Divulgation 73


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Special Edition: Continuation of "Preserved Bodies" (Divulgation 70)




Dear readers,

May the Peace of the Greatest Master be in yours, and in the mens hearts of good will on the Earth!

This Divulgation was compiled by Sister Margarida being published after her death on November 15, 2014, as a "posthumous work."

It continues the Divulgation 70 on "Preserved Bodies". These are similar to human, organic apparels preserved so that brothers make use of them with understanding for such, already without material body, or no more can move the material until the place required on special mission in our Planet.

It is just a brief explanation for not influencing your evaluation. We just began the theme to provoke the knowledge desire for those who seeks preparation aftertimes. Other fresh and important information of general interest comprises this Issue.

We hope the whole content here brought can enrich and, once again, show how much we still can evolve. We still have time for that! Since we give a step toward the Evolved Brothers, they walk kilometers to be with us, as they already have done.

It is worth reading again the Divulgation 70 before this one to see that you are not alone. When you need of the Evolved brothers help, be sure it comes from where it would not be at least expected. In favor of the terrestrial humanity, those Evolved Brothers go downwards the puddles to take us by the hands even dressed in "borrowed clothes", given they have discarded their own clothes long ago.

May Christs Love always pour in all hearts! May solidarity and Charity take part of our way of life!

Good reading!



01. Brazilians! Trust in the Purposes of God!


Hail Jesus! May Peace of the Greatest Master involve all of us!

Beloved disciples! We are here to appease you, the souls, aware of your Christian responsibility disturbs you before the tasks we gave you.

You are not alone and no task is offered above your strength. The Divine Mercy ensures to each one, the bale according to his spiritual condition. However, it wont be without efforts you will achieve the evolutional progress, formerly despised.

Teams of devoted Spirits and Workers of Light exert large efforts at this time to bring to the Homeland of Cruise, "higher vibrations" from spheres of Peace and Harmony thrown upon you, by increment of the Divine Mercy by our Extraterrestrial brothers. They are collected mentally by devoted workers and transferred to Brazilians seeking to awaken in themselves the highest feelings of love to the Homeland, fraternity among people, kindness and love to the neighbor, as stated earlier as characteristic of constituting that people.

The Greatest Lord Jesus, who governs our souls stated this way, the Brazilian people should be constituted through miscegenation, not just of hereditary characteristics of the matter, but, mainly, moral by the invited spirits to integrate the mentioned Nation.

Here gathered are all those that accepted the invitation, at this "end of times." They may wake up their minds and through them driven to fulfill the Purposes of God of transforming the Homeland of Cruise in the Flag of Light irradiating hope to the Planet´s people, and translating the words of Jesus Gospel into Christian practices.

Fraternity, simplicity, respect, lowliness, courage and strength are moral qualities bound to blossom perfuming the New Age.

Brazilians! Trust you in the Purposes of God; practice His Gospel and wait, therefore who serves God is not alone.

Sister Margarida, the issue you are preparing to enlighten the brothers close to you, it arrived to you after the necessary selection. Just its introductory part is available for your understanding.

So it was stated, so that the subject concerned, as others you received to prepare the minds for facing the current and others hard moments about to come.

Here we´re telling you, in a form and content possible, within the plan dictated by the High.

Medium Penha: We still have doubts about the issue we have been reading and discussing. Could we make various questions to be answered in another opportunity, more clearly?

Margarida: Was the Brother present when we were reading and discussing it?

Ramatis: Yes, I was.

Margarida: Then, the brother knows the themes discussed with different interpretations.

Ramatis: The messages arrived as scraps produced by a dressmaker and set aside. You, Sister who is also as dressmaker collected the scraps forming a patchwork able to warm the body.

Workers of different mediumistic stages and knowledge brought the messages, and the sister collected, compiled and published them to the World, lifting the tip of a veil.

Much more knowledge exists. We affirm, you just introduce the subject as such a work, hoping the reader understand it not in the whole, but as path for new discoveries.

Light comes as the understanding advances, however is necessary to walk and, open minds to news.

Preserved bodies are organisms deprived of spirits that, one day gave them life.

Manufactured bodies are created by Sidereal Engineers to be preserved. Both preserved and manufactured bodies are required for superior tasks, by beings at different evolutional stages; however all already sharing vibration with those who assist.

Only Spirits aware of sense and need of the service, they make use of preserved or manufactured body.

Margarida: I brought out this subject through "quarterly messages". After reading for several times the old messages, I realized we needed to know better about and when to make use of a preserved body. Who knows, one of us here need them to help other people, after the Earth transformation, in a sense of suffering, chaos and loss?

