by the Law of Progress, they go exiled to different destinations to restart the purification process.

You are part of the great Luminous Army, which sprinkles in the shadows, the benefits of God's Love, minimizing the Earth´s density.

Go, Warriors of Light, to sow the Divine Light in the dark earthly fields and, without fading, advance workers of Jesus, toward the next spiritual ascension. Do not stop due to the millennial obstacles. Elevate your eyes toward the starry heaven and the mind connected to Jesus´s Radiating Source of Love guiding us all.

We are only wandering spirits on the way of progress, dust, and vibrant atoms of God's love.

May the light radiating from the sapphire planes envelop all the earthy brothers awakening in them kindness, love and goodwill!

Hail the Divine Light! Blessed is Jesus!

Yes, it is me, yours brother Chico!

Go on brothers in Christ, toward the Land of Regeneration!

Blessed are our Divine and Adorable Lord Jesus Christ!

Chico Xavier







I have seen myself free in the space.

I have seen a "black hole" and heard a whisper:

- “Everything in creation is life. There is no 'Nothing'. What you call the 'black hole' is the universe expanding perennially. ”

I penetrated that black hole, which was a huge whirlwind of energy. I "felt" the atoms in great motion. How to explain what happened, with my poor knowledge and language? Then I heard an explosion outside of it. In a rough comparison, it was as if first we have seen a very thin and delicate fabric folded, and then stretched.


Extraordinary experiences of souls!

Then, I listened to the following words:

The universe expands perennially!

It is from God's Law, the unceasing and infinite Creation.

You are still too late in your moral, intellectual, and spiritual development for to understand things beyond your gross senses.

When, in a few moments, you can expand the thought beyond the boundaries of vain questions, you can feel the purest emotions and feelings unknown to you, vibrating in yourself, and an infinite and incomprehensible peace, a feeling of lightness and well-being invades your soul.

In the meantime, for short time, you can access the higher dimensions and for there your soul goes in the ascending whirl.

Vibrate you in love sharing it with other brothers.

Every atom of Light that comes to you, it is full with God's Love for His Creation!

Do not fear little travelers of evolution! There is a Majeure Force guiding you.

Accelerated is the purification process of this humanity and the Planet School is transformed!

Look at the Light and vibrate with it at the dawn of Regeneration.

Be you on Peace and love!

Planetary Christ






“Let the little children come to Me, for theirs is the Realm of Heaven,” said Jesus.

The childlike purity of the early years of life of the incarnate spirit represents the condition you should acquire to ascend to the higher dimensions of peace.

Millennial of spirits incarnate on Earth do not reach the ideal conditions to ascend themselves, since they let themselves be contaminated again by pride, selfishness and vanity, vices of all types, grounded in materialistic dogmas and vain attachments. Often, even the sufferings to which you are subjected by karmic needs do not activate their interest in the future of the immortal soul; such is the density that surrounds them, given the petrification of dense and harmful fluids in their soft perispirit. Only a transfer of school, from this planet to another in caustic environmental conditions, can purify and prepare them for a complete awakening to the Light.

Beloved brothers!

Jesus, the beloved and sweetest Great Teacher, invites you to the quickest maturing of high ideals, above the materialistic and inferior standards in your current society.

The limited material life was not given to you to brighten the festive halls of a decaying society!

The hours of seclusion in the flesh-scavenger are the most merciful divine concessions, blessed opportunities for your spirits be free from the ties and heavy chains that keep them in the lower planes.

The more you rebel against your destinies drawn by yourselves with your Guides and Tutors for your regeneration, breaking the Sovereign Laws of Life, the heavier the burden you will carry and more atonements you acquire for the future on your paths of immortal spirits.

This expiatory cycle is over!

The Planetary Transition advances swiftly with its procession of pain and moral decay of the  earthly society which draws more and more to your side, those dark beings  who that remained prisoners in the abysmal catacombs awaiting for the moment of awakening. These beings reach the surface by the noxious emanations left from your harmful actions and thoughts, surrounding you with the ideal atmosphere that leads you from dark and lower astral to intimate contact with you.

It is neither the Divine Will nor His Magnanimous Laws that expose you to the overwhelming pains of this hour!

It is because of your neglect and rebellion that, over the millennia, drove your souls to spectacular falls, placing you in the apocalyptic rectifying process.

Elevate the thoughts to Jesus; put into practice His sublime lessons; develop faith in the greater designs for you to face the inevitable current pains.

Practice anonymous and disinterested charity!

Forgive your brother!

Love God above all things!

This is the right script for those who wish to fly beyond the painful incarnations in Planets of astonishment and trials.

Do not think you are alone in the final task of your immortal souls.

A large number of Evolved Spirits guide you in the dark valley, in gnashing of teeth of the Apocalypse so that you give the great evolutionary jump so desired by Jesus and His Angels.

Vibrate in love to find salvation!

Get you rid of any inferior feelings able to connect you with the dark beings that persecute you.

Their pestilent emanations may hurt your soft morphology of sublime sentiments under construction in your millennial soul.

