NEW Divulgation 86


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Initial words ...................................................... .................... GESJ



01. Arduous battles in physical and astral plans …….…... Margarida

02. Our actions synchronized with Divine Hosts! … Commander Yuri

03. The battles keep emptying the abyss ... ........................... Atafon

04. Battles do not cease ...................... Commander Ashtar Sheram

05. Protection for you and your homes ................................... Zambi

06. Take care of your physical bodies ................................. Orcadim

07. The soul reincarnates to meet love again........... Master Rowena

08. Prophecies come true ....... ....... ........................ Jesus Sananda

09. Let the Father´s Love touch you…………. ......... Master Maytrea

10. Spiritist, instruct and love you for redemption………Allan Kardec

11. Your progress is in your hands ........................... Master Kuthumi

12. Children, the healing is in you! .......................... Master El Morya

13. Fragile power erected on suffering humanity….….  Nostradamus

14. Great dissent of workers of Light…………. Master Saint Germain

15. Planetary chaos announces the transition .............. Master Nada

16. Hate can last millennia, but Love is eternal .......... Paul of Tarsus

17. Only in practicing Love, you get salvation ................. .... Buddha


Spiritual Mediums (or channels): Edilza and Gisele



Dear brothers!

That Peace and Love of Master Jesus find shelter in your hearts and that hope of a better world is the strength that boosts and sustains us on the way to our improvement!

Next we are from our destination. The crossroads approach and we go through moments of last choices. At this point, we have to ask some questions:

Where do we want to arrive?

Which paths will we want to follow?

What motivates us to continue?

The answers to these questions show us the dimension of efforts we should exert to reach our destinations and the time we will take to get there. And is wrong who thinks his fate is linked to his own will.

I remember a popular saying, repeated several times by Mrs.Margarida, founder of GESJ: "He, who wants to be what God does not want, he must be what God wants!"

This makes me see that each other's fate is linked to the Father's desire, the One who created us. Our destiny will be to fulfill our mission in the universe, to which we were created. And if we are still moving towards this destiny, it is certain that if we deviate from the way, we must return to Him by the means that the Evolved spirituality judges necessary for this to happen.

Our Evolved Brothers do not judge us. They know that learning comes from experiences we have gone through. But these brothers, like our masters and tutors, always seek to show us the ways to follow, the choices to be made, and the speed of our steps to reach our destination at the right time.

This Divulgations brings beautiful messages from Wesak Festival by our masters, tutors and friends of the spiritual plan, who seek to show us how to make the right decisions and accelerate the steps, so that we do not have to go through long and tortuous deviations, until we return to the point where we distort.

The beautiful messages by Evolved Masters always bring signs of alert, but also bring hope and show us the ways to happy destination.

May this reading enrich us, increasingly.

Peace, love, joy, and forgiveness in your hearts, with the blessings of Master Jesus.

Enjoy reading!







May Peace of Lord Jesus be with us!

On earth and in heaven is constant the protection of Divine Hosts to the beings of creation.

We still tread the rudimentary road for the evolution of beings. Our still limited mind on sidereal knowledge does not realize that we delay our progress because we attach to the material plane, to our dear ones, to passions and vices that are imprisoning feelings of the soul in suffering. To break free, the creature must exert increasingly strong and difficult efforts, seeking to completely disconnect from the heavy burden of moral and spiritual backwardness.

Sisters, the Spiritist House, erected with sacrifice and renunciation, is just a little boost to take flights of freedom. All the sacrifices and renunciation, every effort we make, however seem exhaustive to us when we are immersed in the physical body, they are small, in front of the wide sea of God that opens in front of us, in the sidereal amplitude of the worlds, Beings and vibration of God.

Strive, brothers, at any time to practice the good, to forgive the offenses, and love others as yourself. Fight bravely against your bad tendencies. Be meek, peaceful but firm in defending the truths of Christ, without being contaminated by human quarrels.

The little we do, will reverse to us in larger benefits and we must surrender to the Creator, grateful Him for infinite goodness.

The shaking of the coexistence with fellow men cannot cause cracks in the faith we develop or arouse doubts of the work we do in the Spiritist House.