Ramatis: After death, if the works of GESJ were in disagreement with the Larger Purposes, and were allowed the sister to make use of body preserved to manifestation before the Group, would the sister agree?

Margarida: Surely I would.

Ramatis: Much easier would be the Group receiving you, understanding what happened, having you to explain them the situation.

Margarida: People would recognize me.

Ramatis: "knowledge" seeks the evolutional progress, help people and elucidate the mysteries, because everything must be accessible to one who makes progress. However, only the progress, journey of each spirit and creature assures him superior knowledge, in a growing way. It is necessary to learn a lesson for then, to evolve.

Your group and others that accompany us throughout the World, they already understood we are not alone on the Earth. Your group also understood that brothers of other planets such as the intraterrestrial beings coexist with us. Now, your task of Divulgation invites everyone to understand how the High Spirituality applies all means possible for the humanitys welfare.

One of them is how spirits of different worlds and situations make use of "preserved bodies" to manifestation, always seeking kindness and fraternity among beings

Go ahead! If the mistakes and failures committed the result, we would interrupt it.

Keep at studying, given the received help is useful for you understand and to make public the received lessons.

Margarida: May I know who is speaking?

Ramatis: Your brother, Master Ramatis.

Margarida: Thank you, dear Master for coming pouring love, courage and peace in our humble and little GESJ.

I am not sure to talk about it, but, we are still discussing on that Brother´s letter…

Ramatis: It is still in process the Brother´s plan in the divulgation of subjects you are receiving and bringing them out. It´s not just to help the terrestrial humanity at this serious hour, but the program grants him an opportunity to transcend his limits and evolve in the mediumistic service without ties or control of those around him. It means faith, determination and logic achieved after long years dedicated to the mediumship. Moreover, above us is God´s Law, and we must respect his free will. We still have time to invite him. Let us bear with patience.

Each persons time is different. Let us pray to the Father to give him intuition with good ideas and higher feelings, in order to ascend free and with you help the humanity.

Margarida: At times, I would like to address him a letter and tell him the naked truth, but I did not. For several years he did not answer, when I told him about the extraterrestrial beings. On that moment, I give up and place it to God´s hands.

Ramatis: If it helps you, sister, often, we also wanted to shake you. Throughout your journey, so many times we wished to appear impelling you think about the lost time, delay in understanding our words or in listening to our calls.

We learned with the Beloved Master, to wait. No matter how difficult is; it reflects love to the neighbor. This time also means learning for us.

Margarida: Let us bear with patience.

Ramatis: If the brother had planned his mediumistic service under supervision of the sister, we would be the first ones to alert him for the good operation of mediumship, but, we cannot interfere.

It is not on our responsibility; although, we are part of a Larger Plan.

Margarida: I have been thinking if he composed our "teamwork" formerly. We came as exiled when Lord Jesus asked Master Ramatis to assist and send us to exile. Who knows, he was in that exiled group.

Ramatis: He is our dear lost sheep that only comes back to his original nucleus in due time, having the soul prepared and wish returning.

We cannot force to open the caterpillar cocoon in process, because, before the time, the butterfly still immature would die. It is necessary to understand the wisdom of all things, the Fathers Perfect Creation.

Each spirit has its time to evolve. After blossoming a new being, full of light, will be ready for action as beloved Father´s son reverting in favor of the humanity, the supreme beauties developed in his soul by natural evolutional progress.

Let´s bear with patience and, meanwhile, let us work for the terrestrial beings. It is the invitation we do you now.

Fearless, persevere; therefore, you are not alone. The small cell of yours, it integrates the body of the Brazilian collectivity and, in the course of time, you understand and see the products of your work join others giving body and configuration to the larger metamorphosis of the collectivity, fulfilling then, the Creators Purposes.

We are all at service of the High. Let´s ask the Father to grand us blessings of Light, discernment and courage to serve with perseverance to Lord Jesus.

Margarida: Thanks for your always friendly presence with us. We expect neither disappoint nor lose your company.

Ramatis: Before it had happened sister, you would be snatched of your body; therefore, if you are still facing hard proofs in the matter, it is because you are faithful servant that we still need you among the embodied ones, publishing our thoughts and materializing the Fathers Will, serving Lord Jesus.

May God bless you, wrapping you with His purest vibration of peace and love!

Save the Light and the Servants of Jesus!

Ramatis, GESH - 07/13/2013



02. Human Minds Disturbed

May Jesus bless you, beloved daughters!

Give up the material attachments and dear ones of your heart!

