Divulgation 82


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INITIAL WORDS……………………………………………………………………..Chiang Sing/GESJ


1. Wake up for to love and forgiveness……………………………………………………Master Nada

2. Stop thinking about yourself so much………………………………....Master Saint German

3. It is time to you cultivate inner faith …………….…………………………. Maria of Nazareth

4. Take charge of your destiny………………………………………………………… Master Maytreia

5. Humanity must built new paths………………………………………………… Master El Morya

6. Lesson learned, transformation granted……….………………………Master Shama Hare

7. Don't postpone your happiness! ………………………………………………….Helena Blavatsky

8. There is no punishment in the pain suffered…………………………………….Master Lanto

9. You wish miracles of healing for the physical body……………………..……Master Jesus

10. Be you instruments of the Divine Peace................................. Francis Assisi

11. We only appear when Master Sananda determines……………….. Ashtar Sheran

12. We are all divine creations…………………………………………………………….Master Rowena

13. Law of action and reaction in progress…………………………………………………………Isabel

14. Cultivate the faith………………………………………………………………………… Paulo de Tarsus

15. You are not alone in the exile…………………………………………………….Mary of Nazareth


MEDIUMS (or spiritual channels: Edilza and Gisele




Dear brothers and Sisters,

May the peace of Master Jesus find shelter in your hearts and hope of a better world impels and sustains us on the path of spiritual progress!

Here it is another fantastic Festival of Wesak, when our mediums (or spiritual channels) received beautiful messages from the Highest Spirituality.

Certainly, many groups from everywhere on earth also received beautiful vibrant in love and hope, because the FATHER would never leave any of his children helpless.

In this issue, let us remember you about that Festival of Wesak celebrated in May, through the narrative of those who experienced it. We begin with Chiang Sing´s words, extracted from his book "Mysteries and Magic of Tibet".

Here it is the following narrative:

 (…) "It was good you coming," said Mahima when "we were talking about the Holy Festival of Wesak."

- Yes, because tonight people of Nepal are going to celebrate the Festival of Wesak, which is one of the most important in the entire Asia - said Rajah.

When for the first time we heard of this party, its strange name aroused curiosity in us.

- What does this party mean? We asked.

Raja answered:

- It represents a multimillennial tradition on East celebrated every year, in the Full Moon of May, here in Nepal and in some places in India and in Ceylon. In the great hour of the Full Moon, Maytreia - the Buddha of Compassion - pours his blessings upon the world.

- In fact, these blessings - said Doctor Vessantara - are exceptional, because of his elevated spirituality and Master Buddha has wide access to the Spiritual Planes very far from our reach and can transfer that divine energy to our world. Without the Buddha's assistance, these energies would never reach us.

- Why not? I asked.

- Vessantara looked at Raja; they both smiled, and after a brief pause, Raja spoke:

- The beloved Buddha’s vibrations are so formidable and incredibly fast, that it would be impossible for us to perceive them. However, in the full moon of May, his blessings spread throughout the world, bringing harmony and peace for all those beings ready for receiving them.

The Raja´s words touched deeply our hearts and even so, we had not yet understood about the Festival of Wesak’s meaning. We went on asking:

- Why do you celebrate the Festival of Wesak only in the full moon of May?

-  It is in May – said Raja – in the calendar of India, Nepal and Ceylon it is called Wesak, or Feast of the Full Moon of May. At this time, we celebrate the most important events in Buddha's life, the Enlightened One. However, the shadow that appears at the Feast of the Full Moon is not that of Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha, but of one of his divine emanations known as Buddha Maytreia, or Buddha of the future.

- Can everyone see this divine appearance of the Buddha's shadow? - I asked, perplexed.

Not everyone ... - replied Rajah - only those who are spiritually prepared and have opened their 3rd. vision or spiritual third eye. It is said that on that Holy day, many people wander uselessly from side to side on the mountains, without finding the place where the Full Moon Party is celebrated. It is as if the “veil of Maya”, the great illusion were hidden that place from curious eyes.

