Divulgation 81


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INITIAL WORDS..................................................................................... GESJ


01. You cannot to do a job of that size alone!  - Margarida

02. Exert efforts for your spiritual progress – Caritas

03. Do not be shipwrecked in the sea of the Apocalypse - Ramatis

04.  You are not alone in the Universe - Astra Orion Command

05.  Renew you under the Aegis of Jesus - Ish-Wan

06. The planetary cleaning in process - Jesus

07.  Le t us have compassion with everyone - Astral trip

08.  You are latecomers in evolution - Ramatis

09.  Light and Darkness side by side - Maytreia

13.  Pest have always been present - John Baptist

14.  Cunning and Prudence at this suffering time - Ramatis

15. He turns a debtor spirit in enlightened - Paul Tarsi

16. Have no fear - Shama Hare

17. Suffering is liberation of the soul - Jesus

18. Reflect on your own habits - Artran



Initial Words


Dear Brothers,

May the Peace of Master Jesus find shelter in your hearts!

We started this year full of fears and uncertainties.

It is difficult for humanity to believe that, despite all its inventive capacity and of having reached the bottoms of the oceans and placed its spaceships in the highest sky, it can perish. A small being, unable to live outside a host or reproduce alone, has become the biggest concern of ours.

The fragile human material life is again in test.

Death and its impotence to deal with this natural phenomenon brings to man who is far from spiritual life, an uncontrollable terror, which intensifies more and more his defects, transforming him into a selfish and primitive one.

The isolation to which we submit must be time for contrition, self-knowledge and awakening.

This is the time to show that were not in vain the hours of learning of the Gospel of Christ. We need of temperance and wisdom to face the current days, since, as far as we know, they are just training for the future.

It is time to have faith in God!

This time demands love, charity and fraternity with the brother on the journey. We are all in the same caravan!

May Jesus bless you all!

Have a good reading!




01. You cannot build a job of that size alone!


May the Peace of Jesus be with us!

Brothers, we entered another year and the world reflects fear!

Humanity has become insecure, materialistic and alien to the immortal spirit, not due to lack of opportunities to know the truths that liberate the spirit, but by negligence, ignorance and delay in moral and spiritual development.

This House of Charity - GESJ - enters the year in which will celebrate its fifty years of existence, represented for many spirits, joy in helping and protection with Jesus!

You cannot build a job of that size alone!

Over the years, each member connected to this House has contributed in solidifying the work carried out today in both plans of life.

The GESJ´s lights remain on until Father determines it!

Let us thank Jesus for the blessed opportunity of the work that redeems our souls!

Everyone who has been here contributed for the progress of GESJ and those who stay here keeps the flames of fraternity and love to the neighbor, as solid foundations of this work.

Brothers, while incarnated, you cannot evaluate the depth, strength and importance of the work carried out in this tiny Nucleus of Light.

Jesus is with us and His Love leads us along the paths of evolution!

Carrying out together our tasks with responsibility, expanding from each heart, joy and love to the neighbor, we are building the paths that will take us to the planet of Regeneration.

Hail “Grupo Espirita Servos de Jesus”!

Hail the Light that guides us!

Thank you, my Lord Jesus!

Thank you, my Lord Jesus!

Thank you, my Lord Jesus!

I say goodbye to you all but I remain here.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!




02. Exert efforts for your Spiritual Progress


Blessed is Jesus!

The trajectory of the Souls is determined by the amount of teachings they have been able to absorb. Their decisions are essential, either for the success, or for the failure of their incarnations.

Warnings, help and divine protection are part of the spiritual goodness offered by God Father, by Evolved Spirits and other Spirits interested on the victory and progress of dear souls who travel on the physical plane.

The incarnate brothers are not alone. With all the spiritual support received from friendly hands, if they refuse to exert efforts to their own spiritual renewal, why would blame for pain and suffering, for the bitter harvest, if the planting was negligent?

Nowadays, we see humanity antagonizing itself in futile quarrels, unnecessary struggles that could be equated with a dialogue, at least, civilized. With this, a large number of incarnated beings repeat the tests into exile, arriving in spiritual world to relive the same anguish, pain, longing, living with their enemies. However, in this incarnation, they are getting every chance to mitigate their future tests.

When the Master says that, “You will not leave until you pay until the last cent” - it refers to incarnations of tests as the cents to be paid. In this way, how long will the humanity charge the Divinity for what is its own responsibility?