Hard moments of violence approach on the earth, when insane actions may multiply.

Prepare your dear ones for pain, hunger, thirst and desolation.

Keep on faith and courage, so that your minds are not in disarray.

Our beloved Father did His best referred to deceleration of the cleaning process requested by Lord Jesus. Even so, discharges of poisons by Beast, which stronghold arises from the abysmal regions toward the less dense planes, they provoke in humans, the abrupt bad instincts repressed or not, unchaining and accelerating the "Doomsday."

Advanced is the separation between the wheat from the tares, as well as rescue of souls selected for exile or help in intraterrestrial cities, Planets and Spaceships.

The human minds are disturbed given the moral poverty spread overall the planet.

To make use of "Preserved Bodies" is reality in these days of chaos and planetary renewal.

He, who is already in the first understanding level about the extra-physic life, survival of soul and inhabited Worlds, sooner may understand and accept the reality on "Preserved Bodies."

By other hand, humans in low vibratory level wont assimilate the lesson. They are part of the ones helped and exiled to other Worlds inferior to the Earth.

Nevertheless, those, whose minds are in tune with Forces of Good, even with little extra-physical or esoteric knowledge, they will listen to explanation and be sent to "planetary rescue" in intraterrestrial cities by brothers dressing in "Preserved Body."

The Divine Plan wisely foresees the time to give an end to the expiatory stage on the earth.

May Jesus always bless you!


Master Shama Hare –ASJ/GESJ - 07/13/2013.


03. Preserved Bodies

In Tibet, we spent hours in studying and practicing spiritual esoteric issues, even so, at that time, my mind and body wanted only food and rest. But my Guide very wisely alerted me about the short time I had to assimilate the whole knowledge, which He and other Instructors would bring us.

People of Western often have difficulty in understanding the huge and pulsating reality of life, besides the limited and scarce material senses provided them by the physical body.

Few aware of the subject may understand and accept the existence of "Preserved Bodies", even though that issue is part of information, this humanity should already know, without fear. Bring it out at best, because, a subject is discussed echoes into space, reaching planes and invisible sub-planes. The embodied and disembodied beings equally must know the "occult Truths", study, learn and evolve.

"Doomsday Day" is a reality and time is up to keep occult the truths for humans amidst the planetary chaos.

"Preserved Body" is the resource not only for Extraterrestrial, Intraterrestrial and other Evolved Beings. The embodied beings also can use them for manifestation in distant regions to fulfill tasks brought by Evolved Masters.

"Preserved Bodies" will also be allowed for spirits to manifest in the physical world, exceptionally, where the materialization doesnt assure the objective for such mission.

"Preserved Bodies" will be allowed in large number after "three days of darkness", in several parts of the globe, by ordinary people trained, like you, that have already achieve a certain spiritual elevation, besides the Evolved Beings guiding you, whenever is possible to accelerate the "rescue" of those who didnt succumb to the poisonous gases.

God´s Presence in everything aids His children.

Blessed is Jesus!

Peace forever!

Ramp, ASJ/GESJ - 07/13/2013.



04. Enlightenment comes through Open Minds

Clairvoyance: When I left my body, I was taken to Great Heart City. We went toward the auditorium, where Nicanor made a lecture on Preserved Bodies, and I didnt understand his whole lecture; just some sentences.

Then, I saw a man with astral body taken to a spaceship that left towards a planet that probably he already knew. His physical body seemed sleeping in somewhere like a hospital.

The spaceship parked in the space, as if it awaited the man´s local adaptation.

Short time later, he took off to see his dear ones, whose presence provoked him strong emotional impact. He recovered his memory.

He had asked for that opportunity to meet his dear ones, making use of Preserved Body.

Once granted the opportunity, he took off and was also recognized. I heard him telling a woman: "I cannot stay longer. Great is God´s kindness."

Then, he told her that needed to survive in another world and would meet again.

He said:

"We fulfill our destiny. Keep on faith and courage; give testimony about God´s Love to His children, honoring commitments, sure the reward comes somehow. Our souls belong to each other, independent of distance and time, because is the sincere love joining us without limits or borders. I have to go. Courage! Go ahead. God bless us."

I dont know which difficulty that woman had, but that mans presence gave her new energy.

After the meeting, he went back to the Spaceship, left the Preserved body in a coffin and returned to the Earth. He stayed in the earth psychosphere for an adaptation. Then, I saw him retaking his physical body in the bed. His silver string was strongly tied to the body; the spirit was in sleepiness state and fallen asleep on his body.