(...) - But who are these Masters of the White Brotherhood on East, I asked curiously.

- They are Beings of Elevated Spirituality, free from any imperfection, who live on the spiritual plane and communicate with us through their disciples, many of whom live here in Nepal.

Our joy was so great that we were speechless to thank them.

On that same afternoon, at three o'clock, our group led by Rajah and Lama Kazi left from the palace in the center of Bangkok to the valley of the river Tista.


(...) In an open clearing among huge oaks, we saw an altar of stone with many garlands on it. There was a group of ascetics sat on the floor, meditating. They were all very old beings with long white hair and beard, bodies thin and tan. They wore only a yellow cotton loincloth.

"Those men are the Tibetan 'naljorpas", murmured Lama Kazi.

- Naljorpas - we repeated intrigued.

- Yes, they are pilgrim monks who, on the eve of the full moon, come here from their hermitages to pay their homage to the beloved Buddha.

Later, we saw some men building a fire with sandalwood.

"The night will soon come," said Rajah, and they are preparing the fire for the Wesak ritual." They say, when we participate in a ritual, we help to generate a redeeming strength for all humanity.

- What do mean? - We asked.

- In the ritual, thoughts and insights of all participants, uniting with  forces of the Nature and Divine energies create a powerful vortex for Good, an absolute thought, which attracts the power and goodness of God to the earth.

 (…)About an hour before the full moon, there was a strange phenomenon, which even today is hard to me believe. We saw, clearly, a gray cloud forming close to the three ascetics sat down in the middle of the colored circle. The cloud gradually changed into the figure of a young man with dark skin, fine features and a brilliant look. He wore a floating white tunic and a light blue silk turban around his head.

- How wonderful! Who is he? - I asked, perplexed.

- It is the fluid form of Master El Morya, one of the greatest Masters of the White Brotherhood on East - explained the Lama Kazi. He is the Lord of the first cosmic ray that represents strength, power and protection of the divine goodwill manifested in the Universe. Important political leaders, Guides and Managers of the humanity, with a great tendency for the realization of a constructive ideal, have in their etheric bodies a wide range of blue color, as if they are in harmony with Master El Morya.

- How nice! I exclaimed surprised. Tell us more about him!

 Kazi continued:

- It is said that he lived in the Ancient Continent since millennia disappeared. Its sanctuary is at the basis of the Himalayan Mountain in the city of Darjeeling. El Morya is the great master who answers for direction and development of Asia and its people. At the same time, it has control over governments all over the world. They say in that time of Jesus, he, Morya was Melchior, one of the three wise kings on East. Later he incarnated as the legendary King Arthur, of the Holy Grail, and his last incarnation was as the Irish poet Thomas More. With him on the first blue cosmic ray worked Archangel Michael and the powerful Elohim Hercules.

- El Morya! - I repeated surprised looking at the wonderful materialization of its fluid form.

It was as if the Master's name put a note of peace in my mind and soul. His big blue eyes so bright penetrated deeply in me.

Beside him, we saw a white luminosity, about half a meter high and twenty centimeters wide. It was for the first time we had seen incredulous but so happy a phenomenon of materialization.

The white luminosity quickly disappeared and soon appeared before us the magnificent figure of an old man with a thin and aristocratic face, long white robes and gray hair falling over his shoulders in silky waves. He waved his arms in a gesture of blessing and walked to the center of the circle where the three ascetics were. He looked normal like one of us dressed in white.

Five materializations occurred after this one, in a short period. All of them had a beautiful ectoplasm formation, rounded by vivid, bluish phosphorescence, giving the impression of a crackling flame.