We know that it is not possible, according to the psychological type of the earthly man, for the spirit to come out of an incarnation completely victorious in its programming. However, it is sure that if he exerts a larger effort in the fraternal coexistence, in the practice of forgiveness and in the Gospel of Master Jesus, he would leave this incarnation with lighter burden. If he is less indebted with the Divine Accounting, he will inhabit a more fraternal home in a planet with similar and harmonious inhabitants, in a more just society with more responsible leaders, enjoying peace and joy of a Planet of Regeneration.

There is a huge variety of possibilities and jobs offered to men on this planet to evolve spiritually speaking. From the High came religions, inventions, Decalogue, Instructors, Guides, Masters and Universal Laws crowning with the arrival of Master Jesus, everything so that humanity could advance, because men have already come from the  exile to this orb, failing in their key tests.

Therefore, brothers, we tell you to endeavor to your own spiritual life and to not attach to material goods, giving them greater importance than they need; strive not to exhaust your energies in earthly pleasures; do not saturate the environment with useless discussions, since all this is an obstacle to your future happiness. Know that we are many brothers for you and each one of us, workers of the Divine Master's vineyard is always attentive to your appeals, questions and, with opened arms, we have been always leading and comforting you when, in your prayers, you beg to the High for help.

In prayers, everyone receives drops of Light to restore the spirits and energies spent in the daily quarrels. In addition, every night, every rest of the physical body, when your souls shortly detach themselves from the matter, there are always at your side, a humble and sincere servant of Jesus protecting you. However, if you turn away from that protection, it is because, when you are awake, your mind, likewise, does not seek in prayer the support for your life.

If you knew how powerful the Lord's Prayer is, as it opens clearings in the darkness, you would not speak it so indifferently, without trying to understand His Lessons.

Sooner the Earth becomes a home for beings more compatible with Divine Laws. Work to you be invited to be part of the humanity that will come here, more fraternal and happy.

Caritas is among you. We ask you humility, detachment and love for yourself and your neighbor.




03. Do not shipwreck in the sea of the Apocalypse


May Peace and kindness be among men!

Larger are the efforts of the Higher Forces of Good to modify the vibrational tone of the humanity through their guides and tutors, involving individuals in love and peace. Even so, the majority of human beings remained deaf and ignores the sublime energies, erecting barriers of lower feelings in their minds and hearts, making them inaccessible to the calls of forgiveness and love to the neighbor.

Waves of violence filled of hatred cross the terrestrial spaces invading the psychosphere around the human collectivities, exploding in acts of barbarism, war, misery and pain.

Torrential rivers with dense energies run through the human nuclei as real and living traps for the careless ones. Brutalized by inferior emanations, they attract more heavily the consequences of their rebellion.

Natural disasters are resources from Nature to reduce the heavy burden that suffocates and kills the Planet.

Brothers, slow down your actions and elevate your thoughts, purifying your feelings under the Aegis of Christ Jesus. If the planetary environment is polluted, try to illuminate the reigning darkness with acts of kindness, fraternity and love to your neighbor. This humanity is lacking in selfless and voluntary actions for good.

Practice love and forgiveness so that you do not shipwreck in the stormy sea of ​​the Apocalypse, attracting the Beasts that, from the invisible, stir up rebellion and revenge.

Be you one who forgives, because forgiveness opens clearings of light in the soul.

Practice the lessons of the Gospel and walk on the path of Light of the Divine Jesus, who is the Way, Truth and Life.

Behold the ultimate testes presented to you!

Love, forgive, be meek and peaceful so that you enter the dimensions of New Age of Light.

I leave you on Peace and love!

From yours Master,




04. You are not alone in the Universe!


Earthly brothers!

Do not you have compassion with your brothers who suffer from wars, wickedness, lack of love, who unleash imbalances and chaos in your society?

Does not such suffering touch your hardened hearts?

Wake up, brothers!

You have been attracting the storms of Nature with your insane, unbridled and violent actions.

You have given to the Dark Forces the opportunity to leave from the abysmal regions to your side. They are dark creatures that wish to subdue your minds and hearts and then to induce you to less worthy sensations.

If you could see with your material eyes and with lucid minds, the odious and deformed creatures around you, confusing your mind and leading you in your acting, you would take another course; embrace the Lessons of Christ Jesus, renewing your souls to escape from the bands of madness and suffering in which your spirits have been immersed for millennia.

You are not alone in the universe!

Many peoples share with you the planetary life, in the different remained orbs in the Universe.