I had my mind full of questions, and the answer came:

Enlightenment comes through open minds.

Go ahead, because there is no way to make progress, without dictate discipline, efforts, study and work to the still imperfect spirit.

May Peace be with you!

Ramatis, GESH - 08/02/2013



05 – Have Faith!

Brothers and friends!

You are not alone. You are full time monitored.

While sleeping, you undergo a treatment to purify your astral bodies and drain the wounds adhered to the physical body.

When lack you knowledge to fulfill the tasks, you take part of specific study groups and enlightened for the good development of the work given to you.

When the energy load exceeds, bringing afflictions in your cloudy minds with inferior emotions, we offer you the work as medicine that calms, restores and organizes your psyche, so that, free of troubles, allow the restoring flow of Divine Love.

Keep you on faith. You are not alone.

We are many brothers preparing the humanity for difficult moments about to come. Be you also messengers of God´s Love. He does not ask anything to send you to Higher Spheres.

Work more and more in the sense to become you receptacle of God´s Love. Serve the neighbor as one who offers the cup of pure water to satiate the walker in the desert.

The subject on Preserved Bodies is been published, and must reach other brother´s minds like a pick that insistently acts on the stone, until the prospector glimpses the shine of the precious jewel therein hidden.

Persevere in working until the words are unnecessary, given the immediacy of actions you must adopt as rule of Christian attitude.

Find out amidst the knowledge sowed today, the flowers blossomed from the seeds lovingly cultivated by you formerly.

May Peace of the Masters be your itinerary of Light in the discernment to adopt!

We are with you.


Question: Brother, may I ask you a question?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Besides the body physical, other bodies can also be preserved? I f yes, can they also serve "Spirits of Light?"

Answer: The bodies are just more or less subtle transforming structures to the immortal spirit´s manifestation. Thence, when prepared, serve as vehicle for Spirits of Light, in the various existent planes.

Question: As far as we know, the physical bodies should be preserved. It is not it?

Answer: It was also said that you are in the threshold of a deep issue, which elevation you should conquer through the mind gradually free from the ties that holds you thinking limited to the third dimension.

We could not, without damage to your psyche, transmit, at once, the whole knowledge granted only to the inhabitants of "higher spheres"

As well as at Elementary school begins the Child Literacy, we selected and dealt to Physical World, the first chapters of the "subject", which gradually becomes more complex seeking to make easier the understanding.

Trust and perseverance are attributes of disciples seeking the sublimation stage for denser energies.

I am with you,

Ramp, GESH - 08/02/2013





01. Catastrophes, Riots and Furious Crowds

We look for Peace!

Brothers, as times go on, little lack for the "world hecatomb" and the Alignment of the Earth axis. It may bring renewal to the Planet never seen by this humanity that, for centuries was born and reborn in it.

Catastrophes, riots and furious crowds may compose the itinerary at the "Times Arrived" in all planets of "atonement and trials."

If here, as in other planets, spirits still late have incarnate, we could not think that humans in the search of karmic redemption were fully spiritualized and aware of the need of living, in fullness the "Moral Laws of Christ."

The "End of Times" is exactly the time you live now, when the wheat and tares are dispersed along of the road, however, easily identifiable.

We, Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Beings are quite aware of the decreasing number of "Rightists"; however, we wont decrease nor alter our dedication, efforts and number of workers in fulfilling the tasks, to which we lovely devoted ourselves. We must go throughout the universe where the seed of God was planted and love shall grow, evolve and give fruits.

We are the result of many beings efforts, today considered Angels and Archangels. In those times of pain, weakness and rebellious, they offered us the hands and elevated us, making possible our rescue and consequent spiritual progress.

The message we bring you today is: Do not stop publishing our words and messages of several beings sent by the Planetary Christ as alert, because even ignoring its reach, they can bring hope to your dear ones embodied in any planetary region looking for help and information therein contained.

Brothers, it means solidarity attached to love.

Peace of the Planetary Christ!

Arthron, GESH - 06/21/2013



02. Brothers, You Live at Wartime!

Brothers in Christ!

The Earth of Cruise (Brazil), as in its birth, continues surrounded by Divine Hosts to fulfill its duty of becoming cradle of a new civilization about to incarnate here.

Brazilians! Dont worry with the turmoil shaking the national scenery; others will come until the end of the regenerating path of atonement and trials.

To incarnate in the Earth of Cruise neither accredit the person to become angel, nor change him into peaceful and pure soul.

Amidst the disorder, over the centuries, gangs of exploiters infiltrated, invaded, plundered and reviled the Loved Earth Brazil.