It was amazing for us, however seemed usual for everyone over there. Those facts confused our intelligence, because we had already heard about the materialization phenomena, but had not seen yet. Many investigations made by scientists like Charles Richet, professor at the University of Paris; we already knew Enrico Morseli, famous Italian psychiatrist, Sir Oliver Lodge and others. Nevertheless, witnessing so many materializations like those in a night of clear moon, in the middle of the eastern forest, was something stunning and unbelievable!

We observed the materialized beings talking naturally with everyone and curiously speaking in the Tibetan or Pali language. Each one of us understood his words as if it were ours in a mysterious telepathic phenomenon.

At a signal from Master Morya, they brought a golden bowl full of water from a nearby spring. The master held it gently in his hands and then placed it on the altar, among the garlands of flowers.

Then the holy songs began. A sweet melodic breeze came to my ears. Then, there was an explosion of music of perfect beauty, but unlike any, I had ever heard. It had sounds of such delicacy and tenderness, so penetrating, but impossible to describe. I was stunned.

Beside me, I heard Kazi's voice softly:

- Only the fragments of the great song of the Masters reach your ears, little sister!

(...)This introduction is just to show you the greatness of the Festival and let you curious. Read the Book (Mysteries and Magic of Tibet; Chiang Sing by”Editora Conhecimento.” Before that, I ask you to read the following messages received by our mediums during the Festival of 2020.

Enjoy the reading!





1. Wake up for Love and forgiveness!


Dear earthly children,

Eternity is limited for you, inhabitants of a dimension restricted by dense senses, in this hour of choices and definition of your spiritual future.

What do you want children, to adhere to the Sublime Teachings of love and forgiveness?

Why this revolt against the Father's designs?

When you are wealthy, you do not help the poor ones, but when poverty reaches you, revolt consumes you!

Neither wealth nor poverty will lead you to the Plan of Light, but renewal of yours changing your thinking and acting.

Harmonize your feelings with the highest Divine vibrations of loving, forgiving and working, silently and anonymously, in the construction of a New Being.

The high vibrations of Beings of Light, guide, help and protect you and illuminate the Earth of suffering too.

Wake up, beloved children, for love and forgiveness and find peace.

Master Nada is with you.

Master Nada



2. Stop thinking so much about yourself!


Beloved earthly children,

May Peace, love, health and harmony involve you!

A future of light and blessings awaits you, however it is the time to fight, which demands inner struggles to change the "old man", full of shadows, into "new being", full of virtues and love.

You did not come to Earth by chance! There is a great plan of redemption with beginning, middle and end for this humanity! It is approaching the end of this Planetary Cycle of opportunities that you had for the enlightenment of yourselves.

Unfortunately, you mentally and morally did not developed to the point the humility vibrates in you recognizing that you could not exist as the only intelligent beings in the vast world of God, which you do not know yet. You are still in the primary stage of development, and, in order to advance psychic and intellectually, you must break the animalized ties connecting you to the lower planes.

From the spheres of Light, Peace and Harmony, we direct our high vibrations towards this beautiful planet and its humanity, our sister, sustaining, supporting, and loving all of you.

Many of us, soldiers of the Father, bring to you, the knowledge of liberation however, the animalist passions enslaves you.

Stop thinking so much about yourself; cultivate faith in God and in His greater designs and in his loving guidance!

Dedicate some of the hours you still have in helping others so many needy brothers. Do not you hear their screams and moans? Yesterday, you were among the ignorant and suffering ones, when friendly hands helped you. Why, today, do you refuse to help the afflicted ones around you?

Appease the hunger, thirst, abandonment of the poor brothers, and God Father, who everything can, will supply you with in all your needs!

Help other friends in needy!

Elevate your thoughts to the Creator, Great Beloved Father, Uncreated, Omnipresent, and Omniscient Creator.

He is in us!

We are His Light!

Do not be afraid to face the Beast in both plans of life, because if it still exists daring to corrupt the brother´s hearts, it is because you have not yet been able to convert yourself to the Love of Christ, who is the Way, Truth and Life awaiting you for the nuptial banquet!