Why do not you strive to grow morally and spiritually, to live with elevated spirits in dimensions of Peace and Love?

Detach you from the brutish matter, which only serves as a transitory vehicle for your immortal spirits to learn, through struggles, the Universal Lessons of Love and Fraternity.

The Planet Earth suffers because of your aggressions and you ignore it, since you only believe in what you can touch, which your limited senses of the physical body. Expand your look beyond the inert matter! Elevate your thoughts to the Spirits of Light guiding you. For a long time you have been sunk, parked, in ignominy and darkness!

The Planet Earth advances and the Planetary Transition - the Doomsday - have found you still attached to vile passions.

Earthly brothers, you know of the “selection between the wheat from the tares” taking place and that our Spaceships circulate in your cities and where there are human collectivities, collecting incarnated spirits or not, which time on Earth ended, taking them to orbs of similar or lower evolutionary level to the Planet Earth.

These exiled brothers may begin a “new cycle of trials”, until they awaken to the Greater Light of God, Father Creator of all things!

The whole Universe is ready for those who want to evolve and to change the way of thinking, feeling and acting.

Be you, brothers those who, tired of error, look for liberating truth.

Those who were elected by the continuous efforts of making progress may continue in our spaceships with destinations different from the exiled ones, since those have already became “Rightists of Christ” and are going to meet with the Earthly Greater Instructors, their guides , tutors and friends, evolved beings who labor on Earth for the good of humanity.

The Rightists of Christ, in a new stage of progress, renewed in strength and faith, will be ready return to the Earth, no longer as “Planet of Atonement and Trials”, but to the Renewed Earth, where the Good News of Jesus will be the North, the flag raised in the hearts of the New Age people!

May Jesus, Excelsius Governor of the Earth, bless your heart and wake you up before the “last hour”.

Hail the Force! Hail the Light! Blessed is Divine Master Jesus!

We are many spirits here to save you from yourselves!

Astra Orion Command



05. Renew you under the Aegis of Jesus!


Hail the Force!

Hail the Light!

Hail the Divine Master Jesus!

Brothers, you have started the moments of planetary turbulence!

It is the beginning of the Planet Earth´ s cleaning process!

This Humanity did not properly prepared itself for these moments, as definition of the vibratory pattern of souls inhabiting this planet, for the great selection in process.

The subtle traps of the enemies multiply and the incarnated spirits fail in perceiving them, thus becoming a vehicle for the thoughts and actions of the “bestial creatures”.

Once again, they seek to modify the evangelical and moral sense of the Lessons of Jesus, placing them at levels below those where their backward souls parked.

The path of redemption is unique involving the  practice of the True Lessons of love, forgiveness, sacrifice and renunciation preached by  Divine Master Jesus, modifying the vibratory tone of men to reach the high dimension approaching.

The current society seeking to hide the elevated standards of transformative morality plunges into chaos transforming the Planet Earth into an arena, where victims and attempters struggle in vain. There no winners when the objective is domination and use the weapons of pride, arrogance, selfishness and all the negative arsenal shown at this moment throughout the world.

He who longs to ascend in the scale of moral and spiritual progress of God´s Laws, he must take his cross and follow the Divine Master Jesus -  the Way, Truth and Life that provides the spiritual victory over the matter.

Sufferings invade the human societies; however, beings do not seek to correct their moral deviations.

Darkness is approaching as well as the events of the Planetary Transition and sooner the incarnated humanity must assure faith and confidence in the Designs of God.

“Parents no longer recognize their children; children abandon their parents”.

"Brothers in the cities do not reach the fields, and those in the fields do not reach the cities".

Behold the Prophecies are fulfilled!

See the “signs”; you live the Apocalypse!

Renew yourself under the aegis of Jesus!

Love each other! The course of events cannot be changed because of last minute regrets.

You only have to face the tests elevating your thoughts to the Spheres of Light, from where the Forces that support you on Earth come from.

Change yourselves, brothers!

Help each other!

Be meek and humble! Sooner the Planet enters a new dimension of Regeneration.

We salute you in the name of the Light and leave you on the Peace of the Divine Master Jesus.

Hail the Light guiding us!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

I am Ysh-Wan with you.




06. The Planetary Cleaning in process


Beloved brothers, children of My Father!

How long will you allow iniquity to lead your actions?

How long will you, creatures graced by the opportunity of life, get rid of your bloody instincts?