Today, no more they have that ignorant image. They show themselves as civilized ones with urban customs and vocabulary, however, in their hearts, still boils hate, revolt and the revenge that incites them and undermines the little civility conquered.

You brothers live at wartime seen in the visible and invisible planes. However, even amidst the turmoil, hate and dissatisfactions overflowing through the screams on the streets, more painful and more intense is the suffering of those, far from human eyes, begging for help, waiting for pardon, and crying for justice.

You all are, in a certain way, "privileged" being still in a physical body. Thus, dont despise this good opportunity of improving the moral progress of your souls.

So, the soil where you step will become fair and fraternal wished in the near future.

Forward, Brazilian! Let us struggle for Nation of Cruise that blunts as Regenerating Land that, hereafter, may shelter those struggling as Christs flag for Peace, Love and Fraternity.

Marshal Deodoro of Fonseca – GESH, 06/28/2013


03. I Recognized some Workers of Light!

Clairvoyance: I have seen gangs of beasts leaving from the lower astral. Each group had an old, cruel, smart "Lord of Evil" dressed for war with camouflaged uniform, helmet, boots, many weapons and ammunition belts around the body. Those "dark Lords" had direct contact with the Beast. They induced the embodied ones to commit crimes and bloodshed.

I was taken into space where I could see the whole Brazil. From it left a white smoke, as if it were the "spiritual body" of our country. Its outlines formed in the space, a type of wall in Brazil´s astral borders.

Above that white cloud shaping Brazil, I recognized some workers of Light: Among them were Ishmael, Duke Estrada, Marshall Rondon, Oswald Cruz, Duque de Caxias, Anchieta and Francis of Assisi.

By meditating, they seemed to shape that white smoke like a psychic barrier against the invasion of negative spirits of other countries. They also controlled the arrival of "bestial beings ", in a way that were not impeded of arriving, but didnt incite total anarchy in Brazil.

GESH - 06/28/2013


04. It is not Possible Keep Back the Time...


Men wish answers to own afflictions, but refuse free themselves from repetitive mechanisms they create.

They wish news; however reject to change for fear of giving up the comfort supposedly conquered.

They forget about their physical nature producing order in the chaos.

They ignore the dynamic balance of nature close to them ready to destroy everything, and thence to reborn in other spheres.

By wishing to eternalize ephemeral moments, humans try to arrest the time, crystallizing ideas, thoughts and feelings as "forms" against the Creator.

It is not possible keep back the time; on the contrary, we must evolve with it, since we want to follow its renovating flow. Only this way, men achieve infinite possibilities of learning to allow them the "Universal Wisdom."

Peace among men!

Emmanuel, GESH - 06/28/2013



05. Sooner, You live in "New Age"


Brothers, voices from the invisible come to clarify the reasons for afflictions in your souls.

From the invisible plane comes orientation to enable you cross through the valley of suffering arising from the underworlds of this globe as resource of planetary cleaning.

From the astral plane come also brothers and friends loving and protecting everything to soften your pains.

And from where comes faith to you receive the gifts and the restoring fluids you need?

Just from the Spirit comes faith able to connect with God´s Love over all creatures.

Keep on faith, brothers! The time advances and the liberation approaches.

Sooner, you will be living in "New Age" and the pain ended. Only the memories and the learned lessons remain.

Jesus with us!

Luis Sergio, GESH – 06/28/2013



06. We Are Brothers With You


Free will is still the vehicle to guide each creature along the path of evolution.

Brothers, our beloved Master brought us words of encouragement, enlightenment and orientation. We hope they can reach the human hearts full of kindness and love, wrapped with His blessed Presence and elevated by His Restoring Force.

We ask all terrestrial humanity to put aside animosity, discords and every type of intellectual disagreements able to separate and disaggregate the collectivities.

Now, we need of lucid minds and good feelings elevated at most for Humanity´s welfare.

We expect our readers can give hands and help each other telling them, the truths of our words and deep respect we have for the humanity.

We are brothers and with you we are until render concrete the Plans of God. Ask and it shall be given. Elevate the thoughts to us and with you we will be.

Peace overall the Planet!

Peace also into your hearts!

Ashtar Sheram, GESH - 02/01/2013



07. The Spiritism Advent


Save Love! Save the Light! Save the Disciples of Jesus!

Brothers! Your infantile minds cannot yet understand how great the Divine Mercy is.

Do you know why the "Spiritism Advent" was so necessary for humanity?