Be you on Peace and love.

Master Saint German



3. It is the time cultivate inner faith


Beloved children,

We give thanks to the Father for His love!

Earthly humanity, in this hour of affliction you live, you have to elevate the eyes to the Elder Brother, son of my heart, who humbly gave himself up to the holocaust, so that the message of regeneration could reach and chance you into polished diamond radiating light. However, since you refused to keep these messages of love with you, the hour of the holocaust for humanity has come.

Greater pains will reach the Earth, as the last call for inner renewal, and the deepest fibers of each being, so that faith spring up in your hearts.

Remember the Angel´s words: the humanity will hear and live the rumors of wars, but it will not be the end.

Prophecies are fulfilled. He who does not understand yet that the darkness tries to involve the humanity and accept the messages of the Great Angel, indeed, he will take part of the kingdom of Light, which awaits those who experienced pain and become renewed.

The time has come to cultivate the inner faith that carries mountains, because material goods will not keep you healthy.

May the earthly humanity kneel down to seek inner light striving to expand it over the Planet Earth!

Prepare hearts, houses and spirits of yours for an avalanche of abrupt changes that gradually will reach Earth, sweeping out of this Orb the bloodthirsty, indifferent, hateful, lustful, corrupt ones and those who encourage war, preparing the planetary house for the new inhabitants.

You are living moments of distress. Those of you who keep your vigorous faith beg the Father´s protection for the humanity suffering the beginning of pain.

May the peace of the Beloved Jesus dwell in your hearts!

Mary of Nazareth



4. Take charge of your destiny!


For his/her enlightenment, the creature does not need of luxurious temples. The altars of the heart and conscience are the ideal places to meet the God of Love, who takes care of all of you.

You that usually say the temptations are many to you resist them, you tell you that many were the Lights sent to you, as messages and sacrifices from the Avatars who walked with you, exemplifying their experiences to strengthen and help your souls to face the vile passions.

Crimes, vices and evil perpetrated for centuries and millennia keep you prisoners in the dark lower regions on backward planets.

It is time to you take charge of your destiny!

The “selection between the living and the dead” is the current reality! Do not close your eyes. Do not cover your ears. Do not stop the words able to free you of sins, faults and crimes.

The resources of love and kindness sent to you by the Great Beloved Father can shorten your sufferings. Use them, beloved brothers and sons of God Father, for your rapid evolution.

Many loving hearts come to you, answering your pleas for help! To see them, you must remove the black cloak that covers your guilty conscience.

It I enough a thought elevated to the Father, who everything can so that you feel vibrations of peace and love in your heart, propelling you to progress.

Love each other as God Father loves you!

Be on peace of the Planetary Christ!

I am Maytreia with you.

Master Maytreia



5. Humanity must build new paths!


Earthly humanity opens your hearts to the Father’s sublime Love!

The material world is a transitory illusion so that the souls remove the stains adhered to their divine spark, acquired by ignorance of acts.

Build new paths!

Give up the fratricidal struggles, violence and wickedness!

Reflect on your actions that have only brought you misfortunes and suffering.

It is time to renew thoughts, to sublimate the emotions and to evolve!

If, today, you walk along the irregular paths and muddy trenches, you created them with your actions by various existences in the transitory matter.

It is time to build a new path, which can lead you to the highest dimensions of peace and love, fraternity and harmony.

Come brothers vibrate with us in the Father's love for all of His creation!

We salute you in the name of love. From our hearts, leave vibrations of Peace and Love for you!

El Morya is with you.

Mestre El Morya



6. Lesson learned, renewal granted


Beloved sons and daughters similar rebellious children who refuse to carry out school lessons; but to pass the school year, you have to stick to the schedule and learn the lessons.

Lesson learned, renewal granted; neglected lesson, repetition in pain.

Your spirits, exhausted from fighting, remain rebellious, not accepting that the pain only ceases after your connect with the Light.