Until when, children, beloved brothers, will you remain deaf and blind to the Laws of Evolution?

Here we are at the end of a cycle of opportunities on this planet, which now enters the phase of perfecting its physical-astral constitution and then to reach a higher dimension. Which results from that for you?

The answer is Exile, my brothers!

Once again, your Spirits are going to other orbs in the infinite Universe of Creation, to new planetary houses compatible with your rebellion!

Here I am, at your side, to awaken in your souls, the forgotten love and the abolished forgiveness in your hearts, so that you reach minimum levels of transformation.

Suffer with resignation and faith, fights and pains you face, because only this is the way of liberation for spiritual delay.

I remain with you!

With you, I cross the valley of tears that you created for your existence on earth created by the Father's greatest will, for souls, His children to ascend the path of progress.

The putrid mud of the waters of life, stagnant in you by rebellion, it prevents the Light from purifying you and contaminates the planetary environment to which you sought to transform you.

The planetary purification is in process and all souls housed in the orb equally suffer the purifying, life-renewing action.

I have left to you, the script able to put you above chaos.

Come to me lead you to the Kingdom of My Father, where the crystalline waters of Divine Love wash the wounds of the victorious souls from the struggles that liberate backwardness and ignorance, victorious and full of peace and love!

Come to me!

I am Jesus Sananda, Brother of yours.

Jesus Sananda



07. Let us have compassion and charity with everyone!


Astral Trip: I went to a place where a well-known medium and fantastic psychographer and speaker would give a lecture.

The speaker walked on a stage looking at us, as if he could see us. He was on the pulpit with a light projected over him.

He began to speak, transfigured, in an exciting and vibrant oratory, as usual.

 “Blessed is Our Lord Jesus Christ!


Spiritist brothers and friends!

Over there was Jesus climbing up the Mount of Olives for to expel, from his chest, the anguish of his last moments of freedom.

Looking around, he saw his disciples worried about themselves, agitated for uncertainty about the future.

He looked upwards full with compassion with those who would remain in the valley of pain and tears. He could see the rough battles of his beloved disciples. With his heart full with compassion, he begged to the Loving Father to send His Heavenly Emissaries to assist those who would soon be alone in the matter and to face the trials.

The Master deeply touched by superior energies, he transmuted the Sublime Energies from Himself to his saddened disciples.

Brothers, we must follow His example and donate from ourselves, strengths and energies to whom sinking in the whirlwind of suffering are not capable of climbing alone, the mountain of trials.

Let us have compassion and charity with all brothers of ours, who cannot yet understand the benefits of the earthly battles as saving resources for the immortal soul and then they swallow even more in the mud of iniquities!

Let us beg to Jesus as he did in the Mount of Olives, the sublime blessings of His pure Energy to sustain us on the planet in convulsion.

Blessed is our Lord Jesus”!


After the lecture, the speaker looked at us saying:

- "These are words of the distinguished brother Manoel Philomeno de Miranda addressed to all of us, walkers on Earth"!

The light turned off and everything returned to normal.

Astral trip



08. You are latecomers of the Evolution


Blessed is our Lord Jesus joining us in His vineyard of love!

Your reflections about the world in which you live make you think that many are the "signs" of the vertiginous advance of the Apocalypse.

You can change neither the world, nor the minds of brothers of humanity, but can act in favor of the little Spiritual Work Nucleus to which you take part.

You can change yourselves by acting according to the Gospel of Jesus.

We have warned you a lot about the Planetary Transition, and warning the earthly humanity that to adjust the soul's chords to the divine tuning has only one-way: the true transformation through the practice of the Evangelical Lessons.

Do not break your steps by any creature!

Go ahead fearless, beloved disciples distributing the anonymous charity and awakening consciences so that a large number of creatures offer themselves to help the maddened mass.

You are latecomers of the evolution in this planet and, with the tools of faith and trust in the Designs of God, go ahead fearlessly, as warriors of Light, fulfilling your spiritual mission, on the path you have chosen to evolve.

On the spiritual plane, many friends and instructors accompany, guide and protect you in the actions of spiritual nature. Do not doubt of that presence constant with you.

Work fearless, watch your thoughts and feelings, given the “Beast” surrounds the Spirits of Light, seeking to pour out the darkness around you.

In this current chaotic world, there is lack of balanced minds and laborious hands. Be you one who does not give up fighting for the welfare of others.

Keep active this House of Charity and Light, so that through its simple work you assure your mental health.