Daughters, Sisters in Christ, redouble the intimate vigilance. Do not let the disagreements to shake your convictions of transformation and redemption of the soul. The inhabitants of the invisible world need servants of Jesus in the physical plane to transmit their words.

Keep faithfully and disciplinarily fulfilling your spiritual tasks, and each one will receive his/her sowing.

At this side, the work is hard, but also the lights and blessings multiply, for the one who gives, much receives from the forces of God. And there is no way other than work, sacrifice, study and transformation, spent by the creature itself to renew with Christ.

That neither sun, nor rain, visits nor bad weather keep you far from your spiritual duties.

He, who wishes to keep working with Jesus, he must discipline himself, being obedient to the established norms, seeking, every day, transmuting defects into virtues, loving and forgiving each other.

We are always with you in spiritual work and, whenever necessary, in your daily life. The struggles are arduous in physical and spiritual plans. However, sisters, the presence of Evolved Brothers with friendly protection, salutary energies that heal and renew the physical body and the soul is constant and uninterrupted.

Work more and more, as indicate and warn our Master Ramatis.

Blessed is Jesus! God bless you, sisters!


GESJ Founder

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Hail the Light!

From Patrol Planet, we follow the unfolding of events on earth and we see the predicted reality by sidereal engineers.

Human beings, devoid of love in their hearts, fight with excessive cruel force against their fellow men.

War consumes physical bodies and free demented souls.

The soil soaked with blood compromises the planetary stability.

Christ Jesus hangs above all chaos, emanating salutary lights and energies to reduce the impact on the hearts of those who have already achieved higher vibrations than the reigning brutality.

He goes down to the infernal spheres seeking to awaken the rebellious, angry, ignorant ones.

Brothers, feverish is the activity of the hosts of light sent to assist the Planet and Humanity at this time of transition. It will be the end of the horror cycle for beginning of peace and harmony among beings.

Extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial spaceships circulate freely among human collectivities, rescuing souls, leading the embodied ones to receive help and often collecting and sending them to intraterrestrial cities and to “end of times shelters.”.

Extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial beings work incessantly in the Army of Jesus, in planetary cleaning, in awakening of consciousness and rescue of humanity.

We cleaned the air from nuclear impurities and filtered the waters of rivers and seas thus reducing dangerous contamination.

We closely follow each earthly inhabitant in their thoughts and intentions, seeking to intervene positively, within the merit and karma of each creature to reestablish peace and harmony of God among men.

You think the extraterrestrial presence on earth as fiction of troubled minds, or that technology is invented, cannot exist and that we are fictitious beings.

Poor children! Still with the heads plunged into the holes of unconsciousness!

Wake up for the time of planetary transformation!

Our actions are synchronized with Divine Hosts!

Your disbelief does not threaten us!

Our hearts have compassion with your moral and spiritual delay!

Your Society collapses in its economic and social structure, and only those who have faith will reach the new land emerging on the horizon.

Jesus bless you.

We keep working in the name of God, under command of Jesus and with blessings of the Planetary Christ to save men and women who wish to renew themselves in the Light of the Creator.

Blessed is Jesus!

Commander Yury

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




Diligent workers from Messiah Vineyard, Warriors of Light!

At each battle, the abyss is emptying.

Nowadays, there are several areas forbidden to access any creature, signaled so that everyone understands. They are areas sealed by light and cannot create new communities, new confraternities, cities, prisons, and so on. At each battle, the environments occupied by dark organizations are more restricted.

In today's battle, one more area will be emptied by Forces of Light. Fair battle needed to help these suffering brothers. At each battle, beings rooted on abyss for millennia are removed by force of minds of the highest spiritual powers: they are Sidereal Engineers, Masters, Commanders, and so on. And they are also assisted in this process by prayers of family and of friends who are more advanced, spiritually speaking, and who still have their dear ones dragging humiliating and suffering in the Abyss.

There is an area that was sanitized by the Light, which was a part of the spirits forest. It is a detailed work to remove the men's trees from the habitat they built for them. It was also a subtle job to invade the laboratories and remove ovoid men, caterpillars, dragon and reptilian breeding grounds.