Self-renewal means loving, forgiving, serving others and loving God.

Do not be reluctant children, beloved brothers in following new paths, subduing pride, selfishness, nullifying vanity, turning on the light of humility, resignation and faith.

We salute you in the name of the Light of the Divine Master Jesus!

The Planetary Christ takes care of everyone.

Master Shama Hare



7. Don't postpone your happiness!


Beloved brothers,

When I was on earth in my last pilgrimage, I took a high schedule, with the objective of gathering the teachings of the Masters and spreading through humanity the sublime chords of their words, opening consciences and renewing souls.

I should have embraced the Distinguished Master Kardec and his Doctrine of Spirits, which added to the transcendental revelations presented to me, would bring a new impulse of Light transforming waves warming the human hearts, the will to evolve. Nevertheless, the pride dominated me and I fulfilled my task, but not in its fullness.

Returning to the World of the Spirits, after had recovered the sidereal memory, I recognized the great mistake and, at once, I begged new opportunities to the Beloved Father to redeem myself.

I worked in the spiritual plane with the congregations I planted on Earth and other groups dedicated to the spiritual work, under the aegis of Christ, in the Third Revelation. In Spiritist Houses, I worked serving others, anonymously and voluntarily, to mitigate the great remorse that consumed me, until I found this House (GESJ) and Margarida, formerly known.

Then new horizons have opened up!

I have trodden new paths of revelations, works and transformation. I lived in another planet, fulfilling a task that I could not do here. I returned now, humbly serving the fraternal humanity in the Vineyard of Christ.

Helena Blavatsky is with you.

My brothers, he who has already his conscience awakened must embrace every job opportunity and, glimpsing the future of light wishes to abandon the backward planets that are part of the evolutionary journey of all sparks.

Suffering and weeping body and soul pain are ephemeral and insignificant events, given the immensity of lights and blessings that await the victorious one.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the subtle hour of planetary suffering. Those of you, who can, continue serving as a vehicle for the voices of spirituality to brothers on Earth:

“Christ takes care of you! He is present and wishes joy and happiness for everyone! ”

Suffering is transitory; spiritual life is eternal! Do not postpone your happiness any further!

The transitory matter allows you suffer for a limited time and, once achieved the victory of the spirit practicing the Lessons of Jesus, you find the peace wished.

May Jesus, the planetary Christ blesses and sustains all of you in this hour of pain.

Blessed is Jesus!

Blessed is the light guiding us!

Helena Blavatsky



8. There is no punishment in the pain suffered


The renewal of worlds and beings occurs in the automatism of God´s Laws and the creatures of backward worlds are not responsible for directing any events in the Universe!

You are captive souls of animality and addictions, and it is up to you change the path to follow.

There is no punishment in the pains suffered by men on this planet, but blessed opportunities for the guilty spirits redeem themselves before the Divine Consciousness.

Appease the hatred, pride and arrogance in considering you the only one in the Creation! You are an important, but tiny part, in the process of God's Laws, in Divine Creation.

All “cells” created are part of the Creator's Great Body. While vibrating in His Love impels your spiritual ascension. Crying, suffering and facing the gnashing of teeth are choices of every creature inhabiting this beautiful planet.

The present hour offers opportunities for unity, helping others and progress for humanity, as the planet advances toward the progress of the worlds, entering a new dimension not be accessible for those who remain in the areas of ignorance, moral and spiritual delays.

Take advantage of the hours you still have in this planet of atonements and trials to redeem you before the Laws of God, serving Him, loving and forgiving others.

Lanto is with you. I greet you in the name of God.

Master Lanto




9. You wish miracles of healing for the physical body!


 Beloved children of my Father, I poured the bitter cup upon you, but the rancid liquid did not end. You still have many doses to take in order to heal the wounds of your souls.

I walk with you, listening to your hearts and observing that the whining of suffering does not follow the forgiveness of offenses.