Sufferings, pains and gnashing of teeth may increase every day, until, across the globe, in a single groan launched into space finish the Planetary Transition.

Your efforts will be crowned when you penetrate the Land of Regeneration.

Work more and more beloved children and disciples, in the name of God, since the planetary transformations advance toward the departure of the planet to another dimension of peace and balance.

The spaceships of extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers collect those spirits that did not reach minimum conditions of remaining on Earth but fulfilled their lifetime on it. They will be launched into space, with different destinations of lower worlds where may restart new expiatory cycle.

Jesus commands everything, pouring His Love and Light over the earthly humanity.

We accompany your lives hopeful to see you victorious at the end of the journey.

May Jesus bless and support you in the final tests!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Master Ramatis



 09. Light and Darkness side by side


Hail the Light Force!

Blessed is Divine Lord Jesus!

Brothers, you had opportunities so that could develop your spiritual potential, through the Gospel of Jesus, igniting and strengthening the flame of hope and faith in your hearts, preparing your souls to face the present and future harsh trials.

It takes place on earth the “great selection between living and the dead spirits” finding a large part of brothers and sisters of humanity unprepared, weakened by spiritual ignorance, led by religious leaders as failed as they are. They placed their hopes on the physical plane and on those who direct them in the matter, completely forgetting that Christ only speaks of love, forgiveness and charity to us. From His loving heart emanates all strength and Light that sustain those who believe in His presence.

Brothers, we can see imbalance, wars and chaos increasing more and more. You have closed your illusory borders for avoiding the free passage of peoples; however, you cannot stop the events in process.

The Nature elements circulate freely in the orb and, when furious by the imbalances to which you relegated them, it is not possible to contain powerful actions in this unbelieving society of yours.

Land, fire, water and air manifest everywhere on earth warning the fragile human creatures about how tiny they are, in front of Creation.

It may become increasingly rough this journey!

Try, beloved brothers, to involve your soul with the Light of Christ. He is with you. His presence is intense, but only those who vibrate in His Gospel can see Him.

Change your action!

Control your thoughts!

Tame your actions and feelings, because on Earth now there two battlefields. The darkened field due to your actions denying the Laws of God in detriment to  of your passions and wild instincts; the other is a field of Light for those who seek to keep themselves practicing the Gospel of Jesus and struggling for their own spiritual ascension.

Light and Darkness walk side by side in the Planet of transition.

Salutary energies from Spheres of Light pour on you, earthly humanity, reducing the lower vibrations around you. The water you drink can free you from the dense contamination, since you keep the least vibrations of love, charity and forgiveness in your heart.

Pain and suffering reaching you now do not come from the Father. The source of the chaos you live comes from yourselves.

Love each other, as the Father loves you!

Forgive, as Jesus forgave, and follow the path of transformation so that you penetrate the dimensions of the planet of regeneration approaching.

We salute you in the name of God and leave you on the peace that overflows from our hearts.

I am Maytreia with you.

Hail the Light guiding guides us!

May the Planetary Christ bless you!




 10. Go ahead loving and forgiving


The Planetary Christ take cares of you, brothers!

Children of God, while laboring for the improvement of your souls, through sacrifices and renunciation, in the work of love and charity, serving and loving, forgiving the enemies and serving Christ, the battles continue. This is the only way to be trodden by those brothers longing for the spiritual renewal and liberation of backward planets.

The current selection attracts the creatures to the fields mentioned according with their own vibration. Moreover, Loving Shepherd Jesus invites everyone to adhere to His infinite and liberating Love!

The choices are individual as attribute of God to the creatures that, through free will, build the paths they wish to travel.

Each one is free to choose his path; but he is not free to choose the consequences, since every action results into reaction, which impels the creature in the path of progress.

Behold, the time has come for the final choices in the planet of atonements and trials. Moreover, in the automatism of the planetary events, sanitation and transformations on Earth, the disciples of God walk looking at the Light from the High guiding them.

Work more and more, even if the sharp stones of ignorant and backward brothers of the journey hurt your bodies; even if the incomprehension disturbs your mind; even if you have to open clearings in the dense layers in front of you to help and support everyone who approaches suffering and lost.

Continue loving and forgiving, until the suffering ceases. Then, you will be launched to the dimensions of Light, where peace, love and fraternity are in harmony with God Laws.

We are full time with you during battles supporting you on the path of spiritual ascension.

I am Brother John the Baptist with you!