The Wesak Festival, known for the whole dark community makes these dark beings even more violent, because they know that they cannot prevent the Wesak's Light from acting in the battle, sealing these cities, cauterizing these wounds and rescuing their brothers under the command of dark


At each battle, we go down a step in the abyss and the closer we approach the creature that commands the Darkness, the more dangerous the fights and greater the requirements for those who participate in it. Everything is measured: number of warriors, skills, moral and spiritual conditions, because a false step or poor preparation will be violently reverberated on the physical plane. Lots of these beings that are taken from abyss have their mental connection corresponding to one or more incarnating being (see at www.extraseintras.com.br - Message 3427 and others) and we cannot cause death at the expense of cleaning the abyss. We cannot provoke collective deaths simply by removing these beings and cutting their tentacles of one hundred groups or a thousand incarnating people. Everything is authorized by Master Jesus and by Him monitored.

But either we cannot surrender the earth to its new civilization with a vibrational point below humanity that will come here, because it can cause ruptures in the subtest e astral bodies of a regenerating land.

Aid Centers and shelter cities are displaced. There is a large movement on earthly astral at each small change towards the axis verticalization caused by an earthquake, a tsunami or other cataclysm. These are displacements that reverberate all over the Planet Earth. Hence the great difficulty of some people on the physical plane, to reconcile the vibratory changes with their astral bodies still in the third dimension. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the one who transforms, maintaining his vibration at a high level and not being influenced by these suffering brothers.

And speaking of the dark beings, when some of them are expelled from their community darkness, with a friendly, loving word that have long been forgotten by their minds, they become workers of Light still in their dark shapes, going to watch the spaces that were sealed. They become much more dedicated workers to fulfill what they had promised to the master, since they received Love that their mind no longer remembered and so wrapped in evil, by the millennial subjugation under Command of Darkness.

Then, if they see a deformed being still in awful appearance, but fighting aside, do not think it is a darkness preventing the Work of Light, but see it as a last minute worker acting on advanced ranks of the abyss, Christ's army. They are valuable workers who know the tactics of darkness very well and use them in favor of the Light.

Atafon is among you!

Blessed is Master Jesus!


The Angel of the Abyss

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




Hail the Strength!

Hail the Light!

Blessed Divine Master Jesus!

Peace on all planetary quadrants! Peace also in your hearts.

Warriors of Light, have reached the victory in the battles of the invisible plane against the Darkness.

Do not judge that, ceasing the fight, you will retake everyday life simply.

No, brothers!

At each expired step, larger is the responsibility and vigilance of the warrior, as the attacks intensify with each step the Light advances, in illuminating the earthly lower planes.

Your soul also is graduated in progress, dedication and faith in working with Jesus.

Go ahead warriors of Light, because the battles do not cease and the battlefields multiply all over the earthly Orb. Few are the fearless warriors who, connected with Hosts of Jesus, keep fighting.

The Planetary Christ bless you.

Peace in your hearts.

Peace on all planetary quadrants.

Ashtar Sheran is with you.

I am leaving, but I remain with the warriors of the army of Christ.

Hail the Light that guides us!


Commander Ashtar Sheran

or Archangel Miguel

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Working sisters!

Being responsible for protecting your bodies and your homes, we will extend this protection with our warriors for another period, since it will not be with the end of this battle that the danger ceases.

We advise you to redouble surveillance in everyday life, in living with brothers of humanity, with thoughts, actions and intentions, because with each victory of the Light, larger the ferocity of the one who thinks to be defeated.

Just as we redouble surveillance, Darkness redoubles the attacks, having as a prize the fall of one of you.

It is launched on the astral plane, a prize for this group ends so that the Darkness take advantage of these battles to make subtle attacks to those around you in situations beyond your control.

I cannot, according to the higher determination, keep warriors daily around you, but sending superior energy loads to on animals that watch your homes, to avoid attacks and keep balanced the local energy.

We are humble workers, fulfilling orders, and thus our warriors also advance in the task with you.

May the Master's Light surround us!

Zambi is among you.


