Divulgation 84


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INITIAL WORDS ..................................................... ................... GESJ

1. We cannot go back....................................................................Margarida

2. Alert of John the Baptist................. ......................................... John Baptist

3. Understand and practice the Laws of God................................ Euripides Barsanulfo

4. Each one receives for what deserved in his trajectory...............Buddha

5. Do not be surprised by the transformations................................Nefertite

6. Change you to deserve to inhabit the New Earth....................... Artran

7. Jesus is reborn in the hearts of those who want to evolve..........Peter the apostle

8. Free you from the transitory physical world................................ Thiago, the apostle

Mediums (or channels): Edilza and Gisele



Dear brothers!

May God bless and enlighten you all everywhere in the Planet bringing courage to face the trials and, hope in the days to come. Let's be strong and brave beings, because our biggest – if not the only – enemy resides within us.

 The difficulties seem enormous and the struggles endless. But what is life if not an eternal struggle? Since we left the Father's bosom like sparks and went through the different Kingdoms until where we are, we faced battles, we learned a lot and evolved too. And, in addition to the difficulties for each one of us, we still face the transition of the Planet, which brings a collective karma involving all incarnated and disincarnated spirits on Earth.

We will win! Let's struggle for our inner renewal and inner glow that we have to spread. Let's join hands, because it is more comfortable and less tiring when walk together.

May Jesus be reborn, every day, in the heart of every inhabitant of this beautiful blue Planet!

Happy New Year of 2022!

GESJ – Grupo Espirita Servos de Jesus




01. We cannot go back!

Blessed is Our Lord Jesus!

We often ask: who are we to attract the presence of Jesus to our humble work?

And the conclusion I reach, whenever I think about it, is that we don't need any title to deserve his presence, but only sincere dedication and love for the service we render to our brothers and sisters in humanity. This is what attracts the divine Master: humility, firmness of character, and sincerity of faith.

Brothers! In the greatest dreams of ours in relation to the work that we humbly founded, I had never thought, I would reach this point, of deserving to receive, in our humble Spiritist House, Beings of Light so extraordinary that no longer have a defined form! Beings of such high rank who command a Planet directed from the Astral Space!

And who are we? Only humble servants of Jesus!

At each passing year, a greater share of Light, greater moral development of Christy feelings solidifies in the hearts of the Servants of Jesus. Although they are invisible to material eyes, all the progress achieved by each worker is accompanied from the Sublime Spheres, by Conductors, Guides and Masters of ours happy for the improvement of virtues in our souls.

At times, when we are immersed in the dense body, we ask ourselves: are we, in fact, following the path, as programmed before incarnating?

Are we satisfactorily answering the needs imposed in needs of our Spiritist House?

Are we satisfactorily working in the spiritual realm? Or is our rebellious spirit still withdrawing from work?

All these questions are natural, my brothers!

I myself have had them in abundance.

However, they cannot be an impediment for the sincere worker to proceed in answering the Christ´s call.

However, the more imperfect our actions may be, we must not hold back on mistakes, but continue working, as mistakes are transformed into virtues, as we move forward, fearless, each one fulfilling his tasks, with responsibility, discipline, respect and love.

To whom much has been given, much will be charged. Those who have abandoned the journey will certainly answer for their faults and failures. Those who follow the path of Christ unsatisfied will respond in the same way. However, the latter, if they have not abandoned the work, will alone recognize their faults and seek, at all costs, to make up for lost time before the Earth's last hour of atonement and trials!

Do not sorry for those brothers on the journey that have not yet managed to see beyond the whirlwind of difficulties and with personalism still strong in their actions. Try, each of you, dear brothers who have already awakened, to serve everyone with kindness, firmness, fraternity, patience, tolerance and love to your neighbor.

The knowhow you accumulate in spiritual journeys working with Jesus, it means a driving force for the New Earth.

May Jesus bless you and let us continue with the work, which is intense and increasingly urgent, in this purification process that advances on careless, backward, ignorant and materialistic humanity.

Just yesterday, we belonged to the group of ignorant spirits, to which we don't want to go back anymore!

Advancing with Christ is the goal for our soul thirsty for peace!

Margarida is with you.

Margarida, Foundress of GESJ, 10/30/2021


02. Alert of John the Baptist

Blessed is Master Jesus!

I am the one who, authorized by the High, come to speak to my brothers of humanity to strengthen them with faith on High, in Master Jesus and His Emissaries. Few ones are prepared for the serious earthly changes approaching.

Are you prepared Brothers for the changes?