Go on confident, because the Greater Light, beloved Jesus guides you!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

John the Baptist



11. You created your chaos


Brothers, you have entered the portals of suffering!

Sounds of fear echo throughout the Orb!

The human societies unprepared for the gifts of fraternity, collapse.

We have visited earthly homes transmitting comfort; but in few hearts we found the echo of love and compassion; faith and charity; renunciation and sacrifice in favor of the needy ones.

Christ takes care of everyone. He is the light spreading out sublime energies over the earthly humanity. Elevate the thoughts above fear, intolerance, hatred, and feel your souls blessed by His Divine Love!

God does not hurt you. You have to remove the dense load that you build with your inferior feelings from the planetary environment.

You have the source of the chaos is in yourself!

Love each other, as God Father loves us so that you develop in your heart the potential of faith and courage able to lift you up and onwards, along the lines of progress.

May the Planetary Christ blessings involve you!

Brother Emmanuel is with you.

If your material eyes could see what happens on the invisible world, you would beg to the Father for the end of the Planetary Cycle.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!




12. The greatest catastrophes are in us


Blessed is Jesus, friend of all hours!

The greatest catastrophes take places in each creature. The difficulties that we face, at all levels of the society, whether in wealth or poverty, moral struggles, addictions of all sorts, all of this, my brothers, are catastrophes that knock on our door impelling us to moral and spiritual renewal.

We face difficulties of all sorts, whether individual or collective as divine resources to connect the soul to the chords of the Creator Laws.

Do not rebel against the tests! The student, at school, to achieve a new graduation, needs of continued efforts in studying for then to reach the minimum levels that accredit him to higher schools. It is the same with the soul that, in order to reach higher levels, it needs to face the difficult tests in order to renew its stagnant energies in the lower levels of feelings, tuning emotions to the Father's love for us.

We all suffer in the development of sparks, from mineral to human kingdom, through the vegetable, animal and elemental kingdoms. At all stages, have suffering for reaching ascension. Moreover, after the trials, we face an infinite scale of progress and the soul needs of continuous efforts to ascend in each stage mentioned above.

Therefore, brothers, have faith and trust in God, our beloved Father, and Jesus, because the Father would never punish his son without need for correction.

If has correction, it means the creature has made a mistake. We face trials, because we all are sinners. Keep on faith, discipline and obedience to Divine laws. The truth is with Christ whom we shall to devote strength, courage and, knelt down, begging Him for mercy, and He offers his hands guiding us as far as the portals of Light. I am with you, my brothers and sisters on Earth. To evolve is to work. There is no rest. This, my guide, has often made it clear to me.

Have so much discipline!

Work more and more!

It is the way to achieve a better condition!

Come on brothers; let us follow Jesus who is a tireless Servant of God.

Blessed is Jesus!

Chico Xavier



13. Pests have always been present


May the Love of Jesus be with you!

Throughout the human history, pests have always been present as reapers of life, greatly reducing the contingent of incarnated beings, so that new spirits could also have an opportunity on the physical plane. The humanity takes turns between the physical and spiritual planes. At this moment, the visible and invisible humanity suffer the selection between living and dead spirits; Rightists and Leftists of Christ taken to other planets and primitive worlds for a painful restart. Some spirits rebellious in their moral and spiritual development, reluctant in errors and perversity, declined in their pride and in arrogance, they fall before the fury of planetary events.

Brothers, recognize your human weakness! The immortal spirit will only have free passage to higher dimensions, when, stripped of backwardness, it achieve moral virtues.

Your decadent society has been planting thorns. You live the planetary cleaning, which is not as punishment from God Father, but as part of the dynamic process of evolution.

Awake to the Love taught by Jesus, practice His Sublime Lessons, and elevate your thoughts and feelings to the vibrations of peace and love. Forgive, as many times as necessary, so that you overcome the Doomsday tests. We are many who walk with you, but only a few of you have enough faith to feel our vibrations and the words of comfort and guidance.

Renew your faith and courage. Believe in the designs of God, because, once again, humanity faces the transformative tests.

Have faith and trust in the Father, because death is not the end. Change and enlighten your inner core to achieve a better world.

We salute you in the name of the Light and leave you on the peace of Master Jesus.

John the Baptist is with you.

Have faith and trust, because together we walk in favor of the Planet and its humanity!

Blessed is Jesus!