African warrior

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




Note: The next message presents care suggested by the High Spirituality to treat the physical and spiritual bodies of the GESH´s members that were in the battles during the Wesak festival. Although the physical bodies do not completely reflect the blows received, great is the damage and wear out in these battles)


Blessed is Master Jesus, the Doctor of the Doctors!

Your bodies, although do not reflect much on matter, on the spiritual world, they resent the ferocity of the battle at Wesak festival.

Along with the medical team, we invite you all to be in our cities to restore the energies of your chakras, with a view for other activities to which will be called, where each new task requires more than the previous one.

During this week, we advise to increase water intake so that toxins absorbed in a putrid environment, without good energies, can be eliminated from your astral bodies.

This year, we will not advise the sisters to be closer to our city due to the great difficulty of the route and spending of time. We advise you to be closer to Nature, since the air even on the physical plane, becomes oppressive for those who follow working and subtilizing their astral bodies.

You will be with us in the city of Stelta for medical treatments, but it is up to the sisters to go to Pedra Azul or not. Anyway, we will always be with you, for the spirit there is no distance and specific place to be. The Spirit blows wherever he wants, as the beloved Master said.

Orcadim is among you, in the city of Stelta, on a planetary transition mission.

Blessed is Jesus.


Intraterrestrial from the city of Okay

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





It is sad to see our brothers to evolve their still childish bodies, suffering from such painful karmic. The planned Love before reincarnating is not to bring suffering, abuse or violence.

When a soul reincarnates, it returns to material life to meet Love again, to evolve, to have loving parents to take care of it, to instruct it and envelop it in affection.

Every child deserves to have parents to love them, to become a responsible adult, to comply with the laws with dignity, to be respected and to respect their brother of humanity.

However, power, greed, and addictions of all kinds lead some beings to corrupt child innocence. We know that these spirits are highly committed in the field in which they are raped, but should not need to be abused to fulfill their karmas. The Rectification Law itself, the Law of Return, fulfills this task with balance and harmony.

We often receive in our arms spirits with their astral bodies injured, vilified, destroyed, and so on. And these minds, when come to us, arrive in such state of madness that do not recognize themselves as humans worthy of love, believing that Divine Love did not support them when begging for help.

How to explain to a child that it was raped that God loves her?

We then help with the Gospel, which says, "Come to me the children, for they will be the kingdom of heaven."

Thus, the Light leads these little souls to a good angel, who abdicates from himself to take care of them on the astral and physical plane.

These souls, despite the painful lives that have been planned and who take other directions on the physical plane, they can free themselves from the hardest part of their karma. Some of them incarnate consciously that will lead a life without happiness and without love, in the environment in which they will be born, for they acted as beasts in other lives and, when they return to spiritual homeland, long is the recovery of the astral body of these spirits. But when the understanding comes, they kneel down and thank the Father for having fulfilled what had promised, and suffered without making the other suffering.

They are surrendered to a holocaust, paying to the last cent to return clean, climbing another step of the long evolutionary ladder that leads to worlds where these harmful practices have not dwelling.

We tell them that the evil is not eternal, but Love, yes. It breaks barriers of dimensions never imagined by beings still late.

Love breaks hatred barriers of distance and of thoughts.

Love is God, Love is the universe and personification of love on this planet is Master Jesus.


Master Rowena

GFBU Master

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




Beloved children of my father!

Why did you turn your back to me?

I only wish to save you from darkness, ignorance, and backwardness of your souls.

Each of you, in supplication to the most loving Father, wants to dive into the physical world under promises of moral renewal. However, when you are in the physical body forgotten of the criminal past, you let emerge all the vile passions of your soul. And your actions, which should be generous to others, become evil, violent, brutal.

Behold, the opportunities on the beautiful blue planet will reach term, at a time not far away. And those who are full of proud and degrading vices no longer find the blessed refuge for their vilifications, as they will be transferred from earth, when the time for the spirit to evolve on this planet ends.

Brothers, I am always ready to help, support you, and lead you to the kingdom of my Father.

That all souls come to me so that I transport them to the house of the Most Beloved Father.

Prophecy becomes reality and your hearts remain unbelieving; your minds remain emptying in the work of loving others.

Come to me, brothers! You, who face the pain for the renewal of the soul and whose human injustices shake your head to the ground; You, with the bodies injured, homeless hearts!