Which of you are ready to go through needs?

Which of you are prepared for the great social, moral and physical changes


When we say to prepare yourselves for what will come, neither think it will be like a dream kept in your minds for the future, nor transformations will be waiting for when your house is strengthened; your mind is prepared; your children are emancipated, our health treatments are concluded, and when the work is satisfied, and soon.

As the Sweet Rabbi said: the transformations will arrive like a thief at night, wreaking havoc without warning.

In relation to the world, for most of you, life still proceed in an orderly manner and within your schedules, with your commitments being fulfilled. But if revolutions arrive in your cities or in your country?

Look at your fellow human beings who live, in their homelands under painful trials, many of them imposed by human madness, others coming from planetary transformations through the physical plane.

Look at them and think: it could be me; He could be my son.

Do not wait the apocalypse to come with a date set on the earthly calendar. It is already happening in your world and will grow more and more in intensity and strength, until the divine order is re-established on the beloved Planet Earth.

I can see in many minds, material accommodation, without reflecting that, overnight, this may change. The current moment on earth is serious, urgent and does not allow distractions to the creature, much less indifference to the suffering of others.

What you see happening in some earthly regions today, it will be a planetary event for which you are not prepared. I can see it all.

Messages that are sent out of mercy, sometimes pass through your hands like mere papers, words blown by the wind. But, the day will come to you live everything that is alerted in these messages. Laments and tears will not be admitted by the Superior Spirituality, as much will be demanded of those who receive this source that comes from the High.

When pain knocks at your door, remember you were warned. When you withdraw from your comfort by imposition of transformations, remember that you were warned. When losses befall your home, and I do not say loss of life, as this has been happening since the beginning, remember that all of you has been warned.

There is no comma in the messages that has not been prepared by the High before, to keep you steadfast in the trenches.

We hope to look at your Spiritist House GESJ, in all its instances - branches, internet, information multipliers, inside and outside its physical structure) and see that you are not a concern in the eyes of rescuers, that there will be no one in despair to be helped, but that you will be our companion, one more worker with Lord Jesus. Do not rest your arms and minds. Stay on alert!

The Spiritist House needs you, but it survives in spite of you.

He who flees from the fight will not cause a decrease in the strength of the House, but impose on himself a weight to carry for the next reincarnation, like remorse weighing his soul.

This alert and cry I send you is the concern of the brother who has walked a lot, who has seen a lot and feels that some beings are distracted, not paying attention to the changes.

The coming year will be a great test for humanity and for this friendly homeland. So, work now your spirit and your family life; once the transformation begins, there will be no return.

John the Baptist is among you.

May the Peace of Master Jesus comfort the human hearts!

Blessed is Jesus!

John the Baptist, 08/18/2021


03. Understand and practice the Laws of God

This Humanity and, in particular, Spiritists lives the blessed opportunity to put into practice everything that was codified by the distinguished Allan Kardec, and that has been taught, over the centuries, by Superior Spirits.

It is an opportunity to learn and put into practice the Law of cause and Effect; to understand detachment from matter, when the disease exposed on Planet Earth demonstrates that those who suffer most are those who do not learn, do not understand that Divine Justice is for everyone, that we only live a period of learning in the physical plane, but that, in fact, we act more strongly in the Spiritual Plan. It is time to learn that the Gospel According to Spiritism is not the Bible of spiritism, but the deepening, the clearest and most lucid explanation of what the Holy Bible is, what the gospels of Jesus are.

Not all those teachings were created in the Master Kardec's mind. The spiritist is the one who, theoretically, should be going through these moments of pain, personal, family and social tribulation in a balanced, peaceful way, without revolts or anguish, since he understands that all pain is necessary for the soul to evolve.

The earthly family is temporary and every content of emotion, revolutions and contradictions experienced in this group are just reflections of the momentary spiritual delay of the being.

We live in the times arrived. We closer to the three days of darkness, the most intense tribulations, widespread catastrophes, and we realize that all those who have enough information are the least prepared to go through the chaos approaching.

Few Spiritist Houses are beacons of Light for humanity. In this current moment, many “lighthouses”, previously cataloged by us, Instructors, they are off; others, in half light and few ones with their intense Light.

Of course, we cannot blame the messages that don't reach these Houses.

Guilty lies in the mental flight of their leaders and some workers who, attached to matter and afraid of suffering, they ignore the need for spiritual help that only Spiritist Houses, through doctrine, can offer to the wandering, suffering, sick disincarnate, torn apart in his most intimate religious convictions.