John the Baptist



14. Time of suffering demands Cunning and Prudence


You had among you, the Being of the highest vibration and Light who brought to this humanity the highest Moral Code, as the path to the redemption of souls. Moreover, what did you do? You turned your back nailing him on the cross leading him to martyrdom. Millennia have passed and you remain refusing to recognize and practice His Sublime Teachings.

A bitter cup is poured out at that time; a cup of pain and suffering, when you must understand it as reflection of your empty existence of good actions. You dived yourselves in selfishness, pride and evil. You are not experiencing any divine punishment, just part of the great plane of redemption to this humanity; emptying of the Earth for the ascension of the planet and of few ones who adhered to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pain, fights and suffering are part of the Spirits ‘enlightenment journey for penetrating happier worlds. This is another step to you take without despair, putting into practice the lessons you have been receiving throughout your earthly existence.

We notice your anxiety in fulfilling the spiritual tasks or not in detriment of the earthly laws. The karma in process, the Great Earth Plan, the selection between living and dead spirits, the planetary exile of “Doomsday”, behold, everything is presented to you decide. Painful step indeed. You cannot escape from divine determinism, its laws of ascension of souls and worlds.

Act prudently. You live in a society in which must follow the rules without prejudice to spiritual growth. It is time to turn your eyes and attention to yourselves and to your family group. Take the occasion also to evaluate the result of this existence, whether the balance is positive or negative. The tumultuous human coexistence demands seclusion and inner coexistence. It is a blessed opportunity to practice forgiveness and love, fraternity and charity to your neighbor.

Prudence and cunning in acting are necessary, because in the spiritual plane, ignorant and ragged beings wander at random. Also on the physical plane, hordes of bandits wander in search of prey. Spiritual and physical planes are in disastrous symbiosis.

Keep your minds elevated to the Creator! Keep you invisible to the dark creatures through the high moral conduct.

May faith be the standard to lead you! Remain in prayer! Spend daily some hours in seclusion to connect with the sublime beings guiding you! Again, we recommend prudence in acting and cunning in leading you, because the mad mob attacks fearlessly and without barriers, the fragile humanity.

Collective deaths are usual in the development and evolution of human societies. Be ready for clashes of inevitable painful apocalyptic trials.

Beloved disciples, yours Master Ramatis is with you.

Think deeply about your actions up to now and where could serve without prejudice to yourselves. Offer your charitable hands to aid the suffering ones. Elevate the thoughts in prayers in favor of the insane humanity.

May our Master Jesus, Guide and Protector of the humanity guide you toward the spiritual ascension!

Blessed is Jesus!




15. He turns a debtor spirit into enlightened one


May Jesus bless you all!

Since the beginning, human beings have been prepared for the self-elevation of souls, because, between one incarnation and another, there is the charitable resource of selfless souls who watch over the backward and rebellious souls, reluctant in committing errors. Moreover, Elevated Spirits take care of the failing souls and then, the Major Teachers take them for long treatments in spiritual colonies, in different planes, where their lower vibrations allow. However, in each incarnation, after forgetting the past of errors and countless promises of progress, the Spirit restarts a new journey to reduce its guilt, to mitigate its future sufferings and, mainly, to reconcile itself with enemies, turning hate into love.

After millennia of ages ended here, we are at the end of the cycle of expiation and trials. Sacrifices, renunciation and loving dedication from sublime beings have not ceased, since they want to see their pupils, brothers of humanity achieve spiritual ascension.

The Laws of God that determine spiritual ascension for all beings and things, they also determine the acceleration of the Planetary Transition, since the psychological moment requires the selection of souls who, involved Divine Love, refuse to expand its Light, diving more and more in the ignominious mud of errors.

Jesus, Divine Master walked with us on Earth, in physical body, in the supreme renunciation of an angel in favor of the frivolous creatures, without bothering to have his tunic dirt in the mud of this planet. He dedicated full time of his physical life to transform all those who approached.

He left for the whole humanity the record of His passages in His Sublime Lessons, in His enchanting verb and in His evangelical moral.

He is the Way able to change a debtor spirit into an enlightened one. Once again behold His presence among the incarnates, but no longer in physical body, because the impulse of elevation by sacrifice exploded into transforming Light and into Archangel Even if he wanted to take a physical body again, he could not.

However, with sacrifice and resignation, from His Mansions of Light, He envelops this humanity with His look, presence, strength and love and, pitying, He remains as a Sentinel of Light to guide all those who wish to evolve, sustaining sufferers and encouraging the rebel ones to the renovation.