Come to me lead you to my Father´s Kingdom.

Do not postpone your encounter with Love, since the devastating storms break the dikes of time and the transformations advance over the Planet and Humanity, to fulfill everything according to God's Larger Will.

The Planetary Christ watches for you all, awaiting your renewal.

I leave you my Love and my presence remains.


Jesus Sananda

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Peace on earth and kindness in human hearts!

Disciples of Light, let THE Father’s Love touch you. He pours on the little sphere, Earth. Blessings as purifying energies sparked from God toward the Earth reaching deep dimensions in the lower planes, touching all living beings with His Divine Energy.

Light makes no differences in its salutary action. But those who elevate their thought to the Creator will receive, in their divine core, all power of the fluidic energies that spill at this time on the beautiful Planet.

Brothers, beloved children of the Most Beloved Father, believe in God, and fulfill His laws to evolve.

Chaos, suffering, and gnashing of teeth experienced by the earthly humanity are the harvest of the sowing for millennia of hatred and bloodshed throughout the Planet.

Each creature that represents a divine cell builds its own way, intertwining its life with other lives, attracting and repelling itself, until reaches divine communion.

You who believe in the manifestation of God, put in your hearts loads of energy, love, peace, harmony, because closer are the devastating windstorms and multiple difficulties for a peaceful human coexistence. There will be obstacles on the streets, avenues and highways that interconnect human agglomeration, preventing the local people from reaching the countryside and vice-versa. Waves of violence will spread throughout the Continents with man hurting his fellow man.

The only way to heal the soul is practice Love taught by Christ Jesus.

From our hands leaves the Creator's energy to appease your hearts.

Love you, as the Father loves you!

The Planetary Christ bless you.

Maytrea is with you.

Hail the great Light guiding the Humanity!


Master Maytrea

Master of Great White Universal Fraternity

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Spiritist brotherhood, we all are disciples of Jesus!

The Spiritist Doctrine revealed the dogmas around the humble Divine Master, bringing his true face to humanity, without attributing extraordinary powers to the simple and humble Nazarene. The Spiritist Doctrine revealed the divinity of the man of faith, whose potentiality of the soul, He suppressed them and, to become human like us, took a physical body, after a long sacrifice in reducing his perispirit. And so He was crucified by the human ferocity.

Brothers, the Spiritist Doctrine is divine revelation that frees the anxious soul and exhaustion from struggles and sufferings, to own redemption, making from future happiness, a stimulus to evolve.

Do not neglect the mediumistic study, avoiding personal interpretations, since a long and exhaustive work was done to write down a basic knowledge revealed by Evolved Spirits. The clear writing does not require exotic, unusual interpretations.

If you put the Evangelical Morality before reason contaminated by wrong ideas, you will know how to separate the wheat from the tares.

Brothers, sacrifices and renunciation have always been necessary to institute a new order of progress in the humanity of a Planet of atonement and trials. Therefore, that faith and charity, love each other, and forgiveness of offenses become the bulwark that sustains and leads the Doctrine of spirits to help, support, clarify and comfort the brothers of humanity.

Beloved illuminated Jesus goes in front of us, waiting for our firm steps toward him.

Spiritist, to instruct and love you is the premise of redemption.

May Jesus bless us!

Kardec is with you.


Allan Kardec

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




Beloved disciples, Peace and Love flood your hearts, making you faithful Servants of Jesus!

Many times, with the mind already awakens to the spiritual duties necessary for you to evolve, the past weighs in your conscience and, at that moment, ask you, the reason of the lost time. And you feel pressured to perform tasks that you have committed for you, when were in space. And we warn you that to walk free and fully, you must remove the veil from guilt and remorse of your hearts.

The past cannot be modified; the future depends on your current choices.

It is true that you are late in your spiritual evolution; However, you have already decided for redemption and always seek to shape your spirits within the Gospel of Christ.

Worldly life directs your choices and actions to superfluous needs of the material world. All this is transitory and are anchors that prevent the highest flight of the soul.

Get free your spirits from every insane feeling that prevents your ascension!