Heaven and Hell, Superior and Inferior Astral are purely conventional names. For us, who work in the daily tasks, we live both within ourselves. In a moment, we are in heaven, while in contact with our Superior Masters and, for a moment, we live in hell, when we remember the mistakes and how long it takes to rebuild a road based on pain and suffering of others.

It is the wonder of the doctrine teaching that we have spirituality on our side, and eternity giving us hope of one day to be with Them.

Be prepared, Spiritist Brothers for the confrontations you will have with yourselves. Never forget that unshakable faith must not be worked only in moments of peace. It is shown in times of conflict, disagreement and even lack of hope.

Opportunities of working are granted by Superior Spirituality. Happy are those who offer themselves and keep their word.

Take care of your mental house, because the Master himself said that even the good ones would be deceived in the End Times. For the good one not to be deceived, he shall understand the essence of the moment in which lives. You must understand that there is no divine injustice; disease is beneficial, and separation in matter is inevitable, no matter how it comes.

Incarnate men may think themselves to be superior commanding the humanity, but little know they are not commanders, but yes, commanded. No matter how powerful a leader of Darkness thinks to be, in a small lapse, the Master Jesus, lovingly, snatches from that being the power he thought he had in his hands.

No incarnated man can command a planet and a humanity. Each one follows his karmic and spiritual schedule.

Do not fear what will come. Have faith and perseverance, because the time is near when everyone will be tested in faith and in understanding they had of the Master's words: “until the last cent”.

Blessed is Jesus! Hail is His Light.

Euripides Barsanulfo is among you.

Euripides Barsanulfo, 07/09/2021


04. Each one receives for what deserved in his trajectory.

Blessed is the Christie flame shining upon the Earth at this time!

The societies that compose the earthly humanity are about to enter into bloody conflicts over material interests and temporal powers.

Some earthly leaders, representatives of the most negative forces try to dominate the Earth and put into operation the strategies of domination and power over the Planet.

As Master of the East, I have compassion with the suffering, hungry and enslaved people, who have neither physical nor mental strength to rebel against their powerful leaders, who retain and restrict knowledge in every way.

East and West, each one received different beings in their soil, from communities of backward planets, to purify their petrified spirits.

East and West received beings of high wisdom who granted to humanity, important scientific, mathematical, medical, pharmaceutical, social, philosophical and pedagogical knowledge. However, Darkness usurped many of that knowledge, which results we can see today: the strategy for good used in war; technology that should give a material boost, converted into firearms, into machinery of mass destruction; medicine, which was intuited by superior minds, was used in the manipulation of narcotics, forging healing, dependence of medicines for diseases that could already be extinct.

They are far from God's eyes, far from Master Sananda, but each one receives what deserved in his trajectory. Darkness does not act on its own or personal will. The range of your actions extends to where the dense karmic and deleterious cord that envelops the Earth stretches.

The Orient had its Apex and is in decline now. Apex in philosophical doctrines, medicine and defense. Then came the decay of societies. They spent centuries in ostracism and stagnation of their teachings. Today, it tries to get back, but in the wrong way, by domination of masses or the strongest dominating the weakest ones.

War power does not mean power, it means fear, insecurity, because those who dominate by force are more fragile than those who are dominated.

The West, in turn, had its society evolved in intellectualism, Arts, in Development of the society, exchange of ideas and culture, but, as it also harbors exiled and fallen spirits, it spent what was willingly given to create kingdoms, forging kings and queens on fragile thrones, which, today, no one dominates the Planet Earth.

There will be no terrestrial or dark command over the Earth, since it already has a government, a planned schedule and its path designed towards the Light.

Do not worry about the social and military movements planned by countries, since the attentive eyes of Master Sananda only allows suffering as far as humanity's collective karma goes. If today they suffer from the lashes of despotic decisions, it is because the roles are reversed. The oppressed of today were the oppressors yesterday.

On the next planet of pain and atonement to which they are sent, the despotic rulers of today will be the submissive. Be just with your neighbors! Be magnanimous with your planetary home. East and West on the renewed Earth will form a single continent, with no divisions in society, politics or religion.

One God, one country, one religion, one society of Light and fraternity.

Buddha is among you.

Hail the Light of the East. Hail the Cross of the West.

Blessed is the Light of Master Sananda.

Buddha - Master of the Universal Great White Fraternity,

Wesak Festival, 05/25/2021


05. Don't be you surprised by the transformations

Hail the Divine Mercy on this humanity!