Do your best to vibrate higher feelings of joy and peace, goodwill and compassion, keeping you in constant connection with Evolved Spirits who guide you. Moreover, we have our love intensely impregnated in your souls in order to help you in the final moments of liberation.

When the "Beast´s round" approaches, elevate the thoughts to Jesus and dived in His sublime love, His pure and crystalline Light will remove the sticky shadows of evil.

Blessed is Jesus!

Be you on Peace and Love!

From yours,

Master Ramatis






Terrestrial brothers, let peace inhabit in your hearts!

You cannot see the planetary changes!

You do not see that everything taking place on the earthly surface is the geophysical transformation approaching!

While the planetary conformation changes, your egos still brutalize with mutual accusations, without seeking fraternity, without struggle for the restoration of peace and harmony among peoples!

Your minds did not reach the comprehension that everything occurring around you results from your barbaric thoughts, words, deeds and attitudes.

You are not able put into practice the loving teachings and lessons of Divine Master Jesus, and the more you denominate yourselves as Christians, further you are from acting as followers of Christ.

You act like an uncontrolled and hungry pack, searching for prey to satiate your instincts. However, your action is worse than that of injured animals, due to pride, selfishness, and arrogance dominating you completely, preventing you from seeing the reality indeed. The facts show that you are living the “end of a planetary cycle” where you are the protagonists. It means, for with each choice you make, you direct the planetary transformation, attracting more and more the painful consequences of the Nature's psychic maladjustments.

It is enough of irresponsibility!

The Planet Earth accelerates its transformative process, when the Humanity can see its purification accelerated!

You cannot prevent, interrupt or cancel the ongoing process. Terrestrial brothers, undermine the ferocity of yours, because “the final choice” is coming to determine the course of your souls.

The Renewed Earth may soon appear on horizon and most of you will not be able to contemplate its wonderful birth.

The Planet Earth cries ignored in its suffering and even wounded more aggression receives.

See your human brothers around you suffering for hunger and misery, and begging for peace, banished from their countries by the uncontrolled violence, losing their lives in wrong thinking and actions.

Offer the hands for the suffering ones. Forgive as often as you need, and love them all without distinction.

May Jesus bless you, earthly brothers to reach understanding and transformation before the end of times!

We greet you in name of the Light, and we leave you on peace and love to ease your pain.

We are Gardeners of Space fulfilling important determination in God's Work.

Here we are Ish-Wan & Ma-Hyr with you.

We greet you in the name of God!

Ish-Wan & Ma-Hyr





Beloved sisters, how great is the joy in serving God and loving the neighbor!

Rebellion petrifies the creature, who cannot clearly discern the needs of its immortal spirit. As such, he wanders among successive incarnations, unable to let shine his inner light.

The modern humanity has reached its limit of existence on Earth. The "cycle of atonements" is over, for then to be born a "new age of regeneration." Even though have developed the intellect, which has brought comfort and reduced distances, the human being has not yet attained the illumination of the spirit, because of his still dense vibrations.

Brothers, there is neither injustice nor punishment from God to His children. He is Love, Goodness, Mercy, and His Divine Laws is the same for all creatures. If today you are rich in matter, tomorrow you can became a wanderer.

Change the feeling of pride, selfishness, and sinful desires under the Light of Gospel Lessons into love, forgiveness, and charity. Get rid of materialism to take part in the Army of Jesus.

The number of needy beings is growing on both planes of life integrated with this humanity.

Elevate the thoughts to God, practice good actions, renew yourselves brothers to inhabit the New Earth approaching.

Jesus calls us to love, forgive, and to serve.

Blessed is Jesus!

Hail the Light guiding us!      Here is your brother Chico speaking.

Here is speaking yours friend                        

Chico Xavier





Blessed is Jesus!

Brazilian people,

The time has come to you choose to follow the laws of justice and progress, love and goodwill of Holy Father, or hoist the flag of the transitory and perishable materialism!

Do not be overwhelmed by warlike and wild instincts petrifying the senses.

May the lower passions within you become positive actions, diminishing the suffering of other brothers, bringing progress to the country!

Lower bursts of hatred and violence occurring on the invisible and subtle planes, closer to the physical plane, they originate from the black heart of the "Great Beast" rising from the Abyss. These bursts may reach those hearts vibrating in that same standard, allowing the Beast to drag the crowd in tune with its lower vibrations.

Do not be you blindly dragged by vile passions, the out-of-love feelings, kindness, and goodwill. These are the flags able to liberate the souls from Planets of atonements and trials.

Let flow the Father´s Love latent in your heart. Let shine your inner light!

Let expand peace, love and fraternity around you so that, as positive waves, these feelings and attitudes involve all the Brazilian brothers.

You are a Nation destined to house brothers in times of extreme hardship, suffering and madness.

The “selection between the wheat from the tares” advances and the choices you make now can define your future. Do not be dragged by negative waves. You must struggle to bring peace, love and kindness among your brothers.