To educate the mind and soul is a slow process in the beginning, but it accelerates as the Spirit persists firmly in the practice of self-transformation with Jesus.

Evolution does not give jumps, but your steps are still slow and time is up for doubts and to neglect of your spiritual tasks.

At high speed the transformations of this Planet occur. Society modifies, reversing the moral values and the one who remains parked between matter and spirit, doubting of itself and of the internal resources to evolve, he fatally will be sucked, swallowed by the windstorm of the planetary transition.

Children, on the spiritual world there is feverish activity of those who desire the progress of soul and allied with the army of Jesus.

When you are awakened on the physical world, you do not remember what happened in the spiritual plane, where your thirsty souls for progress work hardly fulfilling the guidelines of instructors and loving guides, in helping the suffering spirits, in cleaning of the earthly lower planes, in studying and in practicing the Doctrine of Jesus.

The pressure on the physical world is intense to prevent the steps of the one who is no longer wishes the vulgarities of matter. However, if the creature does not increase the will of redemption, it will hardly reach the spiritual victory.

Your progress is in your hands; Assisting you is our task. We have seen and accompanying you for millennia, wishing your awakening to the Light.

The Spiritist House is soil we prepare for your future sowing. If you wish to collect the flowers of spiritual progress, work without ceasing.

On the darkness side, beings fight with each other to reach the glory, the Faust. They seek, through the forces that vampire from the incarnating ones to advance on the Lamb´s collectivities, thirsty energy to perform the difficult work of soul control. For driving away, a worker from the Light, they can vampire him, using his energies to distort the unwary and to as many as they can slaughter.

So children, pray and watch. Do not neglect your souls. A dark cloud observes you, looking for a failure to slaughter you.

Deep transformations occur in the Planet´s geography. In this this process, humanity is slaughtered in its physical bodies, collective deaths and the earth is emptied and souls transferred according with their sidereal graduation, and the Planet advances to its new dimension.

Hercolubus approaches fulfilling its function of important planetary cleaning, and its energy led by Sidereal Engineers, in the divine plane drawn to evolution of the worlds, it approaches for verticalization of the planetary axis”.

Spend the present time to build a future of happiness.

The battle occurred, as foreseen, in various parts of the earth, and you will hear about empires and reigns falling as a positive consequence of the planetary cleaning.

May Jesus bless you!

We bless and follow you!

Blessed is Jesus!


Master Kuthumi (Ramatis)

Master of Great White Universal Fraternity

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Brothers, we can hear you crying!

We comply with your request sending our energy to help, heal and comfort you.

But brothers, afterward the healing of pains, you retook the attitude of aggressors, without a single modification in your actions and thoughts, with your emotions in disagreement with the dictates of Christ. And, as in a vicious circle, the bodies again get sick begging for healing.

Children, the healing is in you! Activate the internal dynamo, the desire to get rid of the whirlwind of suffering and gnashing of teeth, exerting efforts to practice love. There is no other way for salvation other than Love taught by Christ Jesus, who has been with for millennia.

There are no easy paths for redemption of the soul, since the ways of the Spirit are built by itself. And if it is full of thorns, stones, mud, these elements represent what was sown by eternal soul.

Behold, it is the moment when the Planet leaves the lower dimension, suffered, wounded, wishing to renew itself, following at high speed to enter the new dimension.

The earthly humanity has its last opportunity to get rid of the Planets of Atonement and trials at this time of planetary transition. Each soul linked to the earth receives love from it, and if you are those who give back angry, negligence, ride and arrogance, you will be disconnected from the Loving Mother and transferred to another rustic, primitive, Orb to clean rebel soul.

Lights and blessings leave from the loving hearts of God's messengers that lead the destinies of the earth, involving all humanity and the planet, so that the transition occurs according to the Father´s major Program.

Peace be with you!

El Morya is with you.

Hail the Light!


Master El Morya

Master of Great White Universal Fraternity

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




The prophecies gradually are being fulfilled. None of the them that were divulged through GESJ´s messages will be canceled or modified, as they are part of a set of actions to transform the earth. The catastrophes will come in a growing volume and gravity. If some of the prophecies have not yet been occurred, it is because of the spiritual time that has not yet reached its apex to be fulfilled.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, great powers failing on their bases, is a matter of time for those who have eyes to see that the power erected on bodies and suffering at the expense of human separation and decimation by war are fragile powers that still are in effect only through the lower force that reigns on a planet of atonement and trials.