How many times have warnings and alerts been sent to prepare you for the torments that approach planet Earth? Before, the alerts were located, isolated, and received from the listener only a look of compassion, being quickly replaced by the eagerness of activities in the matter, by various material, family, social commitments and were quickly forgotten, since the transformations suffered were not interfering with their lives.

Today, reports of cataclysms spread throughout the Earth in areas that were previously untouched by the forces of Nature. They do not occur out of vengeful rage, but as a natural process of localized discharge of saturated energies which, if that were not the case, would bring worse consequences than those mentioned on the Media.

Long before, the Sweet Jesus was on Earth, fulfilling His mission with His human brothers, the prophets already warned of the dangers approaching. The Gospel came and Master Jesus, from the High of His earthly governance, ratified, once again, the warnings to prepare them, as the scourges would arrive, sneaky like a thief that comes at night and without warning when the hour comes.

Sadly, even the believers, the warned ones, Christians who believe in transformations, will also be surprised. “Pray and watch” should be a constant, as daily exercise, not just when the news arrives.

The Earth's magnetism, being gradually inverted is already causing changes in its physical structure. Sudden changes in temperature, earthquakes where they did not occur before, floods in places considered unreachable, changes in the physical structure of human beings, bringing consequences for their organic and mental morphology, such as the immune system.

These transformations are not only aimed at the physical aspect, but also the ethereal earthly astral. The strong magnetic charge that already weighs on humanity, it brings the feeling of confinement and of physical changes. It increases tiredness, as the time will come when the physical body will not support the gross and pestilential energies that approach the physical planetary surface.

When we tell you that danger haunts the Earth, the worry is easily forgotten. Many will be taken by surprise and, as said: a quarter of incarnated and disincarnated humanity will not be able to overcome this phase without revolt and without grievances in relation to Creation.

Gradually, the Earth breaks away from the gross dimension toward the fourth, subtler, higher dimension.

Each opening in the Abyss will bring tragic changes to the surface, since as you have already been told you, there is no way for the Earth to evolve into a planet of regeneration, which interior is still wounded, sick and with a population incompatible with the highest thought, with a more harmonious society, which will not yet be perfect, will have karmas, pains, but compatible with a regenerated planet.

Do not think that those who claim to be powerful will flee from the Earth's transformation. They can build bunkers, underground shelters, store plenty of food and military protection. Karma is superior to human will and, superior to karma, is the divine programming made billions of years ago by the superior Mind of the Master Jesus, who carefully elaborated each step of the Earth's emancipation until the End of Times. They will be buried in their super-safe havens, since no one can scale the power of the earthly transformation approaching.

No matter how much you prepare yourself physically, first of all, be prepared spiritually, since the biggest harm will not be loss of material life, but the understanding that, even when warned, they were not mentally and spiritually prepared.

What does it matter if life of loved ones are taken during this transformation? Death is commonplace in the universe. They will leave behind only a body and objects no useful in the astral plane, but the spiritual baggage, which faith that must be strengthened. It is the greatest wealth you can carry in any earthly dimension.

Master Jesus is loving, caring and concerned not only with those who turn their backs on him, but especially with those who say: I believe. He knows that many brothers did not need to go through the ultimate pains, because they have the information. But they will go through, for not having strengthened their inner self.

In the Astral Plane, we are already working on an emergency basis. We recommend to all of you that to also be concerned with the urgency of preparing yourselves.

Blessed is Master Jesus. We are with you, brothers and sisters of humanity. To each one, according to his merits.

Nefertiti is among you.

Hail the Peace of Master Jesus!

Nefertiti, 07/24/21


06. Change you, to deserve to inhabit the New Earth

From Space, we monitor life on Earth!

We accompany human collectivities and their slow awakening to the sublime goods of the soul.

We analyze the health of the globe and we can see its lethal prognosis if humanity continues on its destructive course.

Human beings have not awakened to the understanding that their actions, no matter how small they are, bring positive or negative consequences for the environment in which they live, directly interfering in relationships with nature and human beings.

Most human beings radiate lower vibrations not sufficient to contribute to the elevation of planetary vibratory tone.

All of them receive, individually and collectively, beneficial opportunities to restore in their souls, peace, brotherhood and harmony with the Universal Laws. However, animalized feelings and passions dominate their minds and hearts, which make them unable to see the obvious, that “it is by giving that you receive”.

For the construction of a new being that deserves to inhabit the new world full of peace and harmony, right now, you must modify yourselves in the sublime chords of Universal Laws brought in abundance by the Divine Conductor, Jesus.