You want miracles of healing for the physical body, but do not see, beloved brothers, your sick souls in need of the medicine I have brought through the lessons I left to you.

“Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself, doing to him what you would like to be done.”

"Forgive offenses, not seven times, but as many times as necessary!"

Here are the remedies to cure the ills afflicting you!

Come to me. Let me lead you to the Kingdom of God for the banquet of Light! However, change your garments to make yourself worthy to attend the “transformation party”!

I am always present with you!

I leave you My Love! I never leave you!

Master Jesus



10. Be you instruments of the Divine Peace.


Let us be instruments of peace, love and joy in afflictions of life,

May we correspond with everything the Masters and Instructors expect of us, as workers in the Vineyard of Love that Master Jesus granted us with His teachings!

Where there is hatred, may we be Love.

Where there is sadness, may we be Joy.

Where there is despair, may we be Hope.

Where there is war, may we be Peace.

Where there is darkness, may we be the Light.

Earthly humanity, each of you has the seed of love that the Divine Creator planted in you. May this seed bear fruit through the friendly word, help, protection, and understanding the pain of others!

Therefore, do not be us discord, indifference or revolt.

Many brothers and sisters suffer today in both planes of life, for turning their backs on the great suffering that the Master went through, for not understanding His Lessons.

May the Master´s words through His love break the barriers of indifference of the humanity! Unfortunately, just through pain, many brothers are going back to the churches, prayers, asking for Divine mercy and help.

How many times will pain have to reach human hearts to you pray for others and for you?

Therefore, once again, we ask men to be instruments of the Divine Peace!

May the Master remain among us!

Francis Assisi



11. We only appear when Master Sananda determines.


May the Peace be in all quarters on Earth!

Peace in your hearts too!

Knelt down, I offer my sword to the Commander of the Planet Earth.

All the extraterrestrial beings and their commanders are now paying homage to Master Sananda, respecting His guidelines for the progress in the current phase on earth.

We do not go where the minds responsible for the destinies of the Earth do not allow us. We are humble workers who, out of love, came from various galaxies and universes to provide our solidarity and knowledge to ensure that nothing goes beyond of that programmed by the High.

Despite all the events taking places on earth, Darkness dominates neither the action plans nor the human life, much less to stop an action determined by the Divine Programming, such as rescue, protection and helping the humanity.

Pay attention to the News about the appearance of spaceships and extraterrestrials; analyze them the purpose origin.

The extraterrestrial beings who serve the large Command and The Great White Universal Fraternity would never be among you in the attempt to dominate the humanity, take power for them or frighten the fragile and unprepared human minds. We only appear to humans, when Master Sananda determines, and it is not the time yet.

The Houses of Light in line with Jesus, with seriousness and love for the humanity will know the right moment this fact will happen, and it will not be any country to determine when and how we appear, because the earthly leaders do not hold the power over the Earth.

The battlefields are teeming. Instead of worrying about whether or not we will appear, men with clean hearts connected with Christ should offer themselves to the battles, receiving from their guides and instructors the determinations of activities in which to take part. Those beings at the rear or at the front are equally important, because the Light works like a chain, in which everyone is important and necessary, not aiming at rank or patents, but rather the love that put into the job, since the humblest to the most important beings.

Pay attention on those saying that we are emerging, since they aim at embracing unbelievers and terrorizing them with the idea that we intended to dominate the Planet Earth. Men do not realize that if we had that selfish idea in dominating this inferior planet with technology still delayed, we had done it long ago. Nevertheless, it is not our interest to dominate or conquer anything in the Universe, because nothing belongs to us. We serve the Planetary Christ answering the Master Sananda's call.

Here, humbly we are available to contain chaos and patrol the Planet.

May the Planetary Christ be with us!

Blessed is Master Sananda!

Ashtar Sheran

Commander of all extra planetary troops on Earth



12. We all are Divine Creations!


The sanctuary of the heart shelters the divine spark.