The Spiritism was necessary to continue instructing the spirits petrified in mistakes. They have been incarnating unceasingly for experiences of progress. Once they were reincarnated on special mission of showing to humans about the existence of a world beyond the matter, besides the lessons to obtain the spiritual progress, they were victims of violence by those same men. Thence, it was necessary to continue teaching the lessons without exposing the Masters under unnecessary suffering. From the High and Mansions of Light came the Servants of Christ to prepare the humanity to hear the disembodied spirits that could not be died again and their voices began to be heard in the entire Planet.

By everywhere echoed the teachings gathered and introduced to humanity as Spiritism or The Spirits Doctrine. Those lessons did not end in itself, because an information set was presented and translated by various workers, whose efforts should fulfill the Larger Purpose, so that the humanity could understand Sublime Lessons of Sweet Jesus until then unknown, as still are somehow.

Even the innocent children that had seen Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, heart in party and in Light, telling to humans, the truths transmitted previously, they had their voices disfigured by unhealthy minds.

I myself had the voice silent by the Church, and arrested, I finished my days. You cannot reach the Divine Mercy, the Greatness and Highest Love of God´s Love. I had the voice silent, but who can silence today, hundreds, thousands of spirits friends that, in help to the humanity came to reveal the imponderable truths of life?

Who can cloister Spirits of Light able to show themselves where and how they want, accomplishing the Creators Purposes of explaining to humanity on hard times they live in?

No more chains!

No more violence to silence the truth!

By everywhere, when the human heart sincerely seeks connection with the Uncreated God, in that heart echo sound and truth, and Light remain among men.

"Knowledge" is not privilege of this or that one, as if it were merchandise among the creatures. Truth is the pulsating presence of Lord Jesus, Spiritual Governor of the terrestrial humanity. He, for its turn, is the Truth expressed by the Father, Wonderful Being who became worthier our existence on Earth on behalf of God. Thence, with great love, He welcomes everyone who wishes give up addictions, weaknesses and other negative tendencies in favor of moral and spiritual progress.

Voices that call for your attention, they work for Him, whose voice you hear inviting you for inner renewal, and urgent vibration change in of your spirits.

Leave back the inferiority, delay, insanity and let your spirits get the Light gushing in loving cascades for humanity.

We are many that no more can be silent.

We speak into your hearts, minds and thoughts.

Come to us, brothers! We all are walkers in the path of progress, given hands, hearts elevated to the High, and sharing thoughts. Let us pray to the Creator to elevate us above our current condition.

On behalf of God, of Lord Jesus and Master Ramatis, I am here with you collaborating in the Planetary Transition Plans.

May the Peace of the Greatest Master be with us!

Margarida: Are you communicating with us for the first time?

Lucy: Through the word emitted as sound, yes.

Margarida: Thank you my sister.

Lucy: In other opportunities, I have been here knowing your work and showing myself in the writing mediumship.

Margarida: Excuse me sister, for my forgetfulness.

Lucy: Your spirit belongs more to spheres besides the matter than the material sphere. Life in you pulsates in other dimensions with so much strength that we can already glimpse the shine of your Light, but, according to the Fathers will, you shall stay in the matter for some time else.

Margarida: For some time... but, if they asked me: Margarida, do you want to leave now? I would say: Perfectly. I would leave everything back and went away.

Lucy: In the invisible plane, your birthday is reason for funny chats; they bet which day and month of your calendar, you meet us in the spiritual plane (*).

Margarida: I know that two months for adaptation and vacations; I shall be back here helping the mediums, as soon as possible.

Lucy: Useless, the Workers of that Spiritual City try to guess it. They keep as secret of Margarida who became sunflower.

When will Margarida blossom in Servants of Jesus Spiritual City?

The garden is prepared, waiting the blossoming of that flower.

Margarida: I know that my disembodied son, Edilson has everything prepared, waiting for me. He takes care of the garden, because he knows of my love for flowers and plants. Thank you very much for bringing us comforting words!

In this World of Atonement and Trials, we need, once in a while, of somebody on the other side, already with balanced mind to talk with us.

Lucy: Gratitude is what all of us have to God, for His Infinite Kindness, Love, and Mercy that we cannot reach and understand yet.

May He bless us in the tasks we have to accomplish!

So much Peace and Light!

Sister Lucy (of Fátimas secret) GESH -04/05/2014


(*) Margarida disembodied on November 15, 2014, on the eve of completing 91 years.



08. Many Were Called

Beloved daughters!

Many were called to the work, but few accepted the sacrifice.

The Higher Spirituality greets the Workers of Light in GESJ and joins them for celebrating the illumination of Great Buddha.