We greet you in the name of the Light! We leave you on Peace of the Divine Master Jesus who sustains us.

Brazilian people hoist the Flag of Love!

Blessed is Jesus!

Ismael, Protecting Angel and Guide of Brazil






May Peace and kindness involve the human hearts!

Beloved Brothers!

The souls tormented by vices and lower passions are in tune with the invisible mob that potentiates its feelings, bending them over the deepest dark Abyss. The incarnated Spirits undisciplined in their degrading thoughts and actions, do not realize that by joining the spirits with the disincarnate ones deformed by wickedness and vice, they condemn themselves to the planetary exile on Earth in transition.

Many so-called Christian religions still worship the fictional "heaven" and awful “hell", leaving many incarnate spirits impoverished and fragile in knowledge, impeding true transformation by means of faith and trust in the God's Designs, wrongly showing the facts narrated in the “Holy Scriptures” as places and events distant from the current humanity. They insist that Excelsious Spirits, living characters, of the "book of Light," live in "golden thrones" not accessible to the incarnate mob, maintaining an infinite and insurmountable distance among them and the incarnate ordinary men.

Brothers, remove the veil of ignorance covering you!

The Potentates of Light stand beside you, whispering into your spiritual ears the beatitudes of Jesus, walking side by side with you to keep the flame of faith and hope in your hearts numbed with illusory and perishable matter.

Wake up, children for the supreme hour, which requires your senses connected with Jesus. Only He is the Way, Truth and Life to let us free.

Have faith and trust in our Creator Father!

The suffering you faced in a backward existence is necessary to turn into light, your eternal spirit.

Love, forgive, be meek and humble so that you attain the Kingdom of Light promised by Divine Master Jesus.

We are many brothers helping you in the name of God to awaken you from the lethargic sleep into which you dived for millennia.

Wake up, beloved brothers!

It is time for transformation!

The Gates of light given on the New Age are approaching. Vibrate in love to keep your souls beyond the borders of suffering.

May Jesus bless you!

Blessed is Jesus, the Divine Friend of all hours!

Caritas, GESH





May Peace and kindness involve the human hearts!

From Planet Patrol, we send thousands of spaceships earthwards, since the “separation between the wheat from the tares” advances.

The spaceships have rescued thousands of creatures failed in their evolutionary journeys, leaving the planet that housed them with affection and hope. For not having fulfilled the Greater Determinations of Evolution and Progress, they look for new opportunities in other planets of atonement and trials or even inferior to those. They no longer can inhabit on earth.

More and more catastrophic events are coming destroying many lives. Tears and sufferings, shouts and cries will be heard all over the earth.

For not practicing the Sublime Teachings contained in the loving lessons of the Divine Master Jesus, this Humanity meets the terrible moments of the "planetary transition."

More and more, this society shall face fear, barbarism, madness, and so on! The containment bars that no longer represent barriers to evildoers will fall apart like smoke.

The nuclei of light that have been spiritually preparing for the clashes of the earthly journey may become "reflective mirrors" of God`s Voice and His emissaries to anchor hope and love among them, as similar beings.

Be you ready, brothers to put into practice what you have learned, what you have stored within you as faith, courage, and trust in the Greater Designs!

May Peace from our hearts touch your hearts!

May the beloved Jesus sustain you in these moments of transformation!

Blessed is Jesus!

Commander Yury





Beloved children of my Father!

Suffering does not mean punishment; but liberation for those who, bent in pain, keep alive the flame of faith on the Most Holy Father.

Your insane actions denigrate your soul! Thence, because of such indifference to your fellow brother, you draw to you, disturbances and imbalances of every order.

The Magnanimous Holy Father sends His Hosts of Light to sustain you, beloved brothers, during the cleansing process in which you take part.

Spirits of Light leave from their abodes of peace and harmony toward the earthly bottoms to ease your sufferings, to support you and bring hope to your hearts, given the necessary storm will finish, your tunics washed in the currents of sufferings will be ready for the Divine Banquet.

Brothers come to Me lead you to My Father's House!

I am your Brother, Friend and Major Tutor.

Come to me to set you free!

May the Planetary Christ bless you!

I leave you on My Love, since I am never far from you!

Jesus Sananda

GESH - 11/29/2019




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- The Decayed Beings and their Earthly Trajectory - Vol. I, II and III

- Supplicating Hands for Help: In Visible and Invisible Backstage of the Prisons

- Messages of Lord Jesus

- Messages of Allan Kardec and Helena Blavatsky

- Commander Yury

- The Intraterrestrial Beings - Planetary Rescue Mission – Cel. Fawcett News

- The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pumps

- Messages of Master Ramatis

- Messages of Chico Xavier and Emmanuel

- The Beast

- The Reptilians

- Ashtar Sheran or Archangel Michael

- Seeds thrown to the Wind

- Messages of Mary of Nazareth, Joana de Angelis and Sister Dulce

- Messages of Our Indian Brothers

- Messages of Our Black Brothers

- Nostradamus

- John the Baptist





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