However, the more perverse the creature may be, its creative spark is luminous and, whenever it wishes to change itself, treading new paths, this light present in all creatures will be activated by a minimum thought and feeling directed to the Father.

We all are Divine creations!

From the Father we came, beginning the path of evolution and, to Him, we shall return, after the necessary transformations for evolution.

Abandon revolt, fear and hatred, choosing love and faith as flags of renewal.

The opportunities multiply in this hour of pain, so that you can renew your soul.

We are many beings walking with you, whispering in your ears words of love and kindness, so that, feeling the Divine Presence, you have courage and strength on the path of progress.

Forward, brothers, in the name of God, to the renewal, toward the Light.

I am Rowena with you.

Master Rowena


Note: Master Rowena's Message closes the set of messages received during the Festival of Wesak. Now follow the messages of our older Brothers received in usual work activities.



13. Law of Action and Reaction in progress.


The “noble men” of the golden Middle Age return to their original countries in Europe. They leave from East, Africa and America. It is destiny placing them as ragged and excluded beings, where before were lords of power who decided everything and the Church forgave them the sins.

Today, they are on the streets, begging for their daily bread. If you had special glasses able to see the past time, you would see them as kings, queens, princesses and all their court of nobles who, once, covered themselves with velvet and gold in the splendor wealth at the expense of the sweat and tears of the poor ones.

They travel barefoot, hungry lashing out at their bodies and, ironically, the destiny put them where, before, their carriages strolled throughout the human misery. In a humiliating situation, they cannot penetrate the gates of former palaces and castles of theirs.

This is how the stained tunic is cleaned delaying the steps of the humanity.

It is the Law of Action and Reaction in progress, which corrects and educates. When the human justice fails, wise and sovereign are the laws that govern the universe always using resources to balance and harmonize the circulating energy among you to maintain the progress of peoples and of the planet, according to the planetary program.

Blessed is Lord´s Peace!


Isabel, 03/14/2020


Note: In the past, I was a queen, today I am a humble servant of the Lord.



14. Cultivate the faith.


The Master's Love invites you to penetrate the swamp of pain, revolt, hatred and discouragement that the Earth became nowadays.

Brothers, you know of the Plane for this phase of planetary cleaning, since your incarnational programming merges with events that you experience in your daily life.

Thus, fear and panic are not justified, since you are aware of everything, even before the karmic descent that the transforming wave would cross your way and the divine protection would never abandon you. Therefore, there is no justification to feel helpless when diseases and natural catastrophes cover the “weak” and “disinherited from luck”, because the planting is free; the harvesting is mandatory.

Faith is the key to you fell strong and lucid in order to live the part destined to you as a refinement of the past of sins. Without faith, inevitably, you accumulate seeds of pain and revolt that you will inevitably reap in future places of exile.

You, who already understand the need for transformation, living the Law of Destruction, be faithful instruments for the work of Light on Earth. Thus, you will be, for all of us, arms acting in the name of Christ, on the physical plane.

There is no chaos created by Divine programming; there is yes wise and sovereign transformation taking place through the planetary cleaning.

We count on you, last-minute workers, for humble and loving service in the name of Christ.


Paulo de Tarsus, 03/14/2020



15. You are not alone in the exile!


Beloved children of my heart,

What does mean the current suffering, before an eternity of blessings?

Jesus, the Adored Son, suffered without guilt, resigned himself and asked the Father to forgive His executioners. He was the purest soul who came down from Heaven to bring you the Lights of Good News!

Resign yourself, brothers!

Let us praise the dark hours, with the supplicant thought of the Creator, to Him send us the balm of strength, courage, resignation, faith and love, involving all humanity!

We visit your homes of pain with compassion and love for you!

You are not alone in exile!

Our loving hands cure your wounds and enlighten your souls!

The Blessed Love of the Father is always involving you.

Mary of Nazareth, GESH - 05/08/2020



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