You will see a gradual increase in collective disincarnating.  Extraterrestrial spaceships will be offered to take the fallen spirits in their karmic task, to continue to evolve in other worlds; Those able to supplant inferiority will reach more developed planets, but only   small portion of the population.

So it is on earth and in all the planets under construction and so it is throughout the Universe. It is the cataclysms, changing the earthly geography and preparing the new planetary house.

Before the planetary transition reaches its end, many people will see the prophecies to be fulfilled. And for Brazil, great transformation will take place, boosting it to the homeland of the Gospel. And it will not be with this population here, but with a more evangelized and fraternal population. At this point, Brazil still undergoes moral cleaning and if corruption still reigns it is because the humanity has contributed over the centuries to it occur.

If the Eastern population lives humiliated, subdued in less decent works, it is because lived over there many emperors, with their proud and arrogant courts, which current humble life humble do not reflect the luxury experienced in other lives.

Europe will be invaded by those humiliated in the past. The cooling of the pride of the European people has been fulfilling, which through their castles and kings invaded other lands as if they were owners of peoples and countries. Today, Europe begins its collapse of its pride, which will come through wars that remove wealth and put the powerful men knelt down.

Everything is under the Light control and if has chaos, it is provoked by men and not, by the Light. What is done by Light is the transformation of bad into good, the impure into pure.

Whoever has eyes to see, see and who lives, will know that God's hand is powerful and does not choose elected.

May the Light of God reign among you, earthly humanity!



Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Disciples, Workers of the Light!

Masters of the Great White Universal Fraternity have been finding difficulty in gathering their disciples due to the advancement of the planetary transition. There is a great dissent of workers and little dedication to the work proposed to their apprentices and followers.

At the moment, each master is with smaller number of disciples, less than the expected for the planetary moment, when the opposite should be happening, in face of the moral decay in which the earth is; the natural would be the disciple look for his master, in search of guidance, support, encouragement and protection.

In this small group, Master Ramatis finds the same difficulty: a small number of workers in a group that has suffered from large dissent (since its founding in the 1980s, many workers prepared for communication with extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers and accomplishment of astral trips gave up on work). So it is also occurring with other masters. With the advancement of time and work, many people are getting lost along the way, because they do not embrace the commitments made in the spiritual world and no karma can tame these spirits, bringing them discipline, responsibility and attendance.

Keeping you firmly in the ranks of Christ is a task that requires willpower, persistence, empathy and awareness of responsibility, before the Master who fights for you still here, striving, in a great detachment of the energy that composes your body to donate to yourself to your disciples.

As far as we know, those who were our students in ancient times commit strongly themselves by moving away from our teachings. And those who keep faithful are overwhelmed in the tasks that could be distributed equally among the components.

As the great Master said, Master Sananda: "Many are the so -called, but few will be the chosen ones."

To work for Light, we neither need numbers nor crowds; We need willingness workers send again the souls to the father's Kingdom.

May Light be among you, disciples who follow their masters.

Saint Germain is among you.


Master Saint Germain

Master of the Great White Universal Fraternity

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




Brothers, may Peace and Love inhabit your hearts!

We can hear your souls and your pleas. And most of you want happiness on physical land, in the material world. You want wealth and fortune. Abundant table, material goods to banish poverty, however the forgetfulness of the past does not allow you to remember the abundant sowing of pains in which you have dragged your souls in the multiple physical existences. As detractors of God´s Laws, only through the struggles in poverty, in the complexity of consanguineous ties, gathered with enemies of the past, in the struggle for purification of the soul through Love, you will truly find happiness, which is not of this world, as Beloved Jesus said.

Brothers, analyze your everyday actions with those who work with you in the physical life and also analyze every non fraternal altitude received and donated in equal strength of troubled emotions, causing removal of souls, feeding the obscure feelings that weigh on the spiritual being, making you dense, heavy, incompatible with Plans of Light and Harmony.