Brothers, the depurative process of humanity is accelerated and the planet is looking for ways to escape from the dimension of suffering toward the superior dimension, where will receive the refreshment of renewal.

Drastic events shaking the social structures of human communities that may change the geography of cities, they are approaching as consequences of your harmful actions, thoughts and feelings that reach not only the physical plane, but also the invisible plane around you. Be ready to receive back the poisonous rays that you cast into the earthly psychosphere.

From the High, we lead you, hoping that your consciences will awaken you to reach renewal, so that you deserve to inhabit the New Earth.

May Jesus bless you, earthly humanity! Wake up, because the planetary shakes will reach everyone!

Artran is with you.

We are part of the great army that helps Earth in its apocalyptic transformation.

Blessed is Jesus!

Extraterrestrial Artran, 11/27/2021


07. Jesus is reborn in those hearts who want to evolve

May Peace of Jesus be with you!

On the way to Golgotha, Jesus gave us a look with compassion, because He knew the fear that overwhelmed us in facing the judgment of our fellow men who held the temporal power. And, oblivious of His own suffering, Beloved Jesus suffered for us.

After the moment of extreme suffering for all of us, we feel ashamed for not having His courage, for not being like Him, for recognizing that we are still so fragile and ignorant beings.

However, short time after He had died on the cross, He came to us, so alive and filled with love, revealing His power and faith in the Creator Father.

We could touch and feel him alive beside us!

We felt a great joy in recognizing Him alive that we overflowed with faith and trust. And, at that time, we solidified His Undying Lessons in our soul!

Endowed with deep faith, from then on, we followed the fulfillment of the promise we had made to restore the Good News in the human hearts. And so, we walk, fearless, starting the work of God, sowing His words in the sandy and stony hearts of our brothers.

The seeds of light thrown to the wind, by His strength, remain in the Earth's soil, just waiting to be watered, so that they bloom full of strength and light.

Brothers, Jesus is reborn in the hearts of those who, desirous of making progress seek him thirsty for peace and comfort.

Come to us, those who are tired of illusions of Maya (matter); those who suffer from injustice, those who are sick, hungry, thirsty, who desire healing, food and water.

He, our Teacher and Guide, friend of all hours, with open arms, receives everyone in His heart. In His tireless work, He wants to see all humanity awakening and walk with Him to reach the New Age.

His Good News, distributed in abundance on Earth, awakens those who are asleep, strengthens the fearful and involves everyone.

Come, brothers, to Jesus to free you from darkness and to renew your soul.

Peter, the Apostle is with you!

Just yesterday, we walked with you on the dusty road to the Orient. And today, after the millennia, we continue by your side, brothers, so that, together, we can reach the Land of Regeneration.

Blessed is Jesus!

Peter the Apostle, 11/27/2021


08. Free you from the transitory physical world

Peace on Earth and goodness in the human hearts!

In sacrifice, Jesus exemplified the creature's way for reaching the higher planes.

Immune from sin, He suffered the ignominy of men.

Filled with love, He gave himself unconditionally for others.

He poured out His blessed Love on the orb, allowing the awakening of many souls who, freeing themselves from darkness, were transformed under His loving yoke.

He has established on Earth a “foundation of Light,” which perennially sheds His light and His love, embracing all hearts.

For centuries and millennia ended, His marked presence is able to awaken those who, for brief moments, cast thoughts of supplication in His direction.

Brothers, the bitter hours you live in the Apocalypse may represent liberation for souls who adhere to the Gospel of Christ.

His love extends to everyone. Those who voluntarily connect with His divine light will be able to overcome all final obstacles to reach the Promised Land. Without the friendly support of Jesus, you remain in the backward worlds of expiation and pain.

Free yourselves, brothers!

Even today, seek Hs blessed light, which is support and guide in the Earth in transition.

The Planet today represents a great arena, where wolves and sheep fight each other in the tests necessary for the improvement of the soul. Those who cling to the transience of the physical world, oblivious to the eternal soul, remain attached to the dense worlds of the Universe of God.

Brothers, Jesus is with you. He is the only Way, Truth and Life able to elevate you to new dimensions of peace and love.

The "Doomsday" you live in are the ultimate opportunities for spiritual ascension. Many hands are extended to impel you to travel, without revolt, the transforming path and, freed from guilt, reach the Regenerated Earth.

Come, brothers, with Jesus to face the earthly struggles and toward the liberating flight!

Thiago, the Apostle is with you.

Blessed is Jesus, our Master and Guide!

Thiago, the Apostle, 11/19/2021


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