To Him and for His Love, we knelt down as humble sailors, faithful servants. We fulfill His will, which is the same of Beloved God Father in helping the little ones for not succumbing into rebellion, when they could, through renunciation, forgiveness and fraternity, at last, reach the high plans of creation, peace and love, harmony and beauty unimaginable by brothers who are still prisoners of lower dimensions.

Wake up, beloved brothers!

Take advantage of this hour of pain to forgive and love as the Father loves us.

May Jesus bless you! May God Father flood this land with vibrations of Peace!

Paul of Tarsus is with you.

Beloved daughters, Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life. Follow Him, whoever wishes to evolve.

Blessed is Jesus!

Paul Tarsus



16. You have nothing to fear


Blessed is Jesus!

Shama Hare is with you beloved children.

We know of your anxiety at that time, however, in this Spiritist House, we trained you for facing the harsh tests of the Humanity. Now, when the trials approach, what do you do? We tell you: there is nothing to fear. You must act naturally at this hour.

These Spiritist House members should not have the hearts filled with fear or go looking for miracles or salvation for their physical bodies and their families. You must take the occasion to look back the course of their lives, without postponing the new encounter with the Light, forgiving and aiding the needy neighbor, without demanding in hours of supreme pain so that the Divinity presents solutions to get them free from anguish, pain and suffering.

As you know, a Spiritist House is not place for miracles. Then, everything you have learned up to now, if practiced in its essence its guarantees you to follow the programmed course of your life.

Have compassion and charity with your brother on the journey, but also a lot of prudence and cunning in acting and speaking, since on the physical plane there are imbalances, violence and pain. On the spiritual plane the turmoil multiplies, since the weakened incarnates attract to your side, the dark, ignorant, rebels beings increasing the chaos on Earth.

Be you beloved disciples those who keep elevated minds, serene emotions and solid faith, spreading security around you based on the Lessons of Christ. We warned you about cycles of pain and trials at this end of planetary cycle. Therefore, act in accordance with the training received, supporting the afflicted ones, helping those who suffer and distributing comfort and hope.

May Jesus, the greatest Master be a constant presence to lead you to the portals of regeneration!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Hail the Light!

Shama Hare



17. Suffering is liberation of the soul


The poured cup has not yet been emptied.

Let pour out from your heart kindness and love that I have taught you; compassion and charity that I exemplified in order to banish from earth the rebels and exploiters that for millennia may remain far from My Father's kingdom.

The Creator Father feed the birds in the sky. Why would not feed men? By chance, do you feel abandoned?

What lack you, children?

Where are you going with so much folly and ignorance?

Help each other. The strongest shall support the weakest ones and the rich offer the hand to the poor. I welcome in my heart everyone united in fraternity and suffers.

However, if you allow yourself to be carried away by the oldest vile feelings cultivated in your hearts, you will be dragged into the automatisms of events outside of Earth and you will only have pain and gnashing of teeth.

Suffering is the liberation of the soul, but only for those who, through it, change themselves morally and spiritually. The greedy, corrupt and rebel spirits will have no chance of taking root, because, like weeds, they are removed from this planet in convulsion.

I am with you!

Follow me!

I am Way, Truth and Life. I am at your side.

Brothers come to me on the path of sacrifice, renunciation and love to the neighbor, so that I elevate your to the dimensions of Peace.

May the Planetary Christ bless and enlighten you!

I remain with you until the end.




18. Reflect on your habits


All the strength and love that sustains you comes from God and you must surrender to Him, resigned to His greater designs.

Brothers, it is not the death that scares you, but the ruin of your society, built on the fragile foundations of illusory materialism. You can do nothing in the face of the overwhelming force of the destructive gale is reaching you.

All the social classes and all human beings are equal at this painful hour.

Raise the quantum of faith on the Creator Father and reflect on ignorance in your acting distancing you from each other, by the simple disagreement of opinions, without considering the reason for living together, in this or that family group. The Laws of God guide the creatures to the development of sublime potentialities of love. However, you have rebelled against the divine determinism, altering your pacification programs with brothers of humanity, refusing to forgive any action of the brother on the journey that comes against your vain interests.

It is time to think deeply on your predatory habits and to institute in your society a new order of mutual support, fraternity, charity and love to your neighbor. Behold, there is a blessed opportunity for renewal and progress. The Creator Father and Christ Jesus support you with love.

We salute you in the name of the Light and leave you on Peace and Love.

Extraterrestrial Artran




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