The loving hands of the Servants of Jesus are always ready to elevate you from ignorance and from the darkness you have created in your intimate, so that you may reborn in the Light and serve the Light,

The Planetary chaos announces the transition of the planet, which shakes in all directions to move away from dimension of suffering and then reborn in a dimension of peace. These planetary movements bring even more suffering and will be through the struggles for survival that you must make the choices so that your soul, finally, reaches the spiritual ascension.

As ourselves, we remain as sentries of God, seeking to alleviate your suffering, illuminating your minds and lead you through the path of renewal in the name of Jesus, the master of the masters, in the name of God the Father, Creator of all things.

Go brother through the path of regeneration.

If someone hurt you, forgive.

If the scourge consumes your life, forgive.

If blood tears pour through the poor and hungry body, forgive.

Only in this way will you ascend illuminated to the Kingdom of Peace.

Master Nada is with you.


Master Nada

Master of the Great White Universal Fraternity

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023





Peace in Jesus!

"Although I spoke the language of angels, if I had no Love, I would be nothing."

Hate can last for millennia, but Love for eternity; This is what we have learned, when we ascend on the evolutionary scale, towards the perfection that the Father expects from us.

Restoring the earthly history, there are millenarian hatred still petrified in the abyss, which were created by distortion of the human mind. The new land approaching with the Advent of the planetary transition, will be the beginning of the learning of true Love. Those who have not been able to achieve the vibrational degree to remain here, will be lovingly send by Hosts of Light.

Lots of instructors that arrived here to teach about Love and forgiveness to humanity will accompany the exiled ones of the New Land, retaking with them the lessons not learned in this Orb.

I myself become volunteer for any planet where there are spirits, children of the Creation fighting among hatred and, wars, for their spiritual evolution. As instructor, I hope to be close to those who still keep the antagonism, dissemination, revolt with Divine Laws, helping them in returning to the Vineyard of Christ.

Many of the brothers that already help the humanity in the terrestrial surface, brothers coming from the stars or from the interior of this planet will also reincarnate as instructors in other Planets of Atonement and Trials to impulse to these new peoples, extending them Hands to other needy brothers, as they extend to us.

However, while the planetary transition does not reach its end, those to whom we conquered here for love, as students of the messages we brought, to these, we continue speaking through these messages, so that they transform and compose part of the population free from karmic punishments and suffered drainage.

There is little time for the new dawn to break. And he, who today takes the first and definitive step towards his transformation, the Hosts of Light will come to aid in protection and encouragement.

Do not look at transformations as a whip to hurt the soul; Look at them as divine opportunities against the  evil, to tame pride, eliminate vanity, arrogance and selfishness. It is in difficulties that the soul evolves and strengthens for battles.

The earthly difficulties now presented to you, are not yet those that brothers of the stars warn and project to the end of time. Time follows fast, but there is much to learn in the last phase of the planetary transition. Do not let scape the opportunity given to you.

Many instructors are approaching from other spheres. This is when the Divine Goodness better germinates. The closer the final phase of the planetary transition is, more the superior Hosts approaches the Earth, so that everyone knows that it is not the dominating, but the good giving the opportunity for transformation.

Blessed is Master Jesus!

Paul of Tarsus

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




By awakening consciousness, you ask to divinity why so much poverty and suffering. And as abundant knowledge overflows in your heart, you understand that the transitory suffering is that raises the soul. To suffer is not to be punished, but to receive the blessed opportunity to renew yourself.

"He who wants to follow me, take his cross and follow me."

Thus determined Jesus to his apostles.

Therefore, in the words of Christ you will find the medicine and comfort; In the practice of His Gospel you will find the path toward happy worlds.

No opportunity in the matter is devoid of a superior objective to renew the soul.

Only in the practice of love will you find salvation.

We are Buddha, we bring to the earth the divine light.

Not only in ecstasy, the soul is free; Rather, you should purify you in the rushing river of pains and gnashing of teeth, in the transitory world of matter for the enlightened soul ascending to dimension of peace.

Hail the Light guiding us!

Hail Love!


Great white Universal Fraternity

Wesak Festival - 05/05/2023




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