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Since a long time, we should have pass along the information to web readers, regarding our work-team as has been asked us. Here it is:

On December 23, 1970 was born GESJ = Spiritist group of servants of Jesus, having two main objectives:

First: Study and make public the main and beautiful doctrine codified by Allan Kardec. Since I was 13 years old I got in touch with this knowledge.

Second: Research and work on disobsession of spirits.

Eleven years elapsed then.

In the first semester of 1981, great was the surprise that happened in our first telepathic dialogue with an Extraterrestrial being during the mediumistic development meeting held in our Spiritist House. Thence, we decided to settle in GESJ a small team that sooner composed GER - Group of Studies Ramatis. By request of Master Ramatis, there was a separation between the wheat from the tares and was born GESH (Group of studies Shama Hare).

The objectives of this little group settled in GESJ, are the same since its creation:

  • To acquire knowledge and pass along the subjects of Prophecies, Times Arrived, Final Judgment Day and other News related.
  • To strength faith and trust based on Divine Designs.
  • To strength the inner equilibrium.
  • Interchange with Extraterrestrials = Extra Planetary Beings = Brothers from Stars = Cosmic brothers and other designations, at physical or astral plan.
  • To learn and practice how to help other people.
  • To study and research about the Underground Worlds and telepathic contact with Intraterrestrials = evolved Intraterrestrials, inhabitants of Underground and Underwater Worlds.

Since 1949, I have been researching and reading everything found about the Extraterrestrials, Underground Worlds, including the book "Hollow Land" in the sixties.

Gradually, the revelations arrived and we published our first book: Intraterrestrials of Stelta - Underwater Extraterrestrial Mission, and later on, Petals of Light. Both booklets divulged the messages received from those wise brothers, good at Science, Technology and Love. In 1995, we published the work: The Extraterrestrials and Us - Vol. I, and Vol. II in 1996.

On August 28, 1996, we received the both messages below, which touched me deeply, when Commander Ashtar Sheram offered us a very important task:


Dear brothers!

It is time to make humanity aware of the nature of the extraterrestrials who work in the Planet Earth.

Everything that comes up lately is to denigrate the image of the Extras.

This collectivity remains in a state of shock, just by imagining contacts with us.

That is why we want you to spread further the work that we have done and our "Mission" in this present age.

We need receptive minds in society as a whole. Disclosures must be accelerated in order to make human beings receptive.

The Great Hour is coming, and fear and panic will be the biggest enemies of our work.

The work of the Great Universal White Fraternity (GFBU) should be widely publicized, even through small pamphlets that can be distributed.

We suggest a small approach to the change of the Planet in the evolutionary scale of the Worlds, then a brief mention of the Brotherhood as a point of support in this passage and then a few words about the work of the Extra beings who are working here and their functions.

Plan out the possibility of breaking up the book into small chapters that can be numbered sequentially and contain what we need the people to know about us.

This is urgent. Do not forget to tell about the practical work already done that you have knowledge of, such as the cleaning of the astral of Salvador and the works in health assistance.

The collectivity must see us and feel us like friends and allies and not as enemies as most who holds the power want to introduce us.

Thank you.

May God protect and enlighten us in our labors with the grace of Jesus.

Ashtar Sheram

Psychographic message, received on 08/26/1996, at GESJ - Vitória, ES.



Dear brothers,

When you summon the "Star Troops" to the rescue works, stand in line tuning your minds in the great Mother Ship, because all the forces of command and energies that will guide your tasks will come from it.

Each of you are already scheduled for definite activities, being trained for many of them, many nights for that purpose. Although you do not remember when you wake up, do not fear anything. Your minds keep intact the instructions that are transmitted to them daily, and at the appropriate time, they will reveal themselves.

Trust is the only mental attitude we ask for. From it, all will be revealed.

Surrender your strength to the realization of Project Earth as the Great Hour approaches.

We are united by the Force of Light.

The Light of the Great Sun will reveal the hidden shadows in every corner of the planet and Its Presence among men will burn the stubborn nodes of suffering, pain and correlates.

His Great Strength will be revealed in all quarters of this world and no man will be deprived of His Presence.

When this happens, know that we are present and our victory over darkness will be ours.

Intensify your activities more and more in the sense of spreading our words because this is the way you have established.

Go ahead!

Do not stop your steps with the obstacles that arise and some are already on the way. We can already divert heavy rains of negative energies channeled over you, but slowly drops will hit you, but faltering is no longer allowed.

Go ahead Warriors of the Light!

THE GREAT HOUR approaches and the success of this task only depend on us.

ON BEHALF OF JESUS, we compose only one sparkle lightening up the road of latecomers.

Come on, everyone! Those who seek PEACE and bring PEACE into their hearts unite with us.

Forward Warriors of Light!

It is your Commander who calls you.

Final message.

Ashtar Sheram

Your Commander.

Telepathic message - GER - 09/13/1996 - Vitoria, ES



For all of the reasons mentioned above, we launched the first Divulgation still in 1996 and we are already in n. 42. We started with a sheet and stopped on the seventh. Initially with free distribution for 120 to 150 addresses. That number increased from 500 to 600, including in Esperanto to n. 24. We stopped for lack of translator as well as for other languages.

Some years later we joined the Internet, where the messages were published every Monday; Our books in English, Spanish, besides Portuguese and a small leaflet that is called Disclosure without a defined date to be published, because it depends on time, something rare between us.

We take this opportunity to reaffirm that the Group was not founded to clarify doubts about conflicting and controversial matters acquired through other sources of information; As well as does not publish related themes received from other Nuclei. Neither think or discuss anything, though sometimes, harshly provoked for that intention by unbalanced minds.

"The best answer is the one that is not given." And so we act.

Moreover, we never ask or impose anybody to believe on our work and revelations. We were required to divulge the revelations we receive from our wise brothers to terrestrial humanity.

Believe it or not, thus it happens.

Another important point that I take the opportunity to make clear, is that many people want us to ask the Masters and the Extras and Intraplanetary, a lot of questions without foundation and that lead nowhere. Indeed, in many cases, what they ask, have already been said in our Disclosures.

We are disciples, students, neophytes or apprentices, as you please; And they are MASTERS. "Cars do not move ahead of the oxen." It is up to the disciples to listen attentively, with respect, to what the Masters say, by the addition of Divine Mercy in those final moments that Mother Earth and her children are living.

The true Masters do not advance in revelations, in knowledge beyond of what the hour and people can receive and assimilate.

"To a good reader, a few words are enough."

Finally, for the sake of clarity, we add that all those incarnate at this time were called by the Father to assume the tasks to which they committed themselves; But few accepted. Others accepted, but gave up soon. There are no privileged and protected in the Administration of the Father and not even less divine injustice; If you find fault in the system, it comes from the human being himself.

Margarida, Founder and Responsible of the GESJ, GESH and ASJ

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