Without mysteries hindering the understanding of Superior truths, the Master of Compassion fulfills His celestial mission pouring over the terrestrial humanity, the sublime vibrations of his great heart for Gods sake.

The balm of His elevation comes at these hard times to ease the bale brought by humans. He opens them the consciousness fibers hardened by obstinacy in mistakes, and shines their path of redemption so that they travel confident and calmly.

It is about time to evolve. Every being shall welcome the gifts of Elder Brothers and continue fulfilling everything dictated by Law of Progress, sure that, even in suffering, the Divine Providence to anybody abandons. After the inevitable and untransferable karmic storm, the neophyte appears different and appeased, conscious that if the divine justice visited him, he was not innocent.

Pardon is a sublime word that, once learned, is turned into emotion of comforting vibrations, whose softness also heals the deepest wounds turning them immune to pain.

Once left behind the preterit mistakes, it opens up new time of blessed experiences; however, the present time comprises the opportunities to love and serve, as Jesus taught.

May Peace and kindness blossom in your souls, dear disciples, pouring his perfume by everywhere you go!

We greet all of you wishing the happiest moments close to the Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity already serving the entire humanity.

Peace forever among us!

Ramatis, GESH - Festival of Wesak – 05/14/2014



09. Barn of the World, Homeland of the Gospel


Clairvoyance: I have seen a worker of last hour working on our body. He limped and had a dwarfs aspect. He put a hose toward the basal chakra of each one that channeled everything to a thick caliber hose, draining toxins from our chakras and cleaning our psyche. Everything was collected in a bucket and took away when was full, substituting for another bucket.

Later, I have seen a strong light at Nepal region. It was a ray coming down from the Holy Mountain addressed to our teamwork. Mrs. Margarida received and transformed that light load into rays of smaller intensity toward our coronary chakras flooding our bodies, illuminating, cleaning, purifying and renewing our entire chakras system.

Margarida received a certain energy load and sent it toward the "Cruise", in Mato Grosso State. It seemed to be destroyed by the fire when received the energy load. Immediately, strong light started to outline the borders of Brazil. Ishmael continued his message:

Brothers, May the peace of the Masters inhabit our hearts!

Very happy, we are here with you celebrating the May full moon absorbing the salutary energies visiting us, brought from East.

We beg compassion and mercy to the Father to humanity. He who is good and fair grants us much more than we deserve.

Huge supply of energy crosses through the sky and penetrates the Earth psychosphere uniting its purifying fire to the Cruise.

Blessings of Jesus flood the inferior and polluted astral sub-planes of Brazil healing its sick astral body over the Brazilian collectivity.

That same Light is distributed by all the workers that, on behalf of Jesus, may give assistance to the events that sooner will invade the Land of Cruise.

It is the hope knocking at the doors of a Nation destined by the Creator to become Barn of the World and Homeland of the Gospel.

So much Peace among men!

Ishmael, GESH - Festival of Wesak – 05/14/2014



10. Peace and Kindness among Men

My children!

You came to renew the votes and energy absorbing before my presence, the balm that softens your pain. And, with my love, I assure you the pain will worse.

Slept and lost are the spirits wandering over the Earth, like bodies kept by reagent substances amongst themselves.

You are not just matter, although you need it for experiences that lead to progress.

The pure and vibrant Divine sparkle animates your bodies. What have been making with it? How far did you stand it back?

We are those required by the Father to awake your memories as Children of God, Heirs of the World and Key for Redemption of Pain.

We are here to impel you to meet again your true vocation, because dived in the Light that from Him gushes; we can help you to stay up.

Times are hard to you who have chosen to live it, because your indebted souls looked for liberation opportunity, and despised them.

The time has come to face courageously the pain approaching. And, how will you face it? With calm heart for Gods sake, full of faith and renewed by His Mercy and Compassion.

There is only path to free you of the pain you have chosen as final test: that one taught by the Greatest Master, Jesus Sananda who governs our spiritual ascension with infinite love.

He, who takes his cross and follows Him, even finding hard obstacles, he overcome s all difficulties rose by faith and wins in his journey of progress.

Spread peace is task of disciples who follow us, as Messengers of our Love to humanity.

Each violent thought that is aborted, each bad word reclusive in the silent caves; each benevolent action helping the poorest ones fallen on roads mean sphere of goodness to neutralize with indescribable strength, the dominant progress of Evil.

Beloved children, dear brothers and friends that we so much respect, keep on faith and fighting in the "human world", because sooner will be finished your proofs and, victorious will be elevated above the current terrestrial dimension.

Peace and kindness among you. Save the Light!

Master Maytreia, GESH - Festival of Wesak – 05/14/2014



11. We Fulfill Orders


Clairvoyance: I was under meditation, when I saw forests, houses, industries, cars, airplanes, and others that seemed destroyed by the fire. I mean, it seemed the entire Earth was burning. Here is the message:

We neither destroy the Planet nor condemn our home to an end, abandonment nor death.

There are other occupants, in majority, trying to throw own House into forgetfulness.

Fire doesnt come to destroy the human beings life; in fact, we were already here, when the exploiters came to destroy our home granted us by Great Master.

But, now, our hands and legs to everything embrace, and what before belonged to the ingrate possessor, will belong to the legitimate resident again.

Our purpose is to clean, purify and burn out everything bad that you think, speak and do; and, with our fire to purify the atmosphere for the Great Master.

We fulfill orders and they wont be the "destructors of the Earth" able to impede us in acting!

An Elemental, GESH - Vigil- 05/17/2014



12. Serve Jesus and Love God


To be free of the old man is each one´s arduous task.

The Father gave us the resources we needed to activate the will in evolving.

Brothers, activate the internal dynamo of Light to unite you to the Creator and work in cleaning of soul, serving Jesus.

The soul will be free when achieves the light that differentiates it from the crowd.

Serve Jesus and love God is the path of liberation.

Caio Miranda, GESH - 05/14/2014


13. I Penetrated the Spiritual Plane


Brothers, it was nice to be a bohemian admired by friends and entertainers of group. Often, when life pressed me, I had moments of lucidity moving me away from endless nights out.

Out of health and weaker I was, however I could not blame my friends, problems and family for the weakness that was only mine, and for the lamentable person I changed myself.

Thence came wear and tear of the physical body, wonderful apparel given me by brothers that loved me and believed in my success.

However, I waste the time I still had in the matter to overcome the weaknesses of which I was bearer, acting from ignorance and rebelliousness.

I penetrated the Spiritual World without the tavern friends, without women around me, and far from admirers flatteries.

I found myself alone with the soul squeezed by shame of failure. What I did? I cried and implored that some good soul could hear and rescue me from that swamp of lamentation and pain.

I was helped and, after later recovered. It was offered me several work options and I didnt hesitate. Nowadays, I help taking care of those that, like me, thought the messy life would attract good friends, and peoples sympathy.

I work unceasingly for those that today spend life like me in the past, so that their mistakes remain in the earth and this absorbs them. We hope when they return to the Spiritual World, open the eyes and see a world of Hope, Light and Peace.

Noel Rosa, GESJ - Public Meeting – 0/20/2014



14. Love that Everything Wins


Beloved brothers! Here I am enlisting an Army to face the Dark Forces that attempt against the humanity.

Time is up for liberating experiences bringing as last opportunity to reborn the consciences for another world and a new reality.

As you well know, pain and suffering are precursors of the necessary transformation to be operated in the human condition.

It is not ours, the choice of your suffering; it is the harvest of the wide sowing you have done against the Laws of God.

By acting firm and determined, Workers of Good Will, Sowers of Light involve all inhabitants in this planet, giving them intuitions of right actions for that hour.

Indistinctly, all children of God receive from Him, a gift of Light to guide them out of the dense fog that falls over the terrestrial humanity.

Once again and forever, you must be proved. We hope in your hearts, you can keep love that everything wins, being the perfect weapon to be used against the bestial creatures advancing upon you.

While forgiving those who hurt you, you achieve immunity against the current wounds.

Do not let to affect you, the noisy modifications about to face the terrestrial surface. They are "forces of nature" reacting against the huge loads of harmful energies accumulated unchained against the stability of its psycho-physics composition.

It is not larger than God´s Love, the force of nature He created; and close to you, His Love may preserve the pure and tame heart dedicated to do one´s good.

May the Peace, this unspeakable angelical state can inhabit your human heart, inviting you to the evolutional evolution toward the angelic condition, which your spirits long for, as determines the Divine Law.

And when then hard pains unchains in you, discouragement, affliction and despair, remember to support the weight of the cross, as I did, without supposing to have been abandoned by My Father.

Even the humans my rebel against the Creator, do not let your souls darkened. Testify the Great Presence of this One who guides you with infinite love, leaving on Earth registered that His Presence among humans represented the Force of God´s Love transforming lives.

At the end of time destined to the cleaning of the Planet School, we will be gathered again to celebrate the victory.

May Peace be with us!

Master Jesus Sananda, GESH – 05/17